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Car and Driver Tests CTS. Car and Driver Likes CTS.

El Kabong

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In this case it was an AWD 2.0T with the new eight-speed auto. They did wish (again) for a simpler interior and wondered if a 5.8 to 60 time was indicative of an "overtaxed engine" (say what?). But the new eight-speed drew raves, getting better FE scores and acceleration times than their last 2.0T, which was RWD.

More at the link:


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Their complaints are mostly nitpicks so they have an excuse to keep BMW on top in their ranks. There's no way a car with a 5.8 second 0-60 from a 4-cylinder engine can be accused of being "overtaxed."


The interior isn't over complicated either, they just need to make better CUE controls. You have two colors: red and black, and then you have a few textures. The CTS models I've sat in all impressed me with their interiors. If you want an over-complicated, over-rated interior, sit in a new Acura. Their push button shifter goes full retard and the cabin is a clusterf@#k of screens, controls, and strange design lines.



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So by Comparison as SMK will say C-Class is best in class as he thinks all MB is best in class no matter what, I grabbed the current 2015 C-Class interior photo to match up and compare.




Personally there are some nice things about the MB as there is for Cadillac, both are acceptable, but I do like the flow better in the Cadillac than the MB which to me has a boy racer look to it and seems to be disjointed in the floating nav and the reminds me of Ford trucks, cheap plastic circle air vents.

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