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10 Worst cars ever?


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Yahoo, reprinted a story by "The Street" that covers the top 10 WORST auto's ever in the world. Seems 8 of the top 10 are right here in the US.

Look at the 10 and tell me if you agree. They start by saying #10 is the 1979 Oldmobile Station wagon Diesel and end with the #1 worst Pontiac Aztek.

The pictures are in the order of the story. Their justification is interesting. Some of it I do feel is personal experiance versus actual fact, but each person is entitled to their opinion.












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Yes on the Mitsubishi, Mustang II was the right car for the times, as Ford sold a bejillion of them, and it wasn't that bad of a car. Aztek was just GM ahead of the curve (look at the ugly products from BMW, Honda and others that follwoed that were actually much uglier) Vega was well engeneered and poorly executed, Yugo was just plain crap, but it was cheap, Edsel actually had some redeeming value before it became an utter Joke. Pontiac built cars alter with a similar grill to the edsel, and sold a bejillion of them...

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There was nothing inherently "worst" about the Cimerron beside the badge.  It was just a typical domestic compact of the day. It could, and did, wear Buick and Oldsmobile badges just fine.


The Saturn ION doesn't deserve to be on this list either... if any Saturn does, it should be the LS/LW.  It was an Opel Vectra variation that foreshadowed the Epsilon platform. The engine choices went from bad (an underpowered Quad-4) to worse (the awful Opel 3.0 V6). The LS was also blander than bland. The ION's main offense was that it was initially equipped with a less than stellar CVT, though it later came with a 5-speed automatic. The Ion QuadCoupe was actually a pretty nifty idea and should have been put into other GM cars  (Cruze Quad-coupe anyone?)


The Mustang II was just a Sports Pinto... too easy to pick on but actually better than its donor platform.

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