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2015 Ford Escape SE 1.6 FWD and 2.0 Titanium AWD


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2015 Ford Escape SE FWD 1.6t Ecoboost, MSRP about 26,200



Not at all like the older Escapes we probably rode in or drove at one time in the past

Fluid shape that many will like compared to boxier offerings

A crossover can feel somewhat athletic on the road?  This does...

Because of nicely weighted and quick steering coupled with composed suspension and handling

The engine joins in the fun, the 1.6t has a nice little torque burst, revs out nicely, and is quite smooth

The transmission is well mated to the engine and kicks in quickly to help the fun

Most cars in this price range these days don't even feel connected as much as this ....SUV

VERY quiet on the road, and especially at highways speeds, one of the quieter crossovers

The 1.6 apparently gets great real world highway mpg (if the sales talk is to be believed)

Entry and exit, driving position, visibility, perfect; it's why crossovers are so popular

Visibility part deux, lots of glass on this vehicle means good sightlines, unlike many CUV's now

Nice gauges and driver controls / steering wheel.  Good ergonomics for switches and things, and shifter

Softer plastics in many places, great armrests and cupholders

Fair amount of unexpected cabin width, and the second row seating position and footroom is good

Second row seat folds low down to provide higher cargo height and still being close to flat.

Lots of incentives right now, so actual prices are VERY good.

2.0 Ecoboost is available on a base SE FWD.....could be a sleeper at low cost for a CUV.

All around, easy to drive and enjoy; doesn't pretend to be a truck.

Perfect daily driver, the Edge is too big and soft compared to this



Some folks may think the shape and proportion is more minivan than SUV

And some may think the styling, particularly the front end, is too busy

Some folks have their opinions on the Ecoboosts and mpg or other issues

The interior may be perceived as too monotone and lacking bling, and maybe looking cheaper in places

The center stack, radio controls, screen and its whole relationship may be too roundish and too busy for some

The center console and stack are a bit of a leg knocker

A bit more second row leg room would be ok...why not a flexible seat like the Equinox?

What else?........



Wow, this has been out for awhile and I am a Ford fan and I had not yet driven one of these.  I see them ALL OVER, though.  Well, I see why.  It drives great, the Ecoboost feels great, and is just enough size to be a great runaround.  On trips this would excel also.  The best price on the one i drove was under 22 grand and if its true that you really can get 34 mpg highway with it (EPA says 32), this is a nice blend of smaller size, larger space, good price, and great utility.


Lots of other vehicles provide this of course, which is why crossovers are popular, but this struck me because of its carlike manners and refinement (with the 1.6).  My bet is a base SE 2.0 would be quite the hot rod crossover for a lower price.


Ford may have to do a good job with the coming refresh of the front end and hopefully the center stack of the dash.  Even as it is now, I don't really have any issues with any of that.


I heard my buddy complain all the time about the CRV they had leased (and after a Pilot and CRV they left Honda....for Toyota but that is another story).  All the things I heard him complain about on that vehicle, I think he should have tried an Escape.  This is fun and refined.  For me this is one of the few times I have driven a crossover and thought, wow it really is just a nice taller car.



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My buddy has a Ford Escape 1.6T and he likes it a lot. Says the engine is reasonably peppy and he's getting solid FE with it. Feeds the engine with nothing but premium gas and synthetic oil. His previous vehicle was a used Nissan Rogue 3.5L. He loved the engine but nothing else about the car, and he was constantly fixing problems with it. Before that was a 450(?) horsepower 2008 Mustang GT with the Ford supercharger kit.

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Drove a 2.0 AWD today.  Was a bit cranky because i told guy i wanted to try a FWD SE 2.0.  The 2.0 had nice extra burst, like expected.  A bit of lag, though.  I was able to feel the extra heft of the AWD system and other junk, I really wanted to find out the zip on the FWD.  With the extra weight, it did not feel as nimble.  In all, the 2.0 should satisfy the needs of anyone looking for more burst than the already sprite 1.6.

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