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  1. This is based off of what exactly?
  2. Oh f@#king stop it. Their claim is as valid as Mercedes and the EQS which is almost assured to not keep the 400 miles range. It’s been well discussed as to why so just save it. As far as Lucid, their quality can be no worse than Tesla’s is TODAY. Screw ten years ago. So, in other words (and without the fanboy superlatives), they haven’t buried anyone. They can’t even beat BMW and Tesla at this point. That is not “king of the mountain” in sales but then again, fanboy logic.
  3. They haven’t buried anyone to date and have no more a shot of burying Tesla than the competition does. Think about it before you misread that. It sure as hell wont start with the ugly EQS.
  4. No. The Audi A6 and Lucid Air both will. You really need to educate yourself.
  5. Even though it's an outlier, the Lucid Air is claiming over 500 miles of range. I'd have to see that to believe it, to be honest though. There is an Audi A6 variant claiming 400. I may have overstated the one year claim but I do believe within 5 years, 400+ mile range will be more the standard than the exception.
  6. In the next year, there will be a half dozen models making that claim. As others have told you a thousand times already, the competition is closing in and closing in fast and they are going to provide a far more reliable product, in most cases. Also, show us the take on the long range models and you might have an actual argument. Until then, it's just more pom pom waving.
  7. To be fair, the original roadster never sold well for the same reason it wouldn't sell well today. Outside of the Miata, no one wants those type of cars anymore. That niche died (for the most part) in the 90s, if you ask me.
  8. The Ford F-150 Lightning and Mach-E greatly disagree with your half-baked assessment and for all of Fords flaws, both will be more reliable than any Tesla.
  9. So we are in agreement. Daimler ruined Chrysler. Thanks for confirming that.
  10. “Their” not “heir”. What the hell autocorrect?
  11. Same. I have stated in the past (and to my detriment at times) that their EV tech is top notch and they deserve all the credit in the world for giving the industry a swift kick in the balls. However, I am a realist about their situation, which is built on a house of cards if you ask me and it's all because of Elon and his mindset. They do not have a firm grasp on the mass production aspect of their cars, as evidenced by the many reliability issues with them. Furthermore, while some folks like that minimalistic look if their interiors, it all goes south with they realize how cheap the actual ma
  12. A billion times this! He loves pointing out all the cars the Tesla beats 0-60 but never mentions his favorite brand in those statements. It’s why I can never take him seriously. Just leave the damn fanboy Pom Poms in the closet and stick to the facts.
  13. And let me end this diatribe with this. You talk about what Daimler gave Chrysler, like the LX platform (again, sloppy seconds) like it was such a great thing. Well, as an eight year owner of one of those LX models (Magnum), I would personally like to tell Daimler to go F themselves. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the car overall but the interior was not one of those reasons. Daimler was responsible for the budget of those cars and let the bean counters turn a decent car into a Fisher Price plastic laden nightmare on the inside. That is a fact.
  14. Which was Daimler’s fault since they were the owners. What are you not getting here? Fact is that Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep did BETTER under Fiat ownership than under Daimler. The problem there was Sergio siphoning profits from those groups to fund his steaming piles of junk in Italy. Again, this is a fact, not opinion. Again, the fault there lies with its owners. Who was that btw? Thats’ right. It was Daimler. You are not making as convicting argument here. The lesson here was that a company like Chrysler could not succeed off of platform sloppy seconds like the Crossfire and the 300.
  15. You need to pay attention in class. That was a decade ago. They are making a profit now on cars like the Challenger and Charger while Tesla loses money on their cars. I sure as hell know that Daimler didn’t do a damn thing to help them. In fact, their ownership is what accelerated their bankruptcy but again, shhhhh, we don’t ever speak ill of your German masters. Btw, it’s been common knowledge for the last eight years that Sergio siphoned of the popular profit making domestic brands to fund those piles of $h! from Italy. You know that already so stop trying to play

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