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  1. To add to the upgrade details, apparently the rear view camera still acts flaky and won't come up at times. Not sure what the issue is but its something I'm going to look into since I have a few theories on it.
  2. It really is. The strange part was having to contact these folks for them perform a remote operation to get it to "jive" with my car. The systems have to programmed according to your VIN (failure to do so means I could use on screen climate controls for example). That process was a little unconventional because it required a Windows PC (which I do not have) to be connected from its USB port to the OBD port of the Flex while they performed this "operation" remotely using a program called "Forscan". My work around was to set up Boot camp on my new iMac and literally bring it outside to the car and connect it that way at 10 PM (they were on Hong Kong time) while it was freezing outside. Like I said, very unconventional.
  3. The phone part was important but having a better system overall is even more important. Sync 2 was flaky with the backup camera and not near as responsive as Sync 3. Here’s hoping that was worth the dough I shelled out for it.
  4. After I bought my Flex and posted here, I had stated that I really wished that it had the Sync 3 system instead of Sync 2 and @dfelt alluded to upgrades being available in that manner. After a little research, I pulled the trigger and did just that. Just installed It today but they sent me the wrong power module cord for the USB hub so no Apple CarPlay for now until they send that to me. Otherwise, here it is...
  5. Yes because people like yourself have been lined outside the doors of your local Subaru to get your hands on one of those boxer engine cars. Going EV will just kill that notion I guess.
  6. Good grief autocorrect. "Capsule" instead of "cause"? Way to go Skynet.
  7. Having a craptastic CVT doesn’t help the capsule either. $42K for that is a joke.
  8. Amazing how GM gets kicked in the head for alleged rebadge jobs by some folks yet this re-skinned RAV4 doesn't even register a blip by those same folks. I'm with ccap on this one and will that 169HP on ANY luxury brand is downright criminal.
  9. I should add that I am not including the portion up I-17. You know what that stretch of road does to gas mileage I’m sure. Yes the 3.5 NA. Couldn’t find an ecoboost with reasonable miles.
  10. Averaged 21-22 which is under the EPA but it was also loaded to the hilt and I was averaging anywhere from 76-86 depending on location. No complaints whatsoever given the circumstances.
  11. Yes. I have done this trip (in one direction or the other, sometimes both) five times now. For some reason, something flips the “truck driver” switch in me and I just keep driving. I get pretty dialed in for the most part. My wife said I must have been a truck driver in a past life lol. Having said that, I’m hoping to not have to do it again anytime soon if ever. At 47 years old, it is getting more laborious on parts of my body. This was the start of the trip up I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff.
  12. Well, after 33 hours and 2200 miles on the road, I can safely say the Flex rocks for long drives. Left Phoenix on Sunday and showed up in Greensboro, NC Monday night with about 45 minutes of sleep in the middle lol. The Flex never flinched and it never wore me out. Even the cats I took with me, did great (save for puking after coming down the winding part of east I-40 after crossing into NC. Couldn’t blame them for that one. Any more of it, and I would have done the same damn thing lol!
  13. Ridiculous expansive yet I’m still thinking of doing it. You can save $500 by forgoing the GPS which I would do since my phone GPS is more up to date and readily available anyway. Definitely an interesting DIY project regardless. I’m intrigued by it at the very least.

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