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$1,500 Vello Self Charging Fold Up Bike!

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G. David Felt
Staff Writer Alternative Energy - www.CheersandGears.com


$1,500 Vello Self Charging Fold Up Bike!

Vello Bikes

According to the Bikes web site, it can do 15 miles in pure electric self charging mode or up to 30 min in Turbo mode. The battery pack is in the frame and can regenerate when you brake, coast down hills or pedal. They offer a smartphone app to allow you to lock up your bike, monitor the functions of the bike to customize it for your style of riding.



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    • By dfelt
      Secret "ALEC" in Big Debate between Oil and Electric for Subsidies!
      Not many of us have heard of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), yet this group of Utility companies clashed recently with the oil industry that wants to kill all EV subsidies and yet Oil takes in billions in subsidies from the federal government now.
      This group has clearly been an ultra conservative group till recently where it has split into two camps, those that are backed by big oil and their desire to kill subsidies and those utilities that have gone very green and want to increase offering subsidies to buyers of all things electric.
      At the spring meeting, the new Green Utilities put forth a measure that would offer subsidies for non-gas auto's. This included electric, natural gas, biofuel, propane, bio diesel auto's and subsidies for said fueling infrastructure.
      The interesting part is that this new resolution was put forth by the Koch brothers, oil magnates as well as Ebell's CEI and the conservative group Americans for Prosperity in addition to EEI "The Edison Electric Institute". These groups believe that utilities offering subsidies that would in some cases reduce to zero cost installation of home fast chargers, reduced kWh rates and rebates on EV / Plug-in Hybrid auto's would help spur additional sales of electricity increasing the expansion of a better electrical grid across north america.
      On the other side you have representatives from Texas, Duke Energy and some folks from Trump's EPA transition team lobbying against it. This was confirmed by EEI.
      Since this was at a tie in voting, it looks to be brought up at the fall meeting again for a vote.
      If this goes through, one can only wonder how big the rebates on auto's could be in addition to the charging systems, etc. Check out the two links below for more info.
      Think of states like California that have fed rebates, state rebates and if utilities offer rebates, this could push EV auto's to very low cost to own.
      Utility Drive Green Car Report
    • By William Maley
      Volvo is finishing up an immense product rollout that began with the XC90 only a few years ago. So what's next on the Swedish automaker's to-do list? As we reported last July, Volvo is gearing up for an electrification offensive beginning in 2019 with five new electric vehicles and a number of mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. Because of this, the automaker isn't planning to launch like a convertible or a rumored SUV coupe.
      “It would be nice to have a convertible or a coupe. It’s the cream on the cake but you don’t need it to survive,” said Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) boss.
      “We cover 98% of the market with our current portfolio. Our electrification goals show we are taking it very seriously and we are rapidly expanding our electrified powertrains.”
      Autocar reports that the new XC40 crossover will be the first Volvo model to get an all-electric powertrain.
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      We've known that Bentley is planning to do an electric vehicle, most likely using the platform underpinning the Porsche Mission E. What is still up in the air is what shape that vehicle could be? 
      “The next step for sure is an electric, unique Bentley that isn’t based on an existing car but a completely fresh and new development, with electric propulsion and obviously different proportions following the function. It gives us a great chance to establish a completely new design language for the company,” said Bentley design director Stefan Sielaff.
      “It will happen not so far in the future.”
      Auto Express believes the model in question is a four-door coupe, partly due to Sielaff's comments.

      “It should be a four or five-seater and it should also have the possibility to carry a little bit of luggage, maybe not for five people. I think we need to make sure that this family member is obviously new, and not imitating another concept we have already in the portfolio. But definitely more than two seats; that’s something I am convinced of,” said Sielaff.
      “But nevertheless I think it should be a vehicle that contains a certain coupe-style or sportivity, and also a certain elegance. I don’t think it should be something that is raised high, like an SUV.”
      This seems to line up with a rumor back in November where it was reported that Bentley was planning a four-door coupe possibly named Barnato.
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    • By William Maley
      BMW has plans of launching 25 electrified models by 2025 - 12 of those being fully electric. But don't expect to start seeing mass production of those 12 models anytime soon. BMW CEO Harald Krueger told analysts in Munich that its current electric vehicle technology is not profitable enough to scale up to volume production.
      “We wanted to wait for the fifth generation to be much more cost competitive. We do not want to scale up with the fourth generation,” said Krueger.
      The difference in costs between the fourth and fifth-generation according to Krueger "was a “two digit number” in percent terms."
      BMW is currently developing a sixth-generation of electric technologies that encompasses research into battery cells, and will hopefully bring down the costs.
      Currently, BMW's only EV is the i3. The lineup will expand beginning next year with the MINI E. This will be followed by the iX3 crossover in 2020. A sedan based on the iVision Dynamics concept will also be joining the lineup, though when exactly is unclear at this time. Auto Express which first reported this news says it will come out in 2020. But when asked by Automotive News Europe, Krueger said, "we shall see."
      Source: Reuters, Auto Express, Automotive News Europe (Subscription Required)

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    • By William Maley
      Last summer, Volvo made a stunning announcement as it plans to electrify its entire lineup. This plan includes 5 electric vehicles, two from Polestar and the rest from Volvo. We've already know about Polestar EVs plans (a midsize sedan and SUV), but we haven't heard anything concerning Volvo. 
      That changed this week as a report from Autocar says Volvo's first EV will be a compact hatchback that will draw inspiration from the 40.2 concept shown in 2016. This makes some sense as the 40.2 concept used Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that was built with electrification in mind.
      The 40.2 concept had an overall range of 217 miles. But when Henrik Green, Volvo’s head of R&D spoke to the publication about their general EV plans, he said they were aiming for a range of 310 miles.
       “That’s the area [of range] we’re aiming at. We’re in the middle of development and we are constantly chasing new steps. It’s quite different to developing a car compared to five or 10 years ago. You set a prerequisite three or four years before a car’s launch and you ran towards that target, and if you did that well, you came out with a competitive offer," said Green.
      Green also said the automaker will offer an entry-level battery, but hasn't decided on the range.
      Expect to see Volvo's first EV in 2019.
      Source: Autocar

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