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  1. Awesome machines and a far to soon end of an ICE era!
  2. I know that but look at this thing. With its tall frontend and truck like looks it is nothing more then a lie with some undersized eco boost turned the wrong way under its hood!
  3. A FWD based pickup?---By FORD??---WHAT is the world coming to???
  4. Agreed! I would hope they do not kill Dodge! As a matter of fact I think they should return Ram to Dodge assuring its survival! Then bring in Peugeot models as Chryslers!
  5. I would rather see them do a grand 2+2 GT car! Like a highend Camaro with a longer wheelbase for a roomy back seat!
  6. That C pillar also looks like a VW Arteon! Almost EXACTLY!
  7. A new RWD based Mazda platform and turbo I6 could be GREAT! Just think what they could with them! A RWD 6 or even a new RWD 9 could be a wonderful addition to the resurgent Mazda brand!
  8. With no V12 available they should not have called it the 8 series! This car should have been the new 6 series instead.
  9. So they are making the V brand have less powerful versions of their V capable models. This is not really a good sign. A drop from 640HP in the CTS V to 550HP in the CT6 V is a massive drop! Will there be something above V in the future? V+ perhaps? Agreed! I could see a nice 500HP Turbo 3.6L V6 in a RWD based XT4 if they had had the BALLS to do that model on a version of Alpha! Oh well. :(
  10. I wish Cadillac would have introduced the XT5 and the new XT4 on a version of the Alpha platform instead of the FWD based models they have now. They would be more competitive with REAL luxury crossovers like the Stelvio and the MB models leaving Buick to do the luxed up FWD based crossovers giving Cadillac a more Premium image. With the Sigma platform they had the right idea having the CTS and original SRX based on the same RWD based platform. That first SRX drove and handled wonderfully much better then any nose heavy FWD based model can.
  11. Could this eventually be the Camaro Z28 engine as it goes from being a Cadillac engine to a corporate one within GM?
  12. I truly wish the XT5 and other upcoming Cadillac crossovers where based on their sedans Alpha platform with a base RWD configuration. They could have had true performance versions of these crossovers as well as their great sedans. This new V8 is much needed by Cadillac and here is hoping it will come in the next CTS/CT5 or what ever silly naming scheme they call it in a non V or V sport version!
  13. It seems to me this should be GMC instead of Chevrolet at least initially being GMC is Professional Grade and all that. But its still good to see GM do this all the same.
  14. That overused dogleg C pillar kink truly bothers me! Cadillac can do much better! Great platform and drive line but the styling just does not say Cadillac in the least!

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