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2 Megawatt Charging Connector proposed

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Seems some flattery is in order for Tesla, as Chargepoint showed off at the Elevate Summit conference in LA a new 2 Megawatt charging connector that has similarities to the Tesla Semi charging connector.

Concept Connector System

This new connector utilizes 4 pairs of liquid-cooled 500A DC charging pins. The goal is to have a standardized connector for EV Class 8 trucks and airplanes. This would allow you to have chargers that could handle from 100 to more than 860 volts of power quickly.

The benefit of getting this standardized soon is so that all auto makers could plan to support this much higher level of charging even on normal cars. Imagine charging 600 miles of rang in about 5-10 min the equal electric charging of an ICE auto.


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4 hours ago, Scout said:

Batteries get hot when charging. How did they work around throwing more juice at the battery without overheating/boiling issues?

Most of the Batteries are liquid cooled that are getting Ultra Fast Charging. They also have really changed them with the move to solid state batteries and gell pack batteries from the traditional liquid Li battery.

I am sure there are more changes coming. You should check out the battery stories I have posted in the alternative fuel section.

Here is just one of the latest changes happening in Battery Tech:

Did this on the new Ultra Fast Charging battery packs from Toshiba. 6 min for a 200 mile battery pack and 12 min for a 400 mile battery pack for charging.


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