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2020 Charger - this ... or this?


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I am a little frustrated with GM's limited sedan and lack of coupe offerings.  Right now, I'd probably buy a Cruze LT and call it a day.  However, if I didn't get a GM car, I'd opt for a Dodge Charger with the base V6.  I like my current car but I still like looking at the crystal ball ... "just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I can't read the menu."

I looked up 2020 Dodge Charger and see this:

Concept 1

Next-gen Charger front view

Next-gen Charger rear view

Then I see this - Concept 2

Next-gen Charger front view

Next-gen Charger rear view

What will it be?  What's with the extreme variation?

Concept 1 is provocative.  The front end hearkens to another Chrysler product.  The shape is slick but it doesn't speak much to visibility out the rear.  The rear is real sporty.  The only demerits are the visibility issues and the lack of front fascia protection up front - the current Charger has a better clip up front compared to the preceding one with the bulbous grilles akin to the Ram trucks.

Concept 2 is really tame.  The belt line is so damn sedate.  The rear lights ... I won't touch that one.  The front grille has protection built into it.  Is this a person's interpretation or something that Chrysler inspired?

I could go for concept 1 if it was tamed down and more functional for the ordinary driver.  Chrysler has to make a big whopping statement with the next Charger to keep the market engaged.  There is no doubt about that.


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15 hours ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

Those first two pics were an actual Charger concept car from 20 years ago, the 2nd pics are some randos idea, not anything FCA.

It just occurred to me that the concept front end was similar to that on old school Intrepids and Stratuses  (should be "strata" to avoid red).  I like the concept 20 years later better than the designs conjured up by the designer.  I'm sure that the next car will intend to interest both consumers and law enforcement alike, especially if the Chrysler 300 is shelved, which I'm hoping isn't the case.  I like those, too.

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I saw the concept in person at an auto show back then, IIRC.  I like the design of it over allexcept for the jutting lower front fascia.  The roofline and doors remind me of the 2011+ Chargers a bit...(exaggerated, but similar themes). 

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