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  1. Just a matter of opinion from my end. Just not as enamored with it as you clearly.
  2. Getting in or out? Maybe if your name is Stretch Armstrong. Otherwise, they are in a horrible spot for such a thing.
  3. On top of some rather anemic HP numbers for a midsize car. The rest of it is pretty sharp though.
  4. Not real crazy about that front end (like oddly placed and large fog light housing) but it’s a nice package for a smaller CUV with more practicality than its sibling Kona. The interior seems to invoke some Volvo cues but that’s a good thing, in this case because it has a cleaner look than some other CUVs.
  5. True but they were less prominent by flowing with the console as opposed to sticking at an angle Iike they do now, much like the first Cayennes. Bear with me. I’m just very OCD when it comes to details like that and these details are functionally useless.
  6. What is with the useless handles on the center console, clearly borrowed from the first generation Porsche Cayennes? Seems purely aesthetic with no real reason for being there other than for taller people to hit their legs against them.
  7. Yeah, not feeling that at all but then again, it’s just another CUV to me. Even the interior is a let down after the Navigator and Aviator reveals.
  8. So more of the same with no real changes. That seems to be the Toyota way with some of their cars.
  9. The Audi is indeed nothing special and the CT5 already matches up quite well against it. Of course, you should consider the source of the pic posted lol. Never said anything about price, only the size. It’s obvious that will cost less than the 5 series because all German cars are overpriced to begin with.
  10. Hey, a VW I would actually consider! It's a better take of the Ridgeline while combining it the flexibility of the Avalanche (which I also liked). For urban dwellers or folks who just don't need a "full on" pickup, this is a nice option IMO. And I'm with you @Frisky Dingo. Get it out there and lets see if it floats (sales wise of course).
  11. Very true and that is the one thing Cadillac should take notice of. Variety within certain models is always welcome.
  12. Look at the center of the steering wheel and you'll see, very clearly, why he probably thinks the MB is better lol. I absolutely hate the slab of screen there, combining the gauges with the infotainment section. That is just awful IMO. Quite a bit of "shiny" plastic in the center console., if you ask me. Not to dismiss it as it does look decent overall (save for the slab tablet mentioned earlier) but it has more than enough plastic in it as well, which should dismiss complaints about Cadillac using it (not saying you are complaining btw).
  13. Let me just say this. While I am still not a fan of the profile (especially the rear quarter of it), kudos to Cadillac on the improved interior. Love the two tone option and the overall design (outside of the floating tablet nonsense that I don’t like fro anyone these days). Maybe the exterior will show better in person. Here’s hoping for some sales success that defied the current CTS (which I am a general fan off overall).

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