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  1. Your side note is bunk. That BMW is $14K more than the Camaro and almost $20K more than the Stang. It better be faster. The BMW starts at $56K and for $8K more, a Camaro ZL1 smokes it 0-60. This is what happens when you constantly try to move the freakin bar. And that CT5-V is not the same V as what was in the previous gen CTS. You have been told this multiple times but again, that bar moving. The Blackwing CT5 that replaces the previous V high tier performance, is 650HP and will be available with a manual. Think that damn 3 series is going to touch that? No so all this BS about performance (that you had to create via that bar moving again) not being a strong suit of the domestics is pure uninformed bull$h! on your part. I don’t know why you have to keep being reminded of this but those are the facts. Just stop. And for the fifteenth time, this is about the Genesis G80. Here’s hoping it can compete in the long run with the overpriced and overhyped Germans.
  2. No every company does not need fleet to survive. And even at that price, it is lower than what you claimed earlier and again, that is not a fleet price. Fleet prices are cheaper for obvious reasons, a fact you chose to overlook. So the G80, which has already been stated to be an E Class competitor is also a CT5 competitor but the CT5 is not an E Class competitor? Again, this is why I take your statements seriously. The constant bar moving and revolving contradictions kill any agreement you are trying to make here.
  3. Again, you show your bias with your last sentence. The car isn’t even out yet, you haven’t even sat in one as a result much less driven it. And you wonder why you catch the hell you do?
  4. The cheapest E Class in Germany right now starts at $49K. When you factor in their fleet practice, then they are being sold for even cheaper than that. Keep trying to sugarcoat it but the E Class and C Class would not survive without those fleet sales and that is a simple statement of fact.
  5. To your first sentence, LMAO! The reason why they are chosen is because Mercedes aggressively whores them out, same as Ford did here back in the day with the Crown Vic. It’s a great indicator that they can’t move enough through the consumer market so they resort to aggressively marketing towards fleet sales. “Longest lasting”? Not even close.
  6. This isn’t “so called”. They are more reliable (on average) but the Kool Aid is strong with the German lovers. Case and point, your posts. And Cadillac has not left the segment. Not sure what you are smoking but I’d ask for a refund on it.
  7. Again, sidestepping the point here. Pretty sure your first sentence could be applied to 1950’s Mercedes in the U.S. See the problem yet?
  8. Again, you do nothing to help your argument whatsoever. Let me state it for you one more time. Despite Benz being in the market for fifty year prior to selling in the US, it took them almost another fifty years to be where they are today. Does it add up yet or do you want to sidestep the obvious again with some BS about their first super car (it wasn’t) and the supposed best car in the world, the 600 (also wasn’t)? The funny thing is that you somehow think that changes what actually happened with Benz from the 1950s to now.
  9. No it doesn’t and no you haven’t. You were shown hard proof of Mercedes decades long struggle and basically dismissed it because of where they are at now. (Looks at Mercedes half baked van offering now this horrid excuse for an S Slass and thinks SMK should reconsider his statement regarding the competition.)
  10. And yet again, applying rules that you don’t apply to everyone else (especially that last sentence). Why are all one brand fans the same? Thats a rhetorical question btw.
  11. Thanks for proving my point. Mercedes: The best or just copy someone else because their fans will just make excuses for it anyway or nothing.
  12. @smk4565—So now that a Mercedes, and a flagship Mercedes at that, looks like a Tesla on the inside and a dated Genesis on the outside, it’s okay and you’ll wait to see it in person? Funny how other cars, from other makes, don’t get the same leeway. Certainly you’ve never sat in a unreleased G80 yet seem to have plenty of negative judgement for it. Oh and in regards to your twenty pic deflection post, so what? Btw, the CTS became the CT5 so Cadillac hasn’t left the scene. Again, F Mercedes.
  13. All I heard were excuses for Benz while none are offered for Genesis even though, historically speaking, Genesis is off to a better start. That's a far better feat than Benz to when they didn't have fifty plus years of sales in their homeland to spearhead their sales elsewhere. What sales did Benz steal their first ten years in the U.S.? Hell, what are planning on stealing now? I ask that because below are spy shots of the upcoming Mercedes G80 (current gen. G80). I mean S Class. Sorry. That front end confused me a little bit.
  14. EXACTLY! He just 100% proved my point! It took Benz decades to make any kind of impression, sales wise, in this country but somehow companies like Lexus and now Genesis should have made immediate impacts despite the fact that the market is FAR more competitive now than it was when Mercedes first started selling in this country.
  15. Exactly but according to SMK, everyone has to succeed and outsell everyone else, right from the start because that Is how Benz did...oh wait.

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