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  1. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    I don't see this in the same light as the examples you posted because the XTS is an outlier in the Cadillac lineup. It represents a stop-gap, cost-cutting FWD-based large sedan. They took this refresh straight off the front of the CT6, another large sedan occupying much of the same price range, but if you ask GM, they want you to judge Cadillac based on the state-of-the-art CT6. I'm not aware of a similar situation anywhere else among luxury brands. Even Lexus keeps the ES better updated so as not to drag down the brand's higher tier luxury cars.
  2. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    I can't wrap my head around this strategy. They've put a near carbon-copy of the CT6's face onto their least impressive, oldest sedan. I can easily see this leading to confusion on the sales floor and out in the world where casual observers will judge this XTS inside and out as representative of *new* Cadillac.
  3. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    Lacrosse is a ground-up new car with a new platform. It probably has more in common mechanically with the XT5 crossover than the XTS.
  4. Cadillac News: Spying: Cadillac CT6 Gets Some Escala

    I am really, really excited about this news. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, but I'm just itching for an escala-based design refresh on this car. It's the ONLY THING holding the model back, IMO.
  5. Takata 'Prepares to Declare Bankruptcy'

    Not only do they have more yet to recall, but I read they were still installing *new* Takata airbags with defect knowing they'd be a future recall after 5-10 years when they degrade. I'm not even sure where this situation is headed for automakers with affected cars.
  6. Alternate Universe Dream Garage

    Glad to see more activity in this thread! I like seeing the results of more constrained dream garages.
  7. Alternate Universe Dream Garage

    Our cars would be an ATS coupe 2.0T/6MT and a Buick Encore. The ATS coupe has grown on me exponentially since it came out. My fuel economy would undoubtedly be 10 mpg higher than the SS while being similarly fun to drive, with more nimble handling. I also like the statement the sheetmetal and LEDs make. It's recognizably cool without being pretentious. On the downside, the ATS coupe (or sedan) is barely practical enough to handle my life as is and would almost certainly warrant trading in when I start a family. It's also not highway friendly for road trips (which I love taking), and I couldn't get mag-ride on my budget. There's definitely appeal to the ATS's usable performance, character, and great fuel economy, but I don't think the grass is greener. For my wife, I think as much as she'd love the quiet comfort of the Encore, she'd feel like she was driving someone else's car every day. The more she drives her Cruze hatchback, the more it fits her like a glove, the mpg loss of the Encore's taller shape would hurt as well. I certainly wouldn't mind the serenity of the Encore for road trips if I owned the ATS though...
  8. Alternate Universe Dream Garage

    After my two recent experiences with car buying, I got to thinking: both myself and my wife could have ended up with very different cars because it was a tough back-and-forth decision. Maybe it could be fun talking about what we're driving in an alternate universe where the final choice went the other way! What's your realistic alternate universe garage? You can go by real life buying experience or just conjecture based on your budget. What are the pros and cons of this alternate universe? Is the grass greener on the other side? (No, your alternate universe self can't be a millionaire celebrity. Realistic entries only!)
  9. 2017 Civic SI

    That moron must be mistaking the specialness of the car for the Type R. The term "high performance" doesn't come to mind at all. I mean, I wholeheartedly have an open mind toward the Si, but even if we're being generous, the car isn't expected to crack high 13s or pull sports car Gs on the skidpad. It's a sport compact in the mid $20k range.
  10. Wife loves her new Cruze hatch. Your Premier rental actually lacks a major luxury option group that includes larger touch screen, upgraded gauge cluster display, 9-speaker audio, and sunroof. Really takes the interior up a notch further. The engineering in this car is really exceptional. The new SIDI 1.4T and 6A are a great pairing in this lighter chassis, though the hatchback is really begging for a 2.0T!
  11. Honda News: 2018 Honda Accord Drops the Six

    "...we expect this all-new 2018 Accord will make people rethink the midsize sedan," said Jeff Conrad. I hate marketing fluff. In what way does this rethink any aspect of the midsize sedan? CVT? No. 1.5T? No. Drop the V6? No. 10 speed auto? You're really splitting hairs to say yes compared to 8-9 speeds.
  12. GM Yields Sales Crown to FORD, or Did They?

    Nissan caught criticism for doing the same thing and pumping their sales superiority in the media. I haven't seen Ford bragging about it, though.
  13. Please tell me that's sarcasm. This package is totally overkill for autocross.
  14. They could at least massage the intake and exhaust equipment for 220 horsepower or so. The car's power is way too underwhelming to warrant a giant wing, Pilot Sport tires, brembos, and aggressive suspension. It would be like if GM put V-equipment and a manual trans on the ATS 2.5L. WHO IS THIS FOR.
  15. Buick News: Spying: That's A Buick (Regal GS)

    The 3.0T can't come soon enough for the XT5 as well! Should have been ready from the get go, whether as a simple engine package or a V-Sport brand, it seems like a no brainer to push ATP higher and steal sales from higher-end established luxury crossovers.