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1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/430 L88

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G. David Felt
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1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427/430 L88




Found this on Rick Cole Auctions web site, was not aware myself of the L88 Corvette, but WOW talk about SEX on Wheels! This is a freakin BEAUTIFUL Corvette.




Quoting from their page as this car goes on auction and based on their estimate is expected to sell between $650,00 to $750,000 dollars. Only 2,576 original miles. 1 of 10 built with a 4.56 positraction rear axle.


I love this part of the stated info:


When launched in late 1967, the L88 option created much confusion among Corvette enthusiasts with its laughably conservative 430-horsepower rating and stiff pricing making the L88 seem less powerful at twice the price of the former top L71 427/435 Tri-Power unit. In fact, the L88 produced well over 500 ponies – stock. Chevrolet’s disinformation campaign actively discouraged L88 sales to customers who were not professional racers and in company literature, Chevrolet cryptically declared the L88 Corvette an “off-road vehicle.”

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