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  1. Congrats to BMW on their upcoming German Kia Forte.
  2. Mercedes already covered the coupe van market more than a decade ago. Couldn’t even get the van doors right though.
  3. They really weren’t though if you start lining some of them up side by side. The last truly distinctive lineups died in the 60s IMO.
  4. I get the term was coined with the introduction of the CLS but the four door coupe started in the 90's and it started in the U.S. Aside from that fact, the whole sedan market has been homogenized for about 50 years now, give or take.
  5. Not sure what the issue is here. Sounds like typical Porsche marketing to me, regardless of whether its an EV or ICE Porsche.
  6. It’s actually closer to 20% of total RAV4 sales for the year and it also shows a 70% increase for the year over this time last year. They are selling all they can produce. I’m surprised you missed that little fact while disparaging it
  7. Lol but sales numbers tell the truth. Oh never mind. Just more of the same.
  8. Good grief man. You must getting tired from all that bar moving. Now that you have acknowledged that they are the most expensive to maintain, you try to deflect towards Cadillac and act like maintenance cost don't matter (because it doesn't suit your argument anymore). The reason for them doing better than Cadillac has been well discussed. It's called badge snobbery, mostly, with the other part being not as many models as the other two. It's simple math. While we talking about sales though, try that logic on the Escalade which outsells both competitors from BMW and Benz. Fair point but it should be pointed out that the C Class is a tick slower on that quarter mile than the now defunct ATS (with the 2.0L, it clocks in at 14.0 per MT) while being almost $10K more. The point here is that for $10K more, it should do better than that. You are paying more for less and all with pleather seats lol.
  9. I agree. In the Pick Up world, lack of powertrain choices is a deal killer for most folks.
  10. Mercedes is the epitome of high maintenance costs. Part for those sold here come from overseas, increasing said costs right off the bat, plus the fact that being an import luxury car, well everything is expensive on it. This is not even debatable unless you're a fanboy who doesn't want to acknowledge simple facts. The fact is that Mercedes and BMW (which is the highest to maintain btw) are the most expensive cars to maintain. A simple Google search will help you see this fact. He wasn't talking about just the powertrain offering though. His statements, when taken in its entirety and not cherry picked, are accurate.
  11. So you’ve been in and driven the CT4? Is that why you think the C Class is better? It’s not because you have already made up your mind because well, Mercedes?
  12. And still looks better than any Mercedes pick up. Oh wait...
  13. The entry model Kia Soul comes with a CVT now. Not sure about the rest of the Kia lineup.
  14. Drove a 2016/17 Jeep Compass (old body style) with a CVT from NC to Arizona. I would not wish that POS on my worst enemy. Apparently makers and sellers of CVTs believe that people are never going to have to suddenly accelerate to pass slower moving vehicles.

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