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  1. rivieraranch

    Buick Sales Literature - Free To A Good Home

    Going once; going twice
  2. I don't post here much anymore but that is another story, which if I went into it Mr. Oldsmoboy would probably delete the post. I have accumulated several original sales brochures: 2003 & 2004 Park Avenue Ultra (2003 has some slight water damage); 2006 Lucerne (3); 2008 Lucerne, 2010 Enclave 2010 CTS Sportwagon. I don't want these any more. Free to a good home, just pay the price of shipping, Media Mail.
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  4. rivieraranch

    What wax do you use?

    Before clear coat finishes one who polished and waxed frequently could achieve that wet look. Everybody else's finish turned to chalk board. Now the clear coats all look wet, but the clear coat dulls quickly, too. You're not really taking care of paint any more, just a clear coat.
  5. I used a K&N air filter in my previous ride, the leased 2006 Lacrosse, from 2,000 miles to 35,000 miles. During this time I cleaned it several times and it performed fine. I did not experience the parade of horribles others forewarned - such as messing up the MAP sensor. I think I did a pretty good job of oiling the filter right, without exceeding what was required of a recharge. It seemed to me that the car got better mileage with the filter in. Should I get one for my new ride? It has 3,500 miles on it now and I am thinking whether I should K&N or not.
  6. These people will not be content until everybody has to use balsa wood cars with electric sewing machine engines.
  7. rivieraranch

    Montreal Autoshow: Buick Allure

    The chrome moulding on top of the rear tail lights makes me think of the rear of a '59 Buick with the fins going up and sideways.
  8. rivieraranch

    Leftlane Review of 2009 Enclave

    The Enclave is sweet indeed. We drove one and felt that it was very luxurious and high off of the ground. I think the little digs in the article about the vehicle's tiny details are inconsequential. This vehicle is a real competitor against all those Japanese vehicles that litter the road.
  9. rivieraranch

    Buick Website Updated

    I do think it is a mistake to feature their cars in touchhole brown. At least they lightened up the background a little. People are already tired of all the brown around, like all the kitchens and bathrooms that were done in brown and other "earth tones" in the '70's. When I was shopping late this year, I remember seeing a ton of Lucernes and Lacrosses in that touchhole brown color. It is just not a nice color. In the sun it doesn't even look good. In shade it looks like a light, washed-out shade of black. I like the Enclave brown color because it is lighter. That is a good color.
  10. rivieraranch

    Burgess: Lucerne Super, same as it ever was

    Hey Ron, could you help me with make a new signature with the Park Avenue and the new Lucy? I want to take some better pictures of the new one.
  11. rivieraranch


    I am sure they have already done that.
  12. I just bought a Buick Lucerne that has a 4.6L Northstar V-8 and I was wondering what grade of fuel would be best for it. This is to seek maximum fuel economy, performance and engine life. I want to keep this vehicle for several years so I want to use fuel that will help with overall longevity. Also, what engine oil would be best for long term operation and economy.
  13. rivieraranch

    Burgess: Lucerne Super, same as it ever was

    The exhaust note is one of the things that attracted me to this car in the first place. At idle it is there. My 1992 Cadillac did not have this kind of exhaust note. That had a 4.9 pushrod V-8. The sound of the Northstar at idle reminds me of a 1950's Cadillac, very opulent sounding and hinting at the power it posesses.
  14. rivieraranch

    Burgess: Lucerne Super, same as it ever was

    My New Lucy! 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL V-8, light quartz metallic, cocoa shale interior, 5-passenger seating, sunroof. Lured into showrooms in August by GM's Employee Pricing Scheme then in effect I thought I wanted a 2008 Lacrosse Super with a 5.3 liter V-8. I drove 3 of them at different dealers but did not really like them. Something did not seem right. The colors available were odd, red with a chocolate interior? I have never seen that. Touchhole brown? I don't think so. At one of the dealers (Schumacher Okeechobee, West Palm Beach, Florida) I noticed a 2007Lucerne CXL V-8, light quartz metallic with a titanium interior sad and lonely on their new car back lot. I drove it and decided to pursue one. Schumacher is a huge place that employs high pressure sales tactics with heavy duty psychological warfare and every trick in the book to pad the bottom line. The MSRP for their car was $32,800.00 and they were trying to pound me for $26,600.00, then $25,600.00. I went in there several times over a couple of months. Each time I told them I would go 30% off of MSRP but they acted like I descended from Mars and there was "no way" they could [translated: would] ever sell for that, blah blah blah. I spoke to several other dealers here in Florida who had 2007's. Roger Dean Buick GMC in Fort Pierce had a 2007 Lucerne CXS in sharkskin but they were total jerks about it. The MSRP was $37K as I recall and the internet rep was just nasty. They wanted $30 grand and would not even negotiate. Meanwhile the car is sitting outside. I told them it is time for them to get reasonable and that it would start growing whiskers but apparently this had no effect on them. They are a disgusting dealer with a ratty facility. I visited Lane Pontiac, Buick GMC in Melbourne, a very nice dealer with a personable lady internet rep. Their '07 CXL V-8 was white, with cocoa/cashmere interior, chrome grille and wheels, MSRP $33,100.00. They offered it to me for $24K and they would have been willing to reduce that probably to $23K but I hesitated because I have never owned a white car before. I saw a 2007 CXS at Coggin Buick, Pontiac, GMC in Kissimmee but it had an odd color combination, sandstone with a black interior. That MSRP on that was $37K and they would have sold that one for $25K. I could not warm up to the color combination. This was a very nice dealer and their internet rep was a very nice young man, knowledgeable and personable. The car I bought was MSRP $32,500 and the selling price was $21,700.00 plus tax and tag. This was a great deal. The car was delivered to the dealer in October 2006. I just got lucky because the planets all lined up and the dealer decided to let it go for a price I thought was reasonable. My GM card points basically took care of the tax and tag. The Perrine Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Hummer dealer in Cranbury, New Jersey has been in business since 1927 and after making this deal and going there I can see why. They have a lovely lady internet rep. who was straight up with me and helped me make this deal. the other folks there were consummate professionals. The car was exactly as described. We flew to Newark on Saturday and took a train to Princeton. The dealer sent somebody to pick us up at the train station and we did the paperwork and drove away. We planned to drive to Hershey, Pennsylvania to see the Chocolate World. After entering Pennsylvania after driving for an hour we broke down, coasting into a turnpike rest stop. I saw transmission fluid hemorraging from the front. I called OnStar for assistance. It took a long time for a tow truck to come out, chiefly because there are only a few tow companies approved by the Turnpike Authority to do tows on the interstate. OnStar identified a local GM dealer and found us a hotel nearby. The car was towed to Lankford Buick, Pontiac, GMC in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania and we checked into a very nice Hampton Inn one mile away. Sunday we rented a car (ironically, an '09 Lucerne 3.9 V-6) and went to Chocolate World. On Monday morning I went to Lankford and they fixed the car very quickly. It turned out that the transmission cooler line had no clamp, an oversight at the factory. When the car got good and hot the line had just popped out. I was very satisfied with how OnStar handled this and the Lankford dealer was top notch. On Monday at around 10:30 A.M., we began driving to Florida from Pennsylvania. My wife and I took turns. The trip ended the next morning and was just over 1200 miles. The car performed flawlessly; it was powerful, quiet, and very comfortable and easy to drive. It also got around 25-26 MPG despite going at expressway speeds, 55-75 MPH. I think that despite breaking down we had a nice trip. OnStar was excellent and the dealer in Pennsylvania that did the repair was top notch.

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