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SEMA 2022 - 21st Century All New Chevrolet Corvair Available


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Ralph Nader pretty much made the Chevy Corvair the Devil as a terrible, dangerous auto that eventually led to it being killed off.

Now in the 21st century, a group of French men have found total desire in the Chevy Corvair that originally was their focus for customization of existing Corvairs.

In 2020 during the global Pandemic, NewRide out of France, started their desire to build new Chevy Corvairs (NewRide - Covering - Body protection - Design)

This custom Corvair is based on a Camaro SS 6th generation, and they are finally showing it off at SEMA in Las Vegas 2022 and then at the European Tuning Showdown competition in Bodensee, Germany.

Video is all in French, but you can see what all they did.

Check out their website for the pictures of the original Corvair they found and customized to only then use it to build a mold for an updated Modern 21st Century Corvair. The build pictures are amazing as to all the work that went into building this ride. End result is a modern looking car based on an old model that I think looks great.

You can also find more on this here at their Facebook page. Corvair 2020 NewRide | Dijon | Facebook

Even More photos here on this ride. Corvair 2020 NewRide | Facebook

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14 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

This is actually really cool! I think a rear motor Corvair EV would be beyond awesome.

I agree that the more I look at this, while it is cool that they will use the underpinnings from a Camaro with the V8 to give you a modern Corvair, it would be awesome to have this as a modern 21st century EV.

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