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PONTIAC dealer codes

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Decades ago I sent away to get the factory paperwork for my '64 GP from a company that bought up (actually, I heard they were rescued from a dumpster and an agreement was reached) PMD's records. Just like anyone who's interested in their car's history/numbers, one of the things that tends to occupy the minds of car hobbyists is their car's past life. Specifically, what dealership did it come from?

Well, this paperwork included what's called a 'build manifest', which shows the VIN, options codes, other bits, plus the dealership numerical code. Here's one (see "07 679") - this is the 'factory's copy' :

64 BM.png

This particular manifest is from the Car & Driver '64 GTO test car, the one where Pontiac slipped a 421 underhood in place of the 389 they were built with. Those extra 32 cubes were worth an official 22 more HP, but tuned the way it was it was FAR more. The C&D GTO did the quarter mile in 11.8 sec IIRC.

Unfortunately, the manifest doesn't ID the dealer (name/address), so unless you find the individual car's build sheet (it's 'birth certificate', if you will), it is very tough to find out the actual original dealer. This is a build sheet from a '70 GTO, note that besides the VIN, the spelled-out options, it has both the dealer code and the dealer name/address.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.43.20 PM.png

This is the golden ticket for a Pontiac hobbyist. However, there was no set rule about these singular paper copies as far as what to do with them when the car was assembled. Many/most times, they got stuffed into the car... but not always and not always in the same places. I've found them under the seat springs, way up under the dash. I never did find the one in my '64 GP tho.

Now, this company that has all the PMD records, from 1961 up until (who cares; I think) 1980, THEY have all the dealer IDs but never got around to compiling a list. So I started to reach out into the Pontiac community to find out dealer codes and compile them. This, I started around 1990, and I get quite a decent start on a list. Along comes this internet thing, and I find a very busy GTO site (ultimateGTO.com) that also has a list going, so I shelve the project.

Low & behold, I recently check back and the GTO site list hasn't been updated since 2009! That's it; 'just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in'. I don't know how many dealers we're talking about- my interest would be about '55-80... and the codes mathmatically allow for 27,000 numbers.... but the count is more like 4-5000, or so I was once told. RIght now my list is just over 1800, tho 450 of those have no codes associated with them.

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