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  1. Reading is fundamental. Not understanding why EVs could possibly succeed is just mental.
  2. All companies are in the business to make money but what sets some of them apart is the non-stop bean counting yet still wasting money and R&D (see the money spent on developing the CT6). Furthermore, RWD or FWD, at least the Aviator has real engine options with power to boot. Lincoln has somehow done what Cadillac should have already been doing (and no I am not a fan of Lincoln or the Aviator). What’s the XT6 rocking bedsides being sat upon the wrong platform (again the bean counting by forgoing the Omega platform)? That 3.6L that’s in just about everything else GM makes? The point here is that you can make money and still act like you give a damn about the little things. GM has a mixed record with that, at best.
  3. I agree about the ride. The chassis is button down tight and could see that as a daily driver for many years. And I can only imagine the pull on that Blackwing. Again, maybe one day lol.
  4. In a world where everything is free, absolutely. Sat in a 3.6L a while back and loved the space it had and how everything was laid out. If not a Blackwing, a TT 3.0L AWD will do just fine. Maybe in a few years, they will come down to a price that might entice me.
  5. Just no. Burn that CVT to the ground. Would rather have the outgoing Cruze Hatchback or Mazda 3 Hatch than this mess.
  6. Smooth move GM. Cut out the top of the line sedan that you never bothered to properly market after millions spent developing it. The good news, though, is that it will lead to some smoking deals on a nice ride. Yeah, just skip over the fact that more than half of those S Class sales were fleet sales. I do agree about the XT6 and Omega platform though. Should have happened but the GM bean counters and Barra have their heads still stuck up their own asses. Just baffling to let that happen with Cadillac. Just give me a Blackwing CT6 and call it a day.
  7. But its a convertible vomit!! Blows right out the back of the car lol!
  8. “I’m giving you a Convertible CUV” Or they could just serve me a bowl of vomit and skip a step.
  9. It’s not a dead on ringer, but one can’t help but notice (At least the grill anyway and the lights to a lesser extent). There have been far worse examples of riffing though.
  10. Maybe it needs to seen without the “camo” but ugh, that does not look very good on first impressions. Hate leaked shots though because of shots like these. They never really make the cars look good at all. The front end resembles the XT6 in a bad way here. Decent interior it seems but the whole thing seems to be a swing and miss in the looks department.
  11. Do the Drive Modes come with extra cylinders lol? Now that’s a feature I’d love to see!
  12. Opel has little to nothing to do with CUV demand in the US. Besides, those sedans will continue in China where they sell very well, without Opel.
  13. Better have more than three cylinders with that “package” lol.
  14. Not surprising given current trends but still disappointing. The Tour X looks better than every CUV they sell IMO. Should at least keep that but I know that won’t happen either because Americans hate that naughty little word “wagon”.

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