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Industry News: AMC - Alpha Motor Corporation Opens Reservations for the WOLF EV Pickup Truck


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Alpha Motor Corporation or AMC released for reservation the WOLF pickup truck March 11th 2021.

alpha-wolf-compact-electric-pickup-truck (1).jpg

The WOLF has the following projected specifications:

  • MSRP $36,000 to $46,000 depending on configuration (does not include $7,500 federal EV tax credit)
  • Battery range of 250 to 275 plus miles with rapid charging, battery heating/cooling for optimum performance
  • Single motor FWD or Dual motor AWD
  • 0 to 60 mph of 6.2 seconds acceleration
  • 1360kg or 3000lbs towing capacity
  • Length - 4765mm or 188 inches
  • Width - 1930mm or 66 inches
  • Truck bed - 1652mm or 65 inches (5ft 4 inches) length, 1490mm or 59 inches wide, 397mm or 16 inches deep
  • Wheels - 16" to 18"
  • LED lighting with Daytime running lights
  • Two passenger seating
  • Interior cargo 34.5 cubic feet
  • Digital display for driver and wide format center display
  • Premium seat and trim material
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Premium Sound system.

alpha-wolf-compact-electric-pickup-truck (27).jpg

The WOLF truck is a multi-purpose electric utility truck designed for those wanting a solid four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive pickup with no carbon emissions representing Alpha's commitment to move humanity with innovations in electric vehicle modularity, customization flexibility, and practicality.

This is one of 6 auto's to be built on the Alpha platform with deliveries currently scheduled to start in 2023 to customers.


This is where old school truck looks meet 21st century technology allowing for the best of both worlds in a comfortable clean air mini pickup.

As comparison, the shortest Toyota Tacoma pickup is 212 inches, if you go back to the 70's such as the Chevrolet Luv truck with it's standard 6ft bed was only 173.8 inches long or 190.9" long with the optional 7 1/2ft long bed.

AMC Wolf Electric Pickup - Cheers and Gears

Alpha Motor Corporation (alphamotorinc.com)

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10 minutes ago, surreal1272 said:

Oh for the Pete’s sake David, we have to know! What’s the bed length? Isn’t that what’s most important here?😜

I am sure the heavy truck hauling members here will bitch about this mini-truck only having a 5'4" bed since it is 4" longer than the Hummer. 😆

Course it also does not match up to the Chevrolet Luv truck's bed lengths they had in the 70's. For all the bitching about bed length, I see a ton of empty beds on the road as they have become the new Station wagon of the 21st century.  I remember before the pandemic hit, one of the sales guys came into the office and he was talking about how awesome his Raptor is and how much he has enjoyed driving it the last year plus. We went down to check it out and I commented that his bed was so clean and shinny and I remember he said he would never haul anything, but drove it for how high it sat and how it drove and the look. Another truck not being used as a truck. Like you posted and a few others, lots of people are buying trucks but not using them anywhere for what they were originally designed for.

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21 minutes ago, balthazar said:

It's also a FOOT longer than the Rivian. 🤣

True, but then I already have my GMC Suburban for hauling 4x8 sheets or up to 10ft long stuff inside safely. So the Rivian and Hummer still more than meet our needs for a truck for the wife with passenger hauling capabilities.

Course another benefits with the EV trucks is the Frunk, that allows such a nice way to store smaller stuff while maximizing the bed for other bigger stuff.

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