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  1. Are you embarrassed to be seen in it? Is it even more of a chick car than ever?
  2. LMAO RT @beltedradial: @OfficialSkynet Well we KNOW @Skynet is fake. There is no way you can conquer the world using a #Mac

  3. Taurus refresh RT @m5manny: Hmmm. What could it be. Don't know. Another heineken please. #Motorama http://twitpic.com/4mz52b

  4. LMAO RT @bprosperi: What will Fiona say! RT @englishwhirled: Theater now showing....... http://twitpic.com/4mwa3m

  5. Fools listen to unsuccessful people on how to succeed. The astute listens to the successful, processes the advice & carve their own path

  6. What is everyone's first impression of the new @chevrolet #malibu? #motorama

  7. Busy busy day, hoping to make it to San Clemente for some car show action!

  8. I'll get the penicillin out RT @joelfeder: Feels the gogo seepin into my veins....

  9. "RT @staceysoleil: @SeanRLoh: no, it means I know there's no plot or dialogue, lol." So it's like 90% of movies in theaters today? lol

  10. No a point and shoot cannot run remote flashes and no a 10 year old Fuji with a 16MB card cannot hold hundreds of pictures

  11. I'm at Costco - Temecula (26610 Ynez Rd, Overland Dr, Temecula) w/ 2 others http://4sq.com/f0Lo1T

  12. Today I drove up PCH deep into Long Beach, frolicked with Lamborghinis, and enjoyed the bikini clad women. Great day in my book #Motorama

  13. Back in Huntington Beach, an I love this place

  14. The direction is north. Let e know if you want to meet up! http://4sq.com/gHm3Md

  15. I've seen two BRP Can-Am Spyder RT's which are the Goldwing like touring model in the past two days and they are huge! Look comfy! #Motorama

  16. I'm sorry but the 3D trend has to stop. It is making movies lamer and lamer.

  17. This weekend is going to be a good weekend for race fans! V8 Supercars, Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy Cars, ALMS, PWCC #Motorama

  18. She said that since I helped hour to her car I'd be going to heaven,it'll take many more stranded old ladies to offset what I've done lot

  19. We at #Motorama Live are so devoted to cars that we are willing to put our lives on the line to protect them! @BerryLowman just proved it!

  20. He'll say it's his but it's actually @MrsBorger's ;) RT @burnoutradio: @GMEmployee is that your syn green camaro?

  21. I'm at Taco Bell & Pizza Hut (102 Esplanade, San Clemente) http://4sq.com/dJzkbm

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