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  1. New ? Camaro Spyshots!

    why is it taking so long...i guess they want to get it right.
  2. No New Corolla Until 2008 CY

    sounds like toyota is getting too big too soon... this iteration of the corolla came out in model year 03
  3. ...

    You know what would be in idea?...making the panel section a pickup bed. I wonder if it's possible with the platform. It would be a more efficient surfboard hauler than my silverado... They can call it the SSR...
  4. Smart cars in the U.S.

    this is why i own a silverado and a motorcycle...
  5. Nissan, Renault Want GM Stake

    i can see it now... the 2010 chevy malibu maxima the 2010 pontiac g635 the 2010 nissan versaveo the good news for nissan would be that someone would actually buy their full-size trucks.
  6. HHR in Motor Trend

    i didn't realize how tiny the hhr is on the inside until i sat in one this past weekend. to be honest i'd rather have the mazda 3
  7. Suburban Hybrid?

    hi, can i get the triple cheeseburger combo with an XL order of fries...oh and a Diet Coke.
  8. H3 vs. FJ

    the interior portion was total BS...the H3 has a much nicer interior. I sat in both at the Car Show. I like the interior in my silverado more than the black cheap looking plastic in the FJ.
  9. The New Tundra

    if there's one truck that's in trouble...i think it's the f-150... gm is turning the corner ford is getting lost in the crowd
  10. score one for the general

    http://www.caranddriver.com/article.asp?se...article_id=9969 "Handling: Both have handling limits that are substantial yet easy to probe. Approach the limits in the MX-5, and the softer suspension never quite settles down. The light-footed ride gives the MX-5 a delicate character. The Solstice trades that featheriness for a secure, buttoned-down feel at the limit. Comparatively narrow summer tires on the MX-5 stick and then break away; the Solstice's wider all-season rubber loses grip more gradually. Advantage: Solstice." "THE VERDICT The frenetic and lightweight MX-5 is a single-minded sports car. The heavier Solstice has two personalities: cruiser and sports car—it excels at both. In this purely subjective evaluation, the Solstice scores higher. When we do a formal and objective comparison, the result might change. But we'd say the General has won this skirmish."
  11. Interesting Idea...

    i just need something to haul my surfboard... :) the blown silverado that i have now is a little overkill :booyah:
  12. Interesting Idea...

    6 months ago the answer would've been no... a small ute may work well with gas prices headed to the moon... niche? could be more than that.
  13. Forget the Escalade

    h3t mule was my first impression as well...
  14. Two-Wheeled Wonder

    and to think tom cruise owns one...
  15. Guess the Car!

    http://www.concoursatcranbrook.com/carview.asp?CarID=56 it's a 170H...the h stands for heck... there's some more info on it.... i know my computer stuff...the magic of the right click to properties menu... :blink:

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