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  1. And you don’t think Toyota hasn’t engineered the 4 Runner and the GX in the same way (they are platform mates after all)? Seriously? All I know is this. I’ll take the reliability of those two (especially the 4 Runner) over the G Wagon any day. I see countless ads of those with over 200K miles and still chugging along problem free with a killer resale value to boot. The same cannot be said for the G Wagon no matter how you try to embellish it. There is literally not one car or SUV that can touch the 4 Runner on resale value, and sure as hell not one from Germany. And again, you keep moving the bar with the horsepower argument when your sales argument falls flat. Fact is the Slade outsells all other full size luxury SUVs on its “Chevy frame” which is what I was referring to since YOU brought up sales and old powertrains. Regarding the GLE, all I hear are more excuses that you don’t grant to any other make. It doesn’t even merit a response because it’s the same old crap. Don’t worry SMK. You can always get a smoking deal on a G Wagon that lost half its value in just four years and it only has 30K miles on it.
  2. You should check out this smoking deal on a 2016 E-Class.
  3. LMAO! Exactly my point but he won’t dare use that same argument against the “best or nothing”. The difference is the old GX and 4 Runner have far more reliability cred than that Benz ever will.
  4. “Old isn’t reliable” yet you would have never said that in regards to the G Wagon which was far older than anything from Toyota or Lexus. In the case of the two I’ve mentioned, it certainly is though and you clearly do not pay attention to every reliability study and article that backs this up. I also was not debating sales but since you’ve brought it up the GLE is only up 3,900 units for the year (so far) on the GX (12,900 vs. 9,000 roughly). The GLE is down 33% for the year while the old GX aid down just 5%. Guess by your logic, people aren’t flocking to the GLE this year. Your sales argument isn’t even that solid but like I said, the lack of GX sales has more do with its ugly looks than its powertrain. Cadillac has used the 6.2L for years now yet it still spanks the Germans, for the record.
  5. You are trying to move the bar while ignoring the actual evidence. We are not talking about Cadillac and it is just unrelated to even bring up the Vette. We are talking about SUVs, not sports cars. and I’ve already said that it would be nice if it had more power but as Drew pointed out, it isn’t everything plus it is damn near bulletproof compared to the Germans. Your average SUV/CUV buyer is more concerned about ride and comfort first, reliability a strong second, and power falls back to third and the GX is more than enough for most. Sports cars are a whole other matter. That’s a fact that’s not even debatable. Hell, the 4Runner has been using the same motor for that long yet sells better than any Mercedes SUV out there, which pretty much proves my point. What works against the GX is the horror show looks.
  6. They are but I love seeing reminders of why I will never live in California. 1280 sq ft. for seven figures in the middle of suburban hell? Yeah, that’s a hard pass for me but to each their own.
  7. On an SUV that costs more than double the GX (and that’s the cheapest G Wagon). Upping the engine and switch gear is the least they can do. And while HP numbers are low vs those two Germans, it’ll spend far less time in the shop down the road too. 500 HP on an SUV is just a waste anyway, especially in this country. Oh and that GLE needs 66 more HP to get the same 0-60 time as the GX (and that’s with a hybrid 367 HP engine and three more gears). Color me unimpressed. The base is the anemic 255HP for about the same price as the GX. Again, unimpressed.
  8. I get that. What I am saying is that the current price of the entry model 3.6L AWD is $62K per Cadillac’s website but you are stating that the exact same model (I’m assuming) will be $59K. Seems odd to me.
  9. If there is one good thing about living in the convection oven known as the Arizona desert is that the pool temp is at a perfect 84 degrees. Makes the therapy that much more enjoyable.
  10. (Makes attempt at an apology but throws in an “internet king” jab) This is why I’m trying to leave it be but when you say childish nonsense like that, it at least merits a follow up response. The response is “this is why I never believe a word you say”. Fin’ Now that my pool Ph is right, I can actually get in the pool. Enjoy your day everyone.
  11. “Was funny” to you and you alone. You were trolling and honestly you aren’t fooling anyone given the things you have said to me in the past that were definitely not humorous in nature. It has jack to with feelings. It has everything to do with showing a little common decency but the concept appears to be lost on you. We can just agree to disagree here and leave it at that. I’m getting in my pool for a while and doing my own physical therapy. Have a good day (seriously).
  12. A lot of fire sale and fleet sales on those, would be the main reasons for that. Don’t want any left on the lot after this year.
  13. So it’s $62K this year and then it’ll be $59K for 2020? Am I misreading that or is GM drunk?
  14. On a much better note, I am out of my arm sling officially. Have another follow up visit in two weeks and then start two to three months of physical therapy. That I am not looking forward to that because I still can’t raise my arm above shoulder height without severe pain but I’m sure they are to “make it” get there lol.
  15. Oh good grief. Get over yourself. I’ve never not once said that I haven’t misconstrued a post from time to time but there are other posts that are quite obvious as to their intent like the severe misquote of my post yesterday to suit someone’s trolling agenda. To me, that is a crossing a certain line. You’re as guilty of it as I am yet you tip toe around your own role in it (like the screenshot I posted of your Trump/me insult). You also have a context of conversation issue but I’m not going to dwell on it. I laugh at it quite honestly and I sure as $h! don’t owe you any further explanation for a behavior that you, yourself, have also taken part in. Yeah, just bury the Hummer name entirely of you ask me. There are many good ways to implemented the use of EVs but stamping the Hummer name on it isn’t one of them.

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