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  1. I recently got myself a Z3 Compact and am really enjoying it so far. I was gonna root it but feel a little out of my depth there, so I've just customized it with Nova Launcher and an Icon pack. The battery life is pretty amazing too.
  2. The agree that the Passat would be a much more practical car, but for a small family I think the CC is perfect and very usable. Is the CC a re-name of the Bora or Jetta?
  3. 94? I didn't realise it's been around that long, I thought it came about in the very early 90's.
  4. On Fox Sports, right? There's a channel here called Motors TV that's been airing "streams" from the Fox Sports coverage live. Just wish they did the same with the NASCAR. Yeah it was on FS1 and I think the final hour went to FS2. Do you not get to watch NASCAR or you wish they covered the Tudor Series better like NASCAR? The 6rs at the Glen actually kind of sucked..the rain was soooo bad. Usually I enjor watching races in the rain but this was such a heavy downpour there were constantl cars sliding off course. They even red Flagged the race due to rain. Now that is impressive for a series that races in the rain. It finished the last 35 minutes under a yellow flag.. Couple years ago you could watch it on a sort of public access channel which had coverage of it, but since then it's all become subscription which sucks some. They used to show the Nationwide series at one point but not anymore. I only saw about an hour or so of that race. Would liked to have watched more but I had company around at the time haha.
  5. "Hey guys...we still have these older models left. What do we do with 'em?" "Just give a bunch of sales stuff about less weight yada yada yada" "Got it!"
  6. Looks like I need to do a bit more saving and purchase another car part. My wallet is crying.
  7. Well hopefully those extra horses will give it adequate power but I doubt it's going to give it much of a kick. "0-60 in 8 seconds" I'm very skeptical.
  8. On Fox Sports, right? There's a channel here called Motors TV that's been airing "streams" from the Fox Sports coverage live. Just wish they did the same with the NASCAR.
  9. It's always a sad moment when a family pet passes and when they've been with you for so long it's like a member of the family has gone. Sorry for your loss. Random thought; when the hell are my parts going to arrive?
  10. I'm listening to D12 - Purple Hills right now. It's the "clean", or cleaner, version of Purple Pills and I quite like this one a lot more.
  11. I havn't played the Fast and Furious update to the game but from what I've read, you need to do the "missions" for the cars to unlock and be usable. Don't give up on the game just yet though, it's a great game with some really nice American muscle cars present.
  12. I'm not too keen on the looks of the standard Juke, but this one looks really nice. Loving the matte paint and the sporty looks of it.
  13. I saw a brilliant looking American car from the 60's/70's on my travels a few days ago. I couldn't identify it but it looked something like a Buick or could have even been a Caddy. The burbling noise it made as it went past was pretty sweet to hear.
  14. From the front it looks like some sort of bug-eyed alien, but from the side it has a certain charm about it. I've never really been a fan of modern Mini's but this one has got some charm going for it, I'll give it that.

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