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Dodge EV Muscle Car - Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept


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This is what Im talking about.  This is the kind of car, any car, ICE or EV that I need and want in my life. 

 I desperately want this.  

The sound. Yes its fabricated. I believe its an authentic electric motor sound, tuned and manipulated to sound like that. But that aint no different from how Ferrari tunes its engines, headers and exhaust, to sound the way they do.  Chevy has done the same with the SBC and went to Ferrari levels of tuning with the LT6 flat plane 5.5 liter.  Yamaha engines like the Lexus LFA V10 has been tuned to sound awesome...   Yamaha for those that want to be ignorant about this is not just a motorcycle company.  They make musical instruments of all kinds.  They  specialize to make sounds that sound good in our ears. They literally make music... 

This concept definitely makes me forget about the Hellcat. 

After hearing Tim Kuniskis speak, I know this is coming. I also know some sort of 4 door will also be available.

A Dodge EV me thinks will be in my driveway, unless Ford or Chevy upstages this. Only hiccup I sees with my decision in buying into a Stellantis EV is if the tech falls short of FoMoCo's or GM's Ultium platform

But, I got faith.  The French(Citroen and Peugeot) have been selling EVs for awhile now.  I dunno how that tech stacks up to Lucid, Ultium, Ford, Tesla...but since Stellantis also consists of Opel, a good engineering company, and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep these SRT engineers who are great in what they do, I dont see how Stellantis EV tech to be not competitive.  Not to mention Fiat and Maserati and most importantly, Ferrari.  

Yes, Ferrari.   Stellantis still owns shares in Ferrari and I would imagine Stellantis would have some access to Ferrari engineering if only it even was just for consultation.  Ferrari engineers are still excellent in what they do.  There are some very talented folk at Stellantis if we are to be serious about talking about engineering.  Stellantis is not a small company...  

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Tim Kuniskis' unveiling of this beast.  Clear brand focus directives that were needed for Dodge to retain their current successful image.  


No numbers of any kind have been spoken.  MSRP, HP, etc...    Some range is sacrificed is hinted at though. To retain muscle car attitude.  Fair enough.  But family hauling duties along with inclement weather regions were thought of with this beast.  Engineering, as he stated, was at the forefront of designing E-Muscle.

About EV sounds

This is the route Porsche went with.  Porsche too, had an objective to have a distinct EV sound.  Im not sure if Porsche used a resonator and amplifier and tuned it like Dodge did.  But Porsche's sound does sound more natural EV-ish and it does sound awesome as well.  Already, Porsche and Dodge have made it a point that EV sounds need not be whiny but be part of brand image just like how ICEs are and about to be...were.  


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3 hours ago, David said:

Cool Car, not sure about the fake exhaust sound, but cool car and I am happy Dodge is doing it.

Not fake.  Its a resonator. And its amplified.  The Corvette Z06 sound is tuned the same way. Ferrari V8s and V12s as well.

Not sure how Porsche does it with the Taycan. I think Porsche electronically tunes it. 


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