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  1. Good lord people. Give it a rest already. Somehow, yet another thread about a luxury car gets hijacked by SMK semantics and comparing everything to a Benz (like anyone really gives two s***s) and now it has devolved into yet another semantics laden pissing match. The G80. Let’s discuss that. I’ll start with saying that on looks alone, the interior compares very well to the German competition.
  2. That’s rich coming from someone who constantly touts AMG version of every Benz yet they also only count for a small percentage of total sales. Different here is that the D3 take on high trim trucks is a much higher percentage than Benz with AMG AND top level trims. You know what? F this. How about we just stick to the G80?
  3. Yes because hi-po pickups have done so well here in the past. Oh wait. They haven’t. They are niche and if that is what the fugly Cybertruck is hanging it’s hat on, then Tesla nor you understand the pick up market here. (Looks at the hauling and towing capability of an A8 and wonders what in the F are you babbling about.)
  4. Found the rim used on eBay for $229 (some scratches on it) and I got a really good hookup on the tires themselves. The tires are Atrezzo Sailun (odd brand but has really solid reviews). They do have a better grip than my previous set that’s always a plus. Overall I’m really happy with the Flex. My only gripe is that I wish I could have found an EcoBoost with relatively low miles. That extra power makes a world of difference. Still, no real complaints on that end. It will pass with ease on the freeway but the EcoBoost makes a big difference at the stop lights. Far more off the line punch. Yeah, having an 18” donut on a 4600lb. car with 20s on it is just asinine which I why I went with an extra full size. What I may end up doing is finding a roof rack mounted carrier for it so that it will not be taking up space in the back. A little unconventional for a non four wheel drive SUV but then again, I’m pretty much unconventional all the time lol.
  5. I was much the same but it has surpassed my expectations. The spare is a full size spare. I still have the donut underneath the 3rd row but after I had to switch out one of the front tires. I had them all replaced and bought an extra 20" matching wheel and used one the old tires on it (tread was more than fine but I swapped all tires out just get matching because the front two were different from the back two when I bought that car). I just carry it with me, just in case, because I refuse to ride on an 18" donut! Sadly, this mode of transport is because the 20" will not even come close to fitting in that wheel well. If I need to haul something, then I can just simply roll it out and put it back in later, and just roll the dice on never having to use that donut lol. A little black and white post edit.
  6. So during this "shutdown" on life as we know it, I decided to make use of my time and take some shots of my car since the weather and sun were just right today. And no, I did not vacuum my car before taking these hence my "flaws and all" line lol. Photos are completely unedited and "raw". Keep safe everyone!
  7. It was 100% coupe like before Benz ever even coined the stupid term. Hell, the ‘96 Taurus could say the same thing, almost decade before the first CLS. Sorry but contrary to your belief, Benz is not first at everything. It should be noted that the Aurora was a full size car while the CLS is not and neither is the G80.
  8. Thanks. Just one year off my favorite Caddy, the ‘59 El Dorado Beyritz.
  9. Looks nothing like any Benz in the front. Not in any way. I do agree about the read end though. Seems an afterthought and the taillight design just does not fit with the rest of the car. Still, not a bad looking ride overall even though it is part of the struggling sedan market. Overall, a solid B+. On a side note, I cant imagine where Benz got that coupe look sedan. Oh wait, I do.
  10. Duh it’s not Trump but Trin brought it up and it was 100% fact despite your claims that it wasn’t. Again, don’t be an imbecile. Or be one.
  11. @ocnblu—Before you call it “opinion”, maybe you should actually about recent interviews with Fauci regarding his interactions with Trump. It is not “opinion” when it comes straight from the mans mouth. And he wants you to think he was proactive from the get go with his “we closed off all travel from China” BS which is a bit like locking your front door but leaving your back door and all your windows open. Just lip service, pure and simple from a man who said just a month ago that fifteen people infected would soon be zero. By all means though, don’t hold the man accountable for his ACTUAL words. As you told someone else, “Don’t be an imbecile.”
  12. And point proven. Thanks for playing blu. The facts are right above you. You have chosen to ignore it except to cast your little downvote without any factual counter arguments, the staple of way too many Trump supporters these days. What Trin said about the Texas Lt Governor is 100% fact and so is the fact that the actual medical expert Fauci has to step on eggshells around Mr. Sensitive. Again, all facts. I will shut my pie hole for no one and sure as hell not for you. Don’t like it? Then do what every other Trump supporter does. Don’t look or listen. Again, thanks for playing.
  13. How to determine whether one is a Trump supporter in two simple steps: Step 1: They downvote any and all criticism of him or his administration even when presented with actual facts. Step 2: See Step 1. That is all. Be safe everyone.
  14. Good read. if there is not a proper network put into place, then this will be just another fail. Hopefully they will get that part figured out instead of just pissing away money with only half a plan.

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