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Help!!! Forza Horizon 2 Experts

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I hi-jacked my teens X Box One who is gone for three weeks, because I want to play Forza til my eyeballs bleed.



I am frustrated.  I purchased the Fast & Furious pack to drive a couple sweet old mopars, but I honestly don't know where or how to find them. They are not on in My Car list.  The only care I can find there is my default. This is the strangest game.  I just drive all around trying to score lame points.  I just want race and don't know how.  I must have rented the wrong game.  Sucks so far, but looks great on my new 4K big screen.


Any tips out there.

Any good sites anyone can suggest.

I don't mind cheats either,



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I havn't played the Fast and Furious update to the game but from what I've read, you need to do the "missions" for the cars to unlock and be usable.


Don't give up on the game just yet though, it's a great game with some really nice American muscle cars present.

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I borrowed my brother's this weekend and you have to beat missions to unlock the "autoshow".  Love the game and the list of cars you can buy is pretty amazing.  I am running a am Runner Right now lol.  Awesome game, but haven't been able to locate any barn finds yet, grrrr.

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I struggled with it and gave up.

I spent my week of downtime playing a bit too much COD Exo Zombies, lol.  Freaking addicted to that $h!e.

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I haven't played one of the COD Zombies sinse World at War(the original Zombie maps). And the zombie levels are the absolute best! A friend and I would play when we got off work together for a couple hours..a couple days a week. But that is long gone now..sadly. Now we have big boy jobs and responsibilities.. :(


I need to try one of the newer Zombie maps.


Ohhhh I do remember playing some on Black Ops also. So not just World at War. Man how those two were different, I can't imagine a newer game's version.

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