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William Maley

Nissan News: Next Nissan Z Could Return To Its Roots

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With the Nissan IDx not heading into production, the next-generation Z could possibly take up the mantle of being an affordable, rear-drive vehicle.


Nissan Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura told Autoblog that one of ideas under consideration for the next Z is move the model downmarket in the spirit of the original 240Z.


"We are studying a couple of different concepts. Because the sports car market is becoming smaller globally. We would like to do something, I personally think, is more [in the] original concept of Z, which is ... more practical and appealing to younger customers." The original 1969 240Z, sold under the Datsun nameplate, became an icon thanks to a combination of attractive styling, reasonable performance, and affordable price," said Nakamura.


Now if Nissan does go down this route, don't expect to be a clone of Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ or Mazda MX-5 Miata.


"We may not necessarily go into the same category. Personally I see other options that are very interesting. We want to do something the same as this, unique," said Nakamura, pointing to a picture of the GTR-LM.


Source: Autoblog

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But...But...I thought this 350/370Z was supposed to be in the spirit of the original  Fairlady 240Z.


Geez Nissan, way to go and screw with my mind...

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That last line could be the end of a REAL Z car! Some UGLY FWD based peace of CRAP would be an awful end to a car whos type is rare enough these days!

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