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  1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport.
  2. Lupin the 3rd!
  3. The 1.5T is not identical to the Malibu's engine. I believe I read that It has a different turbocharger, but in any case, it makes 203 lb-ft of torque, which is also documented in first drive reviews of the new Equinox. The GMC will get a 9-speed automatic standard, the Equinox 1.5T only gets a 6-speed. http://www.motortrend.com/cars/chevrolet/equinox/2018/2018-chevrolet-equinox-first-drive-review/
  4. "N Performance" is super cringy to me. It sounds like a 10 year old kid inventing a performance car brand based on how cool he thinks BMW "M" cars are.
  5. They make winter gloves with touchscreen friendly fingertips.
  6. Nooooooooo
  7. Wait... did this replace the Colorado?!
  8. Lmao, sure I'll segway into talking about my SS! Let me tell ya, interior quality is even better in person. Suede and leather abound with sexy red accent stitching. Very soft touch points for your elbows, a wonderfully meaty, perforated leather, flat bottom steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, color HUD, 9 speaker premium sound system. Definitely fits the $50k price point, and doesn't look like a car that has a $30k base V6 trim at all. Only thing I miss from my Malibu is the acoustic laminated glass for highway speeds. But that's like asking for a cherry on top of a deluxe banana split sundae with sprinkles, fudge, and caramel.
  9. Ok, I just thought you were saying it was a drug OD. Nvm.
  10. The very first report released stated he was found on the floor and had a band around his neck. Police are officially calling it a suicide by hanging.
  11. Is it smart business for easy profit? Yes, BUT... It's not doing their reputation any favors. An equal number of people will rejoice as will roll their eyes. FCA needs compelling new products ASAP, and not under Jeep where there's a built-in consumer base already. The Pacifica is a great start, but the brand is begging for a flagship to establish momentum forward.
  12. I have an HUD. I can confirm it's the greatest feature I never even knew I needed! They ought to be in every car. It genuinely feels strange to look down at the gauge cluster for speed now.
  13. Progress would imply touch capacitive systems are better than analog controls. At best, they can only be equal, but more often than not, they're a distraction and a gimmick. I can tell you right now MyLink is easier than CUE based solely on the fact that I was using HVAC and radio controls without looking down by the time I finished driving my SS home. Knob for volume, knob for fan speed, knob for temp, all where you expect them. CUE is essentially a similar screen interface but with a touch panel using raised bars to guide your hand. That is objectively more difficult to use. Not subjectively like personal opinion, objectively provable. Your sales argument kinda evaporates when you realize the sedans are lagging significantly behind the germans, worse now than pre-CUE models. Again, CUE isn't the only cause, probably not even the primary cause, but it's a contributor nonetheless. And I am a HUGE fan of Cadillac, I'd probably own an ATS if they were priced about $5k lower. I just won't give them excuses because they don't need them anymore.
  14. I don't have the sales figures, but I'm almost positive half of XTS sales are fleet. I wouldn't be surprised if the retail sales were cannibalizing the CT6 to some extent.
  15. Touch interfaces are one of the top consumer complaints in the auto industry. It's a case of you seeing a problem through rose-colored glasses. Cadillac sales don't line up with the impressive quality, performance, and engineering behind them, and CUE almost certainly factors into that. For me personally, I really wanted to give the ATS a chance, but it was priced out of contention. I got my Chevy SS for the price Cadillac wants for a mid-level ATS 2.0T with less equipment. Having MyLink with buttons and knobs is certainly a bonus. I'd say that I, too, put my money where my mouth is.