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  1. When I worked at a Chevy dealership, I got a lot of time behind the wheel of several cars, the Sonic being one of them (had one for a rental back in NC a few years back as well). It is a surprisingly solid and nimble little car and the hatch gave it at least a little versatility. If I was twenty years younger, this would have been at or near the top of my commuter car list. I drove the Fiat 500 once and wished for my twenty minutes back (the twenty minutes I had behind the wheel of it). Just not impressed with it at all. Good riddance to it.
  2. Probably because it’s ugly to most people, has atrocious resale value, and has even worse reliability. It’s a shame no one cares about cars like that. And while it may not look as “exotic” (I personally think they look cartoonish), the Sonic was a far superior city car even if it was a tick longer. Throw in the Mini Cooper as well even though their reliability is also spotty at times.
  3. It honestly should have been a Alfa Spyder to begin with but to me, Alfa is no better than Fiat for same reasons I mentioned earlier. Sure they look better than the Fiat models overall but their reliability is still garbage just like it was more than 35 years ago. If someone wants a 124 that bad, they should just get the car it copies. Just my two cents.
  4. Kill it with fire. Almost a decade since they started selling cars in the US and the facts and numbers show that no one wants the POS on wheels, just like the last time they sold cars here.
  5. Proving my point that there really isn’t anything special about the looks of your average Benz no matter how some folks try to paint them.
  6. Have to admit one thing about the EQC. That sure is a nice looking Lincoln they designed there.
  7. It’s a pointless apples to oranges comparison any way you slice it. All manufacturers are adding new models. Mercedes is not special or unique in this regard. They are losing more models than they are gaining though. Fact.
  8. Good grief. Way to sidestep the fact that you made a baseless comparison between two vehicles with a $10K price difference. Comparing a compact size 3 series to a full size car of any kind is just as half baked as the former comparison. As for the other models being cut, you should add all the ones that Mercedes is getting ready to sever from existence for, and get this, crappy sales and nameplate redundancy.
  9. The Avalon starts at $35K+ while the RAV4 starts at $25K+. I don’t know what world in which you’re living but that is a difference of considerably more than “not by much”.
  10. Perfect for car jousting lol!
  11. Um no. This is what you said. “And they might be able to move 1,000 per year. But also the 500 they sell are not 500 sales lost to Mercedes or Bentley or someone else” I.e. even if Cadillac put out a hi-po Escalade it wouldn’t steal sales from Mercedes. Now you are, once again, trying to move the bar and backpedal on your literal words. Let me make myself clear on this. A hi-po Escalade will absolutely steal sales from Mercedes. There is no maybe or anything else for that matter that would change that fact. Cadillac started stealing sales from Benz the moment the Escalade hit its stride in 2007 and a 700 HP one would steal even more.
  12. How do you figure that Benz would not lose sales when that kind of Escalade would directly compete with high performance Benz SUVs? I just love how you sidestep anything that might reflect negatively on Benz. The statement above is a perfect example.
  13. Why bother with him honestly. He just contradicts himself. He knows sportcars are niche and not a good investment but bemoans Cadillac for not having one. He should be embarrassed that the CHEVY runs circles around most of the Germans and that it takes $300K (give or take ten grand) to compete with the $100K Chevy. Oh and he’s been making the GLS claim for years now (maybe with different letters because Benz changes them every three years lol) and yet the Slade, with its “Chevy” bones, continues to thrive in the Luxo SUV market.
  14. Sales have dropped in all high performance segments for almost all brands so to act like this was a Cadillac only issue is just ignorant to the facts. And again, it’s shortcomings were marketing related and had not one thing to do with the cars themselves. This is has already been pointed out. It should be noted that every Cadillac you pointed out were pre-bankruptcy models save for the ELR. The V-Series models have done well considering the changing marketplace and the Slade has routinely beat the German competition in sales while most of them cost north of $100K.
  15. Every attempt? The Escalade and V-Series Caddies beg to differ on that. Crappy marketing has killed Cadillacs uber ambitions more than the actual product.
  16. “Grab’em by the pus...never mind” @ccap41-Had surgery a week ago for a torn rotator cuff and while they were doing the ACL, they discovered that I had a bone spur tearing one of my tendons. I’ve had the rotator issue for over twenty years and just managed but the tendon tears were clearly the last straw. In a sling for six weeks, hence why they won’t let me drive, and then some physical therapy for a months after. Sucks being at home this much but I’ve been getting my walking exercise in on the nice days.
  17. Shoulder surgery (and not being able to drive for at least six weeks) sucks.
  18. Technically you are correct. I should have led with "potentially marketing" the CT5 but I figured most here got the reference since it was just discussed a few weeks ago in another article. Didn't know semantics were going to be used against me lol.
  19. It certainly will not help and to act like trunk space doesn’t matter is just ignorant IMO. I also never said that is was the most important. That is my point. Good grief.
  20. From the C&G article a few weeks back (and why I asked). “Rumors have it that the CT5 will start in the mid-30s and Cadillac is insisting that, despite its size, the CT5 is aligned against the 3-series and C-Class. But in doing so, where does that leave the car?” Basically I’m asking if this rumor has been confirmed because it has not been answered all this time. The introduction of the CT4 seems to squash the rumor but I was just asking for a little official clarification here.
  21. So what will GM say about where the CT5 fits in? They claim it’s a 3 Series/C Class competitor while being larger than both when I think most people knew that there was a CT4 for the smaller size. Just weird for them to market it that way when this was clearly in the works and seems like the more natural competitor to the Germans. And I realize that some pics can play tricks on the eyes but why does the CT4 appear to be longer than the CT5? (Note the difference in length from the front wheels to the nose)
  22. You make a good point about trunk space over the years but the current CTS appears to have a much larger trunk than the car replacing it. That’s the type of detail that will keep moving folks away from sedans and into CUVs. Much like date night, what would another six inches in the back hurt?
  23. Why? Why does it matter to you? I just thought the details were important in the context of the entire conversation about quality, reliability, and lease terms that have been discussed here.

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