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  1. Acura News: 2018 Acura RLX Debuts Before Monterey Car Week

    The interior is a jumbled mess with fake-looking glossy wood, buttons everywhere, and a dual screen infotainment system that by definition is over-complicating the driving experience and completely unnecessary. Exterior is the latest in Honda's totally lost approach to design. Not a fan. I can't believe the abysmal sales justified a refresh, but this is certainly not going to turn the model around. In 2015 it only sold double the volume of the Cadillac ELR, and the 2016 sales plummeted another 30%.
  2. GM didn't produce magnetic ride control. They license it from Delphi, which they owned at one time.
  3. No disrespect to the Corvette's outright performance, it's just that in the past Z06 was always meant weight-conscious and naturally aspirated. The C5 and C6 Z06 were both under 3200 lbs, the C7 Z06 is over 3500 lbs. That's a clear change in approach that defies the name's heritage. It's an incredible supercar nonetheless, even if overheating issues put a damper on the release. Hearing the ZR1 is slated to be another supercharged 6.2L just seems mundane after rumors of DOHC and turbochargers (and knowing such an engine is well into development for Cadillac).
  4. I take any engine speculation with a grain of salt at this point. The Corvette Z06 and ZR1 were both disappointing to me when the facts came out. Z06 because it was far more like the C6 ZR1 and it lost the unique charm and spirit of the C5/C6 Z06 models, and the upcoming ZR1 because it's just a C7 Z06 with a bigger blower and more aero. I hope the mid engine Corvette and the eventual Z/28 Camaro are more special.
  5. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    No, *you* moved the goal post by throwing in a wildly inappropriate vehicle comparison. Is any random sedan as capable as the top performance SUVs? No, but that's such a dubious statement. Stew made the same logical mistake in trying to rationalize comparing the SRT Grand Cherokee against a Charger R/T. If you have to grant an SUV a vastly superior powertrain and a multitude of performance enhancements to win, you've bolstered OUR argument, not yours. Fact: sedans have better dynamics and performance than crossovers. Opinion: we are sad to see the market abandoning better driving cars for bloated appliances.
  6. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    I'm sure your grand cherokee drives just fine for an SUV/CUV. I'm speaking *comparatively* here. Charger R/T or Cherokee V8 for dynamics? Charger, obviously. That's what I'm saying. I literally made the enthusiast case for sedans on a car enthusiast website and stated my opinion that the landslide in sales is depressing to me, the pushback in this thread is confusing to say the least. If you like big bloated vehicles for throwing your crap in the back, that's fine and dandy, but we're watching more enthusiast oriented cars get pushed out of the market every day and I'm disheartened by it.
  7. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    So crossovers with hundreds of extra pounds in curb weight, higher center of gravity, and more wind resistance drive the same as equivalent sedans? No. That's objectively false and you can see the difference in acceleration, handling, and dynamics in every review. It's basic physics, and I'm surprised it's even debatable.
  8. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    You edited out the second part of my comment that addresses the car vs crossover perceived necessity. You're talking to someone that owned a midsize car for 8 years and used it for every vacation and for moving twice. I fit two keyboards, two stands, an amplifier, and an entire drumset in my Malibu. If the argument is cargo access, then I'll take a new Regal GS 10 times over before a loaded Equinox or midlevel Traverse.
  9. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    Compared to the equivalent sedan, yes they are. That's the point I was making. I'll grant you ease of ingress/egress, but the "useless, small trunk" comment is an exaggeration. Even compacts have plenty of functional space. If a family of four can't vacation with an Impala, they're bringing too much crap. I'm not saying crossovers and SUVs don't have use or appeal, I'm just saying the perceived necessity is vastly overblown. Just like people buying full size pick-up trucks who don't tow, need 4WD, or use the bed.
  10. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    The landslide of sedan sales is so depressing. Modern cars drive so damn well and people just want flaccid, less efficient crossovers en masse.
  11. Chevrolet News:2018 Chevrolet Traverse To Begin At $30,875

    Not sure what this question is asking. The LGX V6 is used in the CTS, ATS, CT6, XT5, Acadia, Lacrosse, 2018 Regal GS, Camaro, and 2017 Colorado/Canyon. The gen 5 truck V6 (4.3L) is only used in the Silverado/Sierra. The LFX 3.6L is still used in the Impala and XTS, as well as these new full-size crossovers (Traverse and Enclave) but it's coded "LFY" because it has start/stop added.
  12. 2014 Cadillac CTS 2.0t AWD Luxury ( Used Car Review)

    I'm not opposed to this. Personally, I was perplexed GM built a nearly all-new V6 and kept almost identical displacement (it went from 217 ci to 223 ci). I thought GM would bore it out to something like 3.8L to create an ideal low cost volume engine to straddle the output of the 2.0T and 3.0T. I know the block supports up to 4.0L.
  13. Cadillac News: Cadillac To Replace Three Sedans With One

    Who are you referring to? If this is somehow a reference to me, I stated that a new sedan and crossover would be debuting next year with the new design language. I assumed the model would be the ATS replacement and it happens to be an ATS/CTS replacement.
  14. Chevrolet News:2018 Chevrolet Traverse To Begin At $30,875

    GM already has a V6 based on the gen 5 Vortec V8s. The Silverado's base engine is a direct injected 4.3L V6 rated at 285 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque with VVT and cylinder deactivation. I had hoped for quite some time that GM would use that engine in other applications like the large crossovers, but it didn't happen. I agree that the LFX 3.6L V6 is the wrong engine for the job, but the newer LGX 3.6L V6 is a much different animal despite similar displacement and paper specs. The engine is about 90% new and features broader variable timing and greater power delivery. It propels both the new GMC Acadia and the Colorado/Canyon to 60 mph in around 6 and a half seconds, and the Colorado ran high 14s for Car & Driver. In testing, they found the towing ability to be excellent.
  15. Cadillac News: Cadillac To Replace Three Sedans With One

    Sad. And the naming scheme roll-out is embarrassing. Cadillac: "We're introducing the CT6 and XT5 to start the new naming system." Person: "What about the ATS, CTS, and XTS?" Cadillac: "We'll build them till 2019." Person: "With the old names?" Cadillac: "I don't understand the question." Brand development has gone nowhere since the move out of detroit, and the gorgeous design potential from yearly concepts has simply been left on the back burner while the current aging design language (that peaked on the 2014 CTS) has been beaten to death in the CT6 and XT5.