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  1. Have anything useful to offer @ocnblu or are you going to continue the negative vote parade, all because you were called out for your endless trolling here? Maybe more in BOLD? You know what? Don’t answer. I think I am done with the endless and childish trolling nonsense here.
  2. surreal1272

    Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Badge snob alert being that you have never sat in much less driven to one to think it’s “a little high”. Furthmore, unlike the Charger and 300, this one can actually take turns.
  3. Again, not saying that at all. Why is constantly being misread? My original post was about complainers whining about the lack of engine noise from an EV when you already have a sizable portion of ICE cars that are quiet as a tomb from the inside and lack any emotional involvement from the driver.
  4. Obviously I’m taking liberty with the numbers here but the fact is that the overwhelming majority do not care about an exhaust note. The sheer number Accords, Camrys, and CUVs sold every year should give that away.
  5. Oh good grief. You are missing the bigger point here. Regardless of what I like, 99.8% of drivers out there don’t give two $h!s how loud a car is and would rather opt for quiet comfort in this age of loudness (and no I am not talking about just cars here). As such, making an argument about the lack of a V8 growl is not enough to dismiss the many benefits of an EV. It’s that simple. And most four bangers are not worth listening to unless your into weed eater sounds.
  6. It is a weak excuse given that even ICE cars like the Mustang have sound replicators blaring through your stereo speakers because the engines are so throroughly sound deadened. It’s also weak because the same people who were saying this drove little four banger cars. These days whenever I hear that racket in a parking lot (or down the street from my house on a daily basis), I just wish they’d shut the hell up. Exactly and the 1% does not nor has it ever dictated advancements like this and it’s not going to start today.
  7. @ccap41—Care to explain the problem with my last post? I have literally heard those words said by folks who hate EVs (not just here) so I’m curious as to rationale here.
  8. “But it doesn’t make a loud noise when you stomp on the gas pedal”. Thats just one of the many weak excuses I’ve heard regarding EVs
  9. surreal1272

    Tesla Unveils Their Electric Semi Truck

    So what? Guess when they add tow trucks to the EV program, you will just have yet another reason to hate and troll EVs.
  10. T only sucks the joy out if you let it. Sorry but a car that can hit 0-60 in less than 2.0 seconds (like the upcoming Tesla roadster) most certainly pure joy. Besides, CUVs have been sucking the joy out of driving for years now yet not one word from the peanut gallery. The focus on CUVs has done more to damage the joy of driving than any EV.
  11. @ocnblu—All you have proven with your Amish remark is that the Amish are better at adapting to changes in technology better than you are. Thanks for proving that.
  12. We didn’t get lazy and spoiled in so much that the world got smaller and corporations got greedier by seeking the lowest wages around the world to peddle their wares.
  13. Oh just shut up with this nonsense. It’s called a damn joke (and was only related to the horse and buggy discussion) and you’re just mad becuase you have been called out for your repeated trolling. You’ll find my concern for you on this in the same place as the unicorn, imaginary and nowhere to be found. There was no bait. It was a joke that he wants to act all sensitive regarding and only because he was called out. I had no idea he even lived anywhere near the Amish but it does not change my original point which was it was a f@#king joke. If he can’t handle that, then maybe it’s he that needs to find a safe space where he can continue to troll what he doesn’t like without resistance. Might I suggest www.fossilfuelsrockandsolarandevssuck.com?
  14. So is no electricity and butter churning lol. Not saying fossil fuels are dead in the water per say. They have many other uses outside of the automotive industry but it seems to me that the writing is on the wall and one day fossil fuels will no longer be the dominant source of power in the world.
  15. Someone just needs a nap and a moment to comptemplate their reasons for being here, other than being a EV troll. It seems that is not working out very well. Oh well, his loss and the reason why that line of thinking will be a distant memory in the near future. Adapt or get left behind, just like the horse and buggy, the typewriter, and soon to be old ass fossil fuels.

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