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  1. this car is just plain orgasmic, not to be taken the wrong way, lol
  2. it looks like the new tundra just ate the old sequoia
  3. I think it looks too much like the Matrix, don't really like it so far......
  4. WTF!!! I hate them all!!! Don't vote these are horrible!! I hate it!!! Disgrace to Chevrolet and it's rich heritage!!! OMG!!!
  5. From what I see in these pictures, I love the Chevy HD truck!!!!!!!!
  6. With all the success of the G6, I think that they should replace their line-up with a G-series, they could save themselves from being phased out if they make them as good, and as attractive as the G6.
  7. I'm glad to see taht they are thinking of a Chevelle, it would be perfect to combat the Charger, even though it is a sedan. I guess that GM is finally thinking of how much they could use a Chevelle, Chevelles are sough after, and the new ones (if they make them) will be too. I sent in 2 diffirent designs to GM, and they said that they didn't want to use the first, but they never told me about the second one, and even more weird is that I sent in my last design, D6, right before they showed off the Camaro Concept, and I can see some similarites to the concept and my design that took me near 5 months to perfect. But still I did want them to use some of my ideas, and maybe they will further in a Chevelle, if they make one.
  8. corvettekidc6


    I think that this powertrain-prototype is just a way for Dodge to say that they aren't going to let the new "Blue Devil" beat the SRT-10 Viper 's ass any harder than the Z06 did, so they want to tell us that they too are going to have a 600hp Viper to challenge the "Blue Devil".
  9. SS doesn't mean Sport Sedan, it means Something Sporty SS stands for SUPER-SPORT
  10. I agree, we don't need a Stingray, or for Corvette to be it's own brand. We have the base Vette, the Z06, and maybe a production version of the "Blue Devil" in a few years. That's enough for the line-up for me. Then what would Chevy's sports car be if Corvette was it's own brand? The Camaro? A new Chevelle? I don't think so. The Corvette was America's first sports car made by Chevy and it should remain that way. I mean the Camaro isn't a sports car, it was introduced originally as a muscle-car and that's what the concept looks like. The Camaro or the Chevelle or any other car couldn't be Chevy's new Corvette.
  11. Looks like Lincoln is the inspiration for the FoMoCo with a "Big ol' Lincoln grill" thats on the Zephyr. CarandDriver called the Zephyr the "Not rod Lincoln", looks like this is the "no more hoard of the truck line Ford" if they go with that design. Did ya get my rhyme?
  12. I think it solves the problem of the GM trucks being smaller than the competition. Compare the two and the GMT-900 is alot bigger than the GMT-800. That means that they probably have some new revised engines to go into them beasts

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