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Chevrolet Sonic discontinued

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I think we all new this day was coming sooner rather than later but...  Chevrolet Sonic Discontinuted

I've been weirdly drawn to this car ever since the upgrade and name change from Aveo back in 2012.  Never owned one and probably never will but they do have a pull for me for some reason.  I prefer the exterior of the pre-refresh version but actually like the more traditional interior of the current one better.  If only they would have stuck a 1.6T with 180-200 hp in the RS version!  Basically a Fiesta ST competitor.  Obviously that wasn't enough to save the Fiesta either but it would have been fun for us enthusiasts.



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There's a '16 LTZ Turbo hatch here at Rancho Balthy.
I find it a wholly competent, fun lil road rocket (138 HP). I drove the snot out of it when I picked it up in PA, was constantly going faster than I thought/intended. It's racking up the miles; currently doing about 36K per YEAR, but it is still tight. I think it's a shame to let it go.

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The nicest car in its class, to the end.  What a shame.  And to kill it for something that will sell even worse... that is a shame for the plant workers who've done a great job building the top quality car in America... because they'll be cast aside when its EV replacement rots on the lots.

GM, you've completely lost your way.  So out of sync with the Heartbeat Of America.

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