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Cars that you've always wanted to drive but have never had the chance

Drew Dowdell

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So that we're not flooded with a bunch of supercars that even William and I haven't been able to drive, lets try to keep it to makes/models that are accessible to most of the population:  What car have you always wanted to drive, even as just an extended test drive, but have never had the chance?


I mentioned one in the "Cars from your soul year?" thread, the Mazda RX7


I've also never been behind the wheel of an old Air-Cooled Beetle.... and while not fast, I still think it would be neat. 


I also would want to "return to my roots" and drive one of the old Old 350 Diesel power GM cars on a long drive.... just to experience it.



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I'm going to keep it with my "soul" era(kind of..) to probably simplify it some because honestly, I want to drive everything. I want to drive everything from the 1.4l Sonic to the Prius 6.2l to the Hellcat(both of them) to the hybrid hypercars in the P1 and LaFerrari. Heck, when I was reading those van reviews/comparison and I wanted to hop in one and see what those diesels are like. I just like to see how different everything is. Like how Honda supposedly makes one of the best manual transmissions ever to the CVTs of today, I want to drive them and feel them. I want to be able to put some time behind the BMW-era that had the greatest driving feel. First gen electrics and hybrid Priuses that were probably total junk..want to drive. Genesis Sedan and Coupe? Yup. The coupe is one sharp looking car. I'm surprised it doesn't compete better with the Mustang and Camaro(or that they didn't make it to compete better with them, I should say). The sedan looks like a full on luxury car when driving past them(never been in one to judge from the interior's aspect).


There is just so much I want to drive, I could just post links to EVERY manufacturer's website and say "everything". But that isn't fun..


For instance, my signature pic of the Mystic Cobra..I've never driven one!


Well, Here are just a handful of cars(more performance oriented) that I'd realistically like to drive.


'02 Z28/SS. I've driven a '97 LT1. Decent amount of wheel time as it was one of my best friend's but never an LS1.  





Never drove a GTO. I once had a salesman try and sell me an automatic(after I told him I wouldn't buy an automatic GTO)..his justification of having an automatic was so you can grab titties while driving. No joke. He actually said "you can grab titties while driving" to me...lol











Absolutely fell in love with the C63 when I had my C350. AMG and how they do exhaust :) Oh yeah, and 450hp in a small"ish" sedan.



ZL1. I wanna feel those magnet shocks. Jk, well..kind of.. It's just my Favorite 5th gen Camaro. The "grand touring" of the Camaros. I also think it's the best looking Camaro.



Small, flickable, little BR-Z.



Every Miata from this:


To this:



Aaaaaand my favorite gen and supposedly the "most BMW, BMW". I almost bought an '06 330i but I couldn't justify either the price or mileage on the ones I found.



What about y'all?

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