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Cory Wolfe

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It's been a while since I've last checked in so here's a short update since my last post. 

After a little over 2 years with Car and Driver, I am now back on the hunt for employment/trying to get back into the grind as a freelancer. Unfortunately, my position (and a dozen others) was cut two weeks ago due to a restructuring effort. It was sudden and completely unexpected for those who were let go and those who weren't. While I'm sad to leave the company, I'm remaining positive with the hope that better opportunities lie ahead and wish everyone there well. I couldn't have asked for better coworkers. 

That said, I'm still in Michigan—For now. Josh and I have been mulling over a move to Charleston, SC. The job prospects for automotive digital media there are slim, but I'm willing to try something new if need be. Luckily for us, if we do decide to move, we have a good amount of positive equity in our house after remodeling it. While we love the house and the Detroit metro, the cost of living is absurdly high here. 

On the automotive front, I still have the ATS (I never did post a complete gallery) as well as the Miata. Josh still has his Murano.

The Cadillac, now at 17k miles, has had its share of minor quality issues since purchasing it. Most notably is a rough idle that the local Cadillac dealer insists is normal. I'd like to disagree, but to be fair, the loaner ATS they gave with only 30 miles on the odometer had a similar, but less-pronounced, idle issue. Beyond that, I've had multiple noises in the suspension checked out, the adaptive headlights sometimes aim themselves too high/low and I have to take issue with the interior fit and finish after the plastic cover for the windshield sensors fell off on my way to work one day. Finally, CUE is also as frustrating as everyone has said it is. Sometimes the system is so slow to boot up that I'll be a mile down the road before the navigation loads. On the whole, it's required less warranty repairs than the GTI thus far so I'd consider these fairly minor annoyances. The car is still a joy to drive (I wish I bought one with a manual, however) and attracts attention everywhere except metro Detroit. 

The Miata, on the other hand, has been phenomenally reliable for its age and mileage. This is especially true after 2 years of solid commuting year-round, including two winter seasons. Since purchasing the car, it's only needed maintenance items (brakes, fluid, filters, spark plugs) up to now. Last month, the catalytic converter finally needed to be replaced and with it, I installed a used cat-back exhaust. It should also be noted that it is due for a new valve cover gasket as it has started leaking, at just under 150k miles. This might be the first car I willingly hold on to for more than a couple years—It's just that much of a joy to own.

Finally, I am now the father of two Chihuahuas instead of just one. At the beginning of the year we picked up a brother for Chloe, naming him Enzo. He's a holy terror. 

So, what's new with y'all?

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@Cory Wolfe Great to hear from you, sorry to hear about your job. Stay positive always good things happen. Have you thought about going into content writing for the High tech industry or the auto industry in regards to the various positions the Auto companies have for content writing or as I stated High Tech? I know of plenty of positions where we could use solid folks creating solid quality manuals, white papers, blogs for technology.

Wishing you all the best on your next adventure.

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