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  1. superstreet

    Zeta Buick called Invicta?

    thats a good name
  2. superstreet

    Toyota prices 07 Camry

    $27,520 dlls for the v6 model with 268hp $27,285 dlls for the 06 impala ss v8 303hp
  3. superstreet

    An Icon Departs

    i think that the price was the problem
  4. superstreet

    5th GEN Camaro Conv Chop, Added Blue

    hey nice job but can you change the badges of camaro in the fender and put z28
  5. superstreet

    What do you really think?

    <_< ithink that if you say that gm is not a competitive brand so what about your picture of a mercury? mercury is almost the worst brand of the entire world :lol:
  6. superstreet

    '07 Escalade Exposed

    i link that pictures yesterday
  7. superstreet

    Strongest GM Brands

    i thinf that the strong brand of gm is chevrolet
  8. superstreet

    2008 CADILLAC CTS!!

    Hey guys, below is a link to what those wise guys at GMI think is the next CTS. Boy, are they ever wrong. Not only is the information so wrong, but the rendering is so fake it's not even real. Not to mention, those sly guys at GMI stole the image and gave no credit to the person who did it. Talk about a classy set of guys. Anyway, take a look at it. Tahoe is such an insider, it's sooooo out of this world. www.gminsidenews.com http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons//AH-HA_wink.gif
  9. HERE IS THE LINK www.autospies.com
  10. superstreet

    Road and Track: ZO6 VS Viper

    :lol: your right!!!,maybe we should wait to the motortrend test because i think thats the best magazine
  11. superstreet

    Road and Track: ZO6 VS Viper

    [quote name='gerardo' date='Sep 28 2005, 04:05 PM'] That's the 0-60 of one stardard C6... weird... [post="21667"][/post] [/quot} your right!!
  12. superstreet

    Road and Track: ZO6 VS Viper

    i think that 4.2 0-60mph time for the z06 is to slow compare with the 3.6 that the vette does in the car and driver test,the viper sucks!!

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