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  1. Ah, relying on Facebook as a barometer for your EV claim. Sounds legit lol. As far as Cadillac being thrown away, you should have been worried about that starting forty plus years ago when they started peddling one failed model after another but yeah, it’s them going EV that somehow ruins the brand (heavy use of sarcasm intended here for those “cerebral” types). And No one is asking you to shiver in your boots. However, you should feel like a hypocrite because that is a far more accurate assessment. Making light of Americans losing their jobs shows just how petty your ridiculous ar
  2. I was referring more to the Land Rover, hence the London troll lol.
  3. Bugs, Gremlins, small London trolls with no thumbs, etc.
  4. Edited in bold above because I posted that before I finished my first cup of coffee, which is a blatant policy violation in my house. The manager wants to see me later today as a result. Sorry folks.
  5. So it the “awesomest” thing if 880 dealerships shut down and thousands of people lose their jobs (and most won’t even get a piece of that $500k for each dealership)? All because of your disdain for EVs? You’re a special kind of Jack up aren’t you? Where is that American jobs first policy you have advocated over the last five years or so? For the record, I figured you were probably making a joke about it but at the same time, you probably actually want that to happen. Make sure you repay that though to any nearby Caddy dealers that may close their doors. Maybe you can hire the body
  6. Some men don’t base their “manliness” against what a car looks like especially when its a company vehicle. Well, maybe you do but then again, those are issues for a shrink and not C & G to figure out.
  7. Plenty of examples have already been given. Your “approval” of this is not necessary to make it true. Sorry but at 100mph, that would have been a shrapnel laced disaster in ANY car.
  8. Doesn’t matter. I’m only pointing out that they exist (and there are quite a few and growing at this point) but I should point out one thing about your “20 pumps at Costco” reference. Given what you drive, how many of those “20 pumps” are for Diesel? And maybe reading this will answer your questions about quantities and such. https://www.drivegreen.nj.gov/charging.html
  9. And my key point is that whether you looked online, there are apparently plenty in other areas that have them so it may be a case of your situation being in the minority as opposed to the majority of folks in a state as physically small as New Jersey.
  10. I get what you’re trying to say but why ignore certain positives like the fact that you can just charge your car at home unlike with gas? That, to me, offsets some of the current infrastructure limitations. There are more and more charging stations popping up everywhere, and people who are actually buying EVs are well aware of this fact.
  11. THIS!!! I am dying here! LMMFAO! Thanks Horse! I needed that laugh!
  12. And in Phoenix metro, they are literally everywhere. Point being, they are getting there at a faster rate than before. Hell, even in NC, I’m seeing more and more public charging stations. The Wal-Mart near my old place in Greensboro, NC had a twelve bay charging station there. Oh and when you have had a 100 year head start on infrastructure, you better have gas stations everywhere at this point. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an increase in EV stations nationwide. For the record, there are 455 public charging stations in New Jersey. While obviously not as many as gas stations, ther
  13. YOU have never spoken about EVs in a sane manner as Balthazar. That’s the point that clearly flew over your cerebral mind.
  14. Americans have been coached by the other side using that same premise for decades. Why does Big Oil think they know better than the public? See how that works or do you live in a world where one side is always right and the other side is always wrong? Maybe you should take some notes.
  15. The other persons sarcasm sensor works just fine. Yours however, seems to be on the fritz as evidenced by your above response. Again, so “cerebral” lol. That’s sarcasm btw.

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