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  1. Yes I do remember which is why I brought it up. Not near as much disdain for that as what I’m seeing here but who’s keeping count though?
  2. Riiiiight. A nation full of Mustang owners and I’m sure you took a very scientific and accurate poll of said owners to come to this “conclusion”. It surely has nothing to do with your disdain of the powertrain involved. What the F ever. Exactly my point. Just because some random folks on a message board express their displeasure doesn’t mean squat in the grand scheme of things. Wonder if he shares that same opinion about Vette owners and their opinions of it going mid-engine? The fact is that it wouldn’t matter if every mustang owner loved the E Mach. He would still cry foul because of the powertrain choice. Well boo F’in hoo to him.
  3. And it’s hilarious coming from a guy that would probably have no problem with a Corvette based SUV, so long as it uses dinosaur juice. Out of date thinking is still out of date. Yeah, those pesky customers. They just keep the lights on for companies like Ford. Damn them. Damn them all.
  4. They talked about plenty and it looks better than anything from Daimler. The C8 had years of coverage prior to it’s official release so you are not even close to comparing apples to oranges here. Again, anything to besmirch a domestic product. Agreed. Ford should be give a ton of credit for not going the route you mentioned and giving a clean slate product while carrying a familiar face (Mustang in this case).
  5. It’s called having an open mind which is sorely lacking for some. As long as Ford doesn’t bitch this up (i.e. the Explorer/Aviator launch), they may actually be on to something here. Still not crazy about that oversized tablet though. That is a maintenance and damage nightmare waiting to happen.
  6. Who would have thought that you would have a problem with an EV? Just shocking. The new Corvette has a trunk in the front too but who’s keeping actual count here and aside from the ridiculous tablet it bears no resemblance to a Tesla. Hell the profile screams Jaguar to me which actually isn’t a bad thing (just slightly more “stretched”). You always see the negative in EVs even if it looked exactly like you would want it to look so your opinion of it is always taken with a laughable grain of salt. Thanks for not disappointing with your “expert” analysis.
  7. The only similarity is possibly the profile which quite a few cars have these days courtesy of the coupe look craze. Nothing else on those two cars come close to matching otherwise IMO. The Kia looks far better too. All car makes borrow from each other these days. It’s not just a Hyundai/Kia thing anymore.
  8. Look at the first few years versus the last few years. Again, I’m not disagreeing with the notion that they could have kept selling them but when you look at that sales history you posted, it’s easy to see why the bean counters said “no”. Tahoe’s and Silverados got more expansive too but they keep selling. Still a shame they gave it the ax though.
  9. And which "big push" is that? Are they trying to push diesels again? The ELR was sharp looking ride but it was priced way too high and at a time when people stopped buying two door cars. Bad timing and piss poor pricing.
  10. It should be noted that Honda had four wheel steering years before GM. (1987 Prelude which I got to drive right after I got my license in '89 and it was a fun little ride) And I agree whole heartedly with the last part. Loved the last gen. Avalanche. Sadly, sales of them probably didn't justify the need to continue producing them.
  11. Adding while not selling worth a damn. Like I said, outside of the full size truck market, diesels might as well be called “station wagons” in this country. Virtually no one wants them. Take out the full size truck market, and the take on diesels is laughably sad.
  12. Funny. That’s how I feel about the insignificance of diesels in the US. Outside of full size pick ups, they are less than non-existent, even more so than EVs currently. Difference between the two is that one is headed upwards with a wide range of makes and models (EVs) while the other has one failed attempt after another outside of those full size trucks. Perspective (and facts) can be a fickle thing.
  13. Absolutely love the color choice! It's works perfectly with that classic ride.
  14. Pretty boring stuff yet you keep coming back to comment. What’s that they about the definition of the word “insanity”? “Brainchild”? From what I recall, it was more like complaining like a ten year old with a skinned knee because you though it was not so “random” for someone to talk about something you had no interest in. Maybe it’s just the Trollus Operatus.
  15. Oh stop. Every company goes through these types of cycles. Seemingly nothing for a few years and then BAM! Ten new models in two years.
  16. Oh I read the post @USA-1 and you should reconsider your definition of the word “logic” when 90% of your car related posts are pro-GM. This isn’t even a debatable point so I have to ask. Who are you trying to convince? Others or yourself?
  17. And there goes the GM fanboy still trying to convince everyone that he is not a GM fanboy. He also swears that he wasn’t “triggered” despite his above response to the contrary. Thanks for proving my general point about fanboys though. I criticized GM therefore I must be a GM hater. The Cadillac CTS-V Wagon is my bucket list car and I’ve worked at two different Chevrolet dealerships in two different states but yeah, I’m a big ole’ GM hater. Seriously, where do you come up with this nonsense? Finally, didn’t you also have the word “vortec” in that username? Thanks for making my day GM fan.
  18. Pretty sure that wouldn’t mean much to a GM fan lol.
  19. And you know good and well which motor I’m referring to as it is the same motor that was implied in your last username (again, this on top of your constant GM defending AND Ford bashing). If you’re going to lie about it, at least try to be more convincing about it.
  20. Rather it be arthritis than being patently full of $h! when trying to convince others that you’re not a “fanboy” when you are the very definition of it. Oh wait. Maybe it’s not fanboyism. Maybe...
  21. As far as this Alfa nonsense goes, the smartest thing FCA can do is to dump Alfa and Fiat in the US and out those resources back into their domestic holdings (and not just Jeep and RAM for once).
  22. Started with a “6.2” (a GM motor) in his username and constantly defends GM but he’s not a GM “fanboy”. mmmmkay. Oh and since my paragraphs are too long for you, I’ll shorten it up for you in the future and use smaller words.
  23. Just how delusional are you? You act like I’m the one that was “triggered” but it was you that deflected the discussion into personal BS like I why didn’t post about my ride. You have made one asinine assumption after another. What ironic in your post here is that everything you are trying to project onto me describes how you’ve acted since you started posting again a few months ago. If you don’t see the shear irony in what you just said, then there is no hope for you. Your fragile little ego got popped and you have to take it out on others with personal jabs and insults about others rides. I have no said any of that so again, the only triggered ego here is you and you have proven that ten fold. Exactly. Those who actually know the long and sometimes sordid history of the domestics understand how absolutely laugh out loud dumb it is to talk about any of them being loyal to their customers. They, like every other car company out there, are loyal to their shareholders only. These things are easier to see when one is able to step outside that fanboy bubble that some choose to live in.
  24. You really have a reading comprehension and ego problem. My cyberstalking comment was meant with obvious sarcasm and a joke but here you are getting bent out of shape about it, so much so that you even insult what I drive. It’s pathetic and utterly typical of the posts you have made to me and others whenever we say something you don’t agree with. You also think that I’m veering off the subject with my GM and Toyota reference while YOU are the one who made reference to Hyundai and Kia on a damn Alfa thread. Double standard much? BTW, because my worth is not decided by what I drive (unlike yourself apparently), I am perfectly fine with my old Yoda and it’s 267K miles and being generally bulletproof. It has not jack$h! to do with any affinity for Toyota. I’ve owned everything from Toyota, to Chevrolet, to Dodge, and then some. Maybe if you weren’t so insecure in yourself and lashing out at others (as well as insulting their vehicle choices), you’d see how utterly full of $h! your are and understand that some folks don’t need approval in regards to what they drive. Besides, keep your twelve year old insults straight. A few weeks ago I was a RAM fan and now I’m a Toyota fan. Which is it Sally? Loyalty? Domestics have lost market share for decades in the US. Outside of the full size truck market, there is no overall loyalty to domestics here especially when one sees the history of them taking a royal $h! on “loyal” owners loyalty for so long.

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