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  1. I agree with making it illegal since we know that it causes so many deaths each year, maybe enforcing stricter legislation and laws on the matter will discourage people from using their phones, and hopefully lead to fewer car accidents that would normally occur due to this. Talking on bluetooth, or hands free using your car, however, is a bit different since you only have to press one button start talking, and while it might be slightly distracting I don't think it has that much impact on your awareness while driving, I mean we are usually thinking about a million different things at once anyway.
  2. The Pontiac Aztek did look pretty dang awful, but if design was a big factor, the Vega would definitely not be in there for me, I actually kinda like it.
  3. Really not a fan of the design, it just looks really clunky and awkward, especially the front grill part. It kind of reminds me of the Suzuki Liana in terms of its design, and that's not a good thing. Apart from that, I'm all for the development of this type of technology, and was happily surprised when I read that Toyota were making their research on it available for everyone.
  4. We recently got the 2015 V60 and I have to say I really like it so far, even if most of the features that they have might be considered as "standard" for cars nowadays, but it really is a peach to drive (keep in mind this is all coming from a rather inexperienced driver, but slowly becoming more knowledgeable). We had the Honda Accord before this so it really felt like a step up in terms of the interior and overall finish that Volvo provides.
  5. Definitely one of the best there ever was. Even today, Monaco is such a tough track to handle, and that's with all the sophisticated technologies they have in the cars today. The amount of skill and talent needed to maneuver those cars at such high speeds around that track is insane, can't even begin to imagine the adrenaline rush from driving around Monaco.

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