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GM News: Everybody in as GM Energy brings you the Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial and Ultium Charge 360


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General Motors Ultium Eco system of products and services will be run under the new GM Energy business unit. This covers the following:

  • Ultium Home
  • Ultium Commercial
  • Ultium Charge 360

This is a holistic ecosystem of energy management products and services that will help drive growth beyond the core auto business portfolio. The GM solutions are designed to provide customers with a more seamless and integrated energy management while helping to improve grid resiliency. GM has a growing number of large-scale companies across the U.S. that have signed on to receive energy solutions through the GM Energy portfolio of products and services and collaborate with GM to pilot and develop expanded offerings through the energy ecosystem.

GM Energy connected product and service offerings are a cohesive energy management for home, commercial and EV customers. The bi-directional charging with vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-gride (V2G) applications, to stationary storage, solar products, software applications, cloud management tools, microgrid solutions, and more. GM Energy's services will also enable the sale of energy from EV and stationary storage batteries back to utilities during peak, high energy consumption periods, unlocking even more potential value for customers and increasing resiliency for the electrical grid.

GM has realized that the Ultium Home solutions might not apply to all and each auto division that includes the home charger is also allowing alternative solutions such as a value amount for using Ultium Charge 360 power for charging versus an installed home 220V charger.

"Everybody In" is the moto at GM and this is expanding beyond the traditional auto buyer to include both home and commercial owners of buildings as the way one looks at charging has become a fluid motion of charging and returning power to the home or more importantly grid via access to charging.

Be it home, workplace, public or fleet charging, the way one looks at how they use and support the electrical grid is changing. 

Ultium Charge 360 is so much more than just GM's own charging network as GM has signed agreements with the following seven major charging providers: 

  • Blink Charging
  • ChargePoint
  • EV Connect
  • EVgo
  • FLO
  • Greenlots
  • SemaConnect

Through the GM vehicle mobil apps, EV customers will be able to see real-time information from nearly 60,000 charging plugs throughout North America allowing for one to find stations along a route, initiate and pay for charging or use the credits on your account to charge your EV.

The first GM Ultium Charge 360 sites are live in Washington, California and Florida covering 2,700 fast chargers in cities and suburbs at the end of 2021. Each charge point delivering up to 350 kW of power with an average of four fast chargers per site. New sites as they come online will show up in your vehicle mobile app.

GM has already signed several large-scale companies covering the U.S. from coast to coast to provide energy solutions for customers through GM Energy. One of the largest agreements is with Sun Power, one of the nations largest solar technology and energy services providers. Together, Sun Power and GM Energy will continue to develop and offer customers home energy systems which will consist of integrated EV and battery solutions, solar panels and home energy storage.

A primary feature of the home energy system is expected to enable drivers to deliver power to their homes with the battery in their compatible EV, designed to give them the ability to power their homes necessities in a blackout or draw from stored energy during peak rate times reducing electric costs.

Sunpower will be a preferred installer for the home energy system and offer customers the opportunity to add solar to their homes. The Ultium Home energy solutions will be available for purchase along with the launch of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV in the fall of 2023.

GM Energy  Ultium Commercial is another area that will roll out services as they come online with various energy providers.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California has signed an agreement with GM Energy enabling residential customers to have V2H along with bi-directional charger as a backup power for their essential home needs during short-term power outages. A testing subset of customers is now underway and an expanded California offering is to begin at the start of 2023.

Another GM Energy agreement is with Con Edison, Graniterock and New Hampshire Electric cooperative (NHEC) that will deliver energy solutions to customers, while also working with GM Energy on advanced future electric offerings.

To quote the GM Energy press release: “GM Energy’s mission is to offer customers access to a full suite of energy products and services, including solutions beyond the vehicle, accelerating the seamless transition to an all-electric future,” “With the expansion of our enterprise business through GM Energy and one of the most comprehensive portfolios of energy management products and services available, we will help to reduce the barriers of entry for sustainable power and further accelerate the mass adoption of EVs.”

Mark Bole, VP and head of V2X Battery Solutions at GM made the following statement: “The massive scale of GM Energy’s solutions will allow us to better address current challenges with grid infrastructure, energy storage and energy management head on,” “By leveraging GM’s flexible technology platforms and the power of Ultium, we’re able to provide resilient and accessible energy solutions for all customers and the grid, helping to further advance the all-electric future.”

More information about GM Energy and the available offerings through Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial and Ultium Charge 360 are available at GM Energy: An Electric Ecosystem, Reimagined


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My own observation is how does an auto company generate additional revenue when the repair side shrinks due to the nearly maintenance free part of an EV? The energy business seems a smart solution for GM to expand into ensuring long term revenue growth that is far more consistent than the auto business selling could provide.

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The engird business could be huge, and America could be an exporter of energy.  If you think of the money made by oil companies now, the money made by the Middle East and Russia on oil, all of that money could go to electricity production.  Aside from petroleum is still used in other products, I get that, but if you start powering 10, 20, 50, 500 million cars a year on electricity around the globe it is huge money.

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I see the ability to manage electricity as the next big thing as Bloomberg says Saudia Arabia that made 70% of their GNP in the 70's from oil is now only making 40% of GNP from OIL and has about 60 years left at current consumption before they are dry.

The U.S. is now the worlds largest producer of OIL. So moving off it for auto's is even more important and I think those that can afford to have storage systems at their homes with Solar panels and be able to go V2H or V2G or H2G will benefit big time as I think we will see micro markets of people buying and selling their surplus electricity.

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