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Diesel Powered Mustang


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Mike Wood’s Duramax-powered ’04 Ford Mustang
The thought of a big-cubic-inch diesel engine in a light car seems to excite just about everyone, but perhaps the most impressive swap of the decade has been Mike Wood’s Duramax-powered Mustang. When we featured the car in 2008, it was running low 10s in the quarter-mile and achieving more than 30 mpg at Hot Rod magazine’s Drag Week—and that was just the start. Later, a Gear Vendors Overdrive was added to the 4L80E transmission, the engine was hopped up a bit more and given larger doses of nitrous, and the entire combination was fine-tuned. Then Mike went racing.
Although not as publicized as they perhaps should have been, the numbers for Mike’s Duramax-motivated Mustang were astounding. It hit 45.9 mpg in a fuel-economy test (with the transmission in double overdrive), went mid-9s on the dragstrip, and ran 202 mph in the standing mile. Mike’s Mustang also made the cover of Hot Rod on a subsequent Drag Week and is one of few diesels ever to do so.
Mike also proved that GM’s 4L80E automatic transmission can handle a diesel’s torque. While there have been swaps with more color and chrome during the decade, few have ever been more capable than Mike’s Durastang.


Read more: http://www.trucktrend.com/features/1507-the-top-15-trendsetters-of-diesel-power/#ixzz3cr63AnHN



Well, I was over at TruckTrend for some reason and I came across an article titled "The Top 15 Trendsetters of Diesel Power".


This was mixed in there and I thought it was awesome. I'm really curious about the gearing as he said he took it to the track and could be driven around getting 45.9mpg. Just one impressive build I thought I'd share. There is probably more on te web about the car and actual build I'll try and find, for those who are curious.

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Very Cool, I have seen some amazing MPG numbers for the Duramax engine and with a proper coder you can have your power one day for racing and economy the next. The engine really seems to work for various functions all by just changing the mapping of the chip.

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