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Any Thoughts on this 78 gmc 3/4 ton?

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Okay, so I'm new to all of this, had a quick question.

How difficult is it to find a 78 GMC 3/4 ton? Been looking around and have only seen this one which happens to be for sale right down the road from me. It looks a little rough around the edges but still seems to be running very well.

Was wondering what would seem like a fair price just based on what you can see, and if it doesn't seem worth it, how hard are these to find?


Any help or advice would be very appreciated.





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Good question, are you looking just for a cheap truck to drive and use or to restore or what is your end goal?


Autotrader no longer does 70's they start now at 1980 which had plenty of 3/4 trucks around the nation for sale. 


If you want a 70's age truck 3/4 ton then you have to look at autotrader classics web site. There were some good deals in California I noticed.




Since the plate is california I figure that is where you are located.


Here is one located in LA for $2500, it is a 3/4 ton 1973 camper special with a little over 100K miles on it and much cleaner than the truck listed above.




Since it has screw holes from bigger mirrors on the front quarter panels, rust all over, it would need a check out of the core frame to make sure it is still solid underneath. If so then you have a $1000 to $2000 value truck, if engine is not very good at running then you could be in the hundreds only.


Check List


Frame condition

Power train condition

Interior Cab condition




These would be the top 5 items I would suggest you check out before you buy. It would be worth it to pay a certified mechanic to check it out for you to make sure you know just what needs to be addressed.


Good Luck.

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Was wanting to pick it up as more of a fun truck and slowly try to restore it over the years due to my budget.

We're located around San Diego. Over the weekend tried looking on craigslist, couldn't find very much that wasn't torn up or out of my price range.

The seller told me that he replaced the engine on it a couple of years ago and that the new engine only has around 3-4 thousand miles on it. He replaced the gas tanks not too long ago and says that it runs great, have yet to take a look at it myself other than the outside and glancing in at the interior. 

The interior seems a little ragged but not too horrible. Was hoping to try and get it around 1,000. Not sure about the frame, but yes it is definitely very rusty, so I'm a little unsure.


Thank you very much for the information. It's much appreciated.

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Awesome find!  I too look for GMC pickups from the 1955-1959, 1973-1980, and 1983-1987 generations.  I've got a wonderful $1,000 budget for a project truck, but I'd like something that can move & stop under its own power.  A 1955 or 1956 GMC would be the holy grail, and very little chance I'd find one in that particular budget range that would meet my wants (I did find a 1955 GMC 350 stakebed in total need of restoration with a working factory V8 engine for $1,800 in October, 2013 - but too long for my garage).


If you can get this '78 GMC, I say go for it.  Those that own the GM square-bodied pickups never seem to regret their purchase!

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