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  1. Well that's write off. Maybe braked too late and applied too much pressure. They locked up instantly.
  2. Well once that happens the lobbyists and policiticians will get involved in trying to ban autonomous cars from Google and promote the autonomous cars from the car company that's paying them.
  3. So many good points raised here. My concern is, young drivers would be ill prepared to drive the car themselves in the event the self drive mechanisms fail. Or what happens if the self driving car actually causes an accident or death? It only takes one and then consumers get scared off and we're back to sqaure one.
  4. Auto trannies will be even more expensive once they start using dual clutch transmissions.
  5. I like it. It looks like a giant imposing rhinoceros. Can't wait to see the AMG Black Series version. 1000hp perhaps?
  6. Such an amazing driver. Those F1 cars looked like beasts to handle. No traction control, abs, power steering, manual gearbox. You have to fight it to keep it under control. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh6bwZ4ooTI
  7. Both cars aren't fun to drive from a enthusiast standpoint. The versa looks like it delivers bread or something. I'd rather get a Fiesta or Mazda 2, or Honda Fit.
  8. So Tesla, or more specifically, Elon Musk, said the company wants to have a self driving car on the road within 3 years. Musk is being realistic about this venture. The entrepreneur and futurist clarified that Tesla's self-driving car would give the computer 90 percent control of the vehicle. Otherwise, it would take much longer to get one on the road, since "it's incredibly hard to get that last few percent." Source: http://gizmodo.com/elon-musk-is-building-a-self-driving-car-because-of-cou-1340946551 I really don't like the idea of self driving cars. Driving is one of favorite hobbies an
  9. Have you considered trading it in for something more reliable?
  10. Mitsubishi Motors yes, they probably didn't turn a profit this year. However the Mitsubishi Group makes tons of money. They're US profit from 2010 was $7.2 billion.
  11. Welcome aboard vinylsmith! Can you hook us up on aftermarket parts by the way??
  12. Exactly. I'm pretty sure the profits they made more than cover the amount of the fine. Plus, when the executives get out prison (most likely white collar prison) they'll still have their fortune as well.

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