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  1. image.thumb.png.90fad11243b4b6e94ab637aba65222e4.png


    I saw THAT yellow Viper in that same aforementioned hardware store (from the Random Thoughts Thread) a week and a half ago. In April.  Took a pic. Talked to the owner. Young guy. 26 years old. Bought it last fall from the original owner.  Fixed the minor problems (clutch was slipping )and replaced the tires over the winter. 

    Yesterday, it was a Mopar Muscle type day for some reason. Yesterday, I saw a red Viper like that yellow one, same generation, an all black, blacked out Challenger Hellcat, at night.  Near the aforementioned hardware store.  In the day, it was a purple 1971 Challenger that I encountered.   


  2. 18 minutes ago, David said:

    Keep in mind that they have shown this to commercial and government groups already who were excited by what they saw and what ever pricing was stated for work trucks. 

    Most work trucks are rubber floor mats, not carpet and hard plastic everywhere. If they start out at the entry level RWD range it is understandable. 

    yeah. I kinda missed that part.  Well, I didnt miss it. I glossed over it and forgot about it type deal. 

    It is understandable. I agree. 

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  3. I am more interested in how Chevy will sell the EV Silverado in terms what model will have the longest range.

    RWD or AWD?   (FWD for regular, mundane Chevy EVs like a Bolt...Im assuming)

    Not just the Silverado, but all Chevy EVs.  

    Its interesting to me how Tesla sells its most fastest versions with dual motors AND AWD. Because THAT is the intelligent way to go, you know, put all that instant torque to the ground with AWD and of course these will be the most expensive versions...you know...twice the motors, more battery power, more speed...will ALWAYS equal MORE money to acquire.  But how THOSE versions ALSO have the LONGEST ranges...

    But Tesla's marketing has ALWAYS been about speed and performance.

    Chevrolet is NOT Tesla in that Chevrolet's have ALWAYS been about FAMILY.  Dads and moms carrying their children and their groceries and all their family needs in comfort yada yada yada.  There have been some fast family Chevrolet cars in the past, along with some legendary coupes like a Camaro, Corvette and Chevelle, but for the most part...speed and performance is not what Chevrolet stands for.  

    I would assume that speed and performance kills range.  Like with gasoline, it takes a lot of energy to produce speed.  Energy that could be used for distance rather than speed.

    Software to manage battery juice to be converted into speed, which Tesla has an advantage over everybody, may not be so beneficial to Chevrolet with that kind of angle.

    Maybe, its in Chevrolet's best interest to have software to favour range rather than speed and performance for regular Chevrolet EV vehicles.

    But for Camaros, Corvettes and Silverados, maybe a Tesla approach is better?  THAT is what Im more interested in rather than the price.  

    We already know about the price factor...not a surprise there.  IF Chevrolet pulls a 35 000 EV starting price Silverado...THERE is THE surprise. If its in the 40-50 thousand dollar range. Par for the course for EVs as of now...  


  4. I have googled several stuff, and I have learned that ATP for Chevrolet AND for the Silverado have soared these past few years. Chevrolet has had the HIGHEST ATPs in its 110 year history for 2020.  

    In 2019, the Silverado had a $41 000 ATP and the Sierra was 48 000.  This was in 2019. I read that those ATPs have since risen at about $1000 since then, but I did not find a solid number.

    I also saw that the Cadillac Lyriq will start at $59 000. 

    Therefore, I will (safely) assume and come to a (logical) conclusion that a STARTING price for an EV Silverado will be at around $45 000.  OK...I will take the GMC Sierra's ATP and boldly say that a STARTING price for an EV Silverado will be $48 000  give or take a couple grand.  


    Well...its all about what angle you wanna see that in.  

  5. 15 hours ago, David said:

    I have to think that as a RWD only BEV Pickup with such a large battery pack, you can easily hit 450 to 500 miles of range over an AWD version.


    Tesla's longest range models (and fastest) are the AWD, dual motor models.  

    Would this be a mistake if GM went with RWD as their longest range models for their pick-up trucks?

    Like Balthy said, regular folk would prefer AWD as the longest range model...


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  6. Saw my first real anti-masker in action in a hardware store yesterday. 

    A real piece of work this guy.  Had his young daughter with him too.  Must have been no older than 5 years old. 

    A manager told him to put his mask on his face (because it was dangling on his chin).  Called him a phoquing fag.   Told him to leave and he started a phoque-filled rant about god knows what.  The manager then just went for his phone and what I think is he dialed 911.  I heard the manager describe the guy while escorting him to the front of the store.  

    The dude, was then saying to the manager, "You are such a tough guy! You are such a tough guy!"  

    Keep in mind, all this in front of his daughter...  I was watching his daughter and the poor girl, was confused. She was looking at her daddy with such a blank stare.  

    The cops never came.  I bought my Gorilla Glue, my Doktor Doom ant killer foam, my deck stain and a couple of paint brushes and went on my merry way.  



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  7. Restaurant chains...just suck no matter how you slice your thought process.  ESPECIALLY the ones that "specialize" in "fine" dining or "authentic" ethnic food.  

    No need to dine in 5 star, Cordon Bleu level chef restaurants.  The 'good 'ole mom and pop restaurant will do.  

    I know, I know....those dont exist anymore.  *SIGH*

    Montreal had a ton of those.  Italian and Greek owned mom and pop restaurants from the '50s all the way to the '80s was a REAL treat. REAL Authentic Greek or Italian dishes  made LITERALLY like "momma used to make". 

    Diners,   fast food joints,    quick eateries,    a step or two below fine dining restaurants...Montreal had those literally at every major street corner.  

    I miss those days.   




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  8. Ill give a long...long...very long answer.

    GM's A Body muscle car is just sublime fir me.

    So...GTO for me.

    1969 Pontiac GTO Judge | S228 | Indy 2018

    But... (I did say Id give a loooong answer) 

    I do prefer the '70 version.  I LOVE this version.   

    1970 Pontiac GTO Judge | S97 | Indy 2017

    My dad had one. But his was not "The Judge" trim.   Kinda like this one.

    1970 Pontiac GTO # Matching

    An even BIGGER but though...

    since we  I  are am talking about GM A bodies...then there is the ONE GM A Body that I totally want over the others...and THAT would be a 1970...OLDS 442 W30

    1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - The Fiercely Competitive Muscle Car -  ThrottleXtreme


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  9. 3 hours ago, smk4565 said:

    and maybe Charger and Camry are semi-sporty and that is as good as it gets without going up a lot in price.

    Yeah...but the Charger could be had with a 370HP & 395 ft/torque V8  powering the rear wheels though for just under 40 000.   

    Here we are, acknowledging that a TRD Camry V6 is, kinda interesting in a very 1990s FWD  GM V6 sedan kinda way. We are, for the most part, kinda praising this move because this offering moves away from it being a coma inducing ride like other Toyota family hauling offerings.  But here YOU are back-handing an insult towards a vehicle that DOES have fun qualities built right into it whether if a V6 or (ESPECIALLY) the v8 offerings. 

    I got  downvoted by a troublemaker and Im getting a useless back and forth discussion with you for defending a MUSCLE CAR.  No matter how you slice it, the V6 Charger generates 292 HP and (it could have been better) 260 ft/torque.  That aint too shabby. Its still the BASE offering.  The suspension bits are meant for family duty.  The Hemi R/T aint the sportiest Charger either.  That one too, is mostly tuned as a family hauler...

    Grab the Scat Pack, and THEN we are talking about sport sedans...  No! Not time attack suspension bits underneath.  But suspension bits that make muscle car magic happen...but suspension bits that could also handle the curves.  

    And at 43 000 dollars, it UNDERCUTS the Lexus version by quite a bit...  

    But yeah!  Lets bitch on the Charger with its V8s and RWD... 

    Downvote me and give me useless arguments but ignore what the REALITY of it all actually is! 



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  10. A little fender bender?  Like how little of a fender bender is it?

    8 hours ago, balthazar said:

    had a very minor fender-bender in rear quarter, behind rear tire. Nothing structural, didn’t touch the tire.

    Because I dont know how I would react if it was MY new vehicle being delivered and I hadnt even sat in it yet...

    Bumpers on cars are meant to be bumped. Hence the name.  Keeping your truck for 15+ years wouldnt make a difference if your new truck that you hadnt even sat it was bumped before you got it. 

    On the other hand...ITS A BRAND NEW TRUCK THAT YOU DIDNT BUMP IT!!!  

    For me, There is a huuuuuuge difference in ME hitting MY car and for somebody ELSE bumping a car I dont even own yet...

    And my statement just now is with a slight bump...

    If body panels had to be changed, Id definitely refuse delivery even if no structural damaged had been done.  But then again, if I  needed a truck right now, because the one I own HAS to be replaced, and because of chip shortages has made choices to buy another truck downright difficult, then Id accept delivery, but for MORE than 2 monthly payments.   Id try maybe to renegotiate the price of that truck and try to get as much of a discount on it as I can.  

    Good luck Balthy!  

    This kind of shyte you did not need!  



  11. 7 minutes ago, smk4565 said:


    Well the Camry V6 is faster in a straight line than a Charger V6.    For equal money.

    I guess so.  

    But does a Camry V6 handle better (or worse) than a Charger V6?

    It doesnt matter, I guess a FWD Camry V6 is a  sports sedan and a V6 Charger is not. Neither is a V8 powered Charger as muscle cars, 4 door-ed ones, shouldnt be considered sports sedans...


  12. 9 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:



    May be an image of 1 person, standing and text that says 'REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES'

    Obviously Fake women have legs....

    l will have to keep this in mind hiking and camping this weekend. 



    The vagina and butt to pair of boobs ratio on this chick is like 5:1

    I would have liked her more if the vagina and butt  to pair of boobs ratio was more like 5:3 or 5:4 at the very least.  Better if the ratio was 5:5.   The caption DOES say 'real women have curves'...and boobies to me are muy importanté 

    I like playing with boobies JUST as much as I like playing with vaginas. (and butt)

    ALL types of boobies I must add!




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  13. Its NOT a track car...the Charger.

    ITS a COMFY GT car meant to go fast for LONG rides that can handle and brake quite good for what it is.  There was no need to say that Chargers dont have much handling.  They do OK. 

    Lets flip the script.

    All other cars are crap in acceleration as compared to the Charger.  I dont want to hear anything else...

    All other cars do NOT measure up as good muscle cars as compared to the Charger.

    In other words, just accept the Charger for what it is...  In V6 AWD form or any of the V8s. 

    Point final!




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  14. 30 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    Kia Stinger but that is even a little over priced and the back seat is smaller than the Camry.  The Charger, but those don’t have much handling.  Maybe Kia K5 GT or Sonata N Line, otherwise you are going over $50k for a sporty sedan that seats 4.

    The Charger handles the twisties just fine.  It aint a Nürburgring time attack beast, but that aint what Chargers/Challengers are all about.  

    With the exemption of the Stinger, BMW M5,  Mercedes AMG E-class, which are sports sedans that were SPECIFICALLY engineered to run the Nürburgring,  and the other RWD sport sedans mentioned such as the  Pontiac G8 GXP, Chevy SS and BMW 330i, the Charger OUTHANDLES all other cars  mentioned in this thread.  

    Like NO question about it.  

    PS: The Charger is a modern muscle car.  Modern in that it handles the curves unlike the wallowing, STRAIGHT LINE ONLY muscle cars of yore.  

    IT AINT a muscle car of yore.  I repeat. It handles the curves JUST fine. Its just that its MAIN mission is STRAIGHT LINE acceleration.  

    As a heavy RWD muscle car brute, the Hellcat Charger wide body it WILL keep up with a BMW M4, Pontiac G8, Chevy SS. It will lose. But that is OK. It CAN keep up. 

    BUT...on a straight away. The heavy muscle car Hellcat brute will leave ALL in the dust!

    And quite honestly, in North America, where OUR (Canada also) roads are actually straight for THOUSANDS of miles, who the hell cares for the twisties?

    Seeing how BMW, the ultimate driving machine company has sold its soul for top heavy North American sales SUVs that also happen to have MORE heft than a Charger itself, and how an old platformed Charger still sells like little hot cakes, Id say that a good chunk of Americans dont give a shyte for the twisties anymore...


    I like how @Robert Hall put it. 

    These offerings from Toyoter are the same formula of the FWD sporty sedan of the 1980s/1990s with 2021 seasoning.  

    And seeing how Toyoter produced some nice sporty cars in that 1980s/1990s time frame, its nice to see them get back in the game (in producing sporty rides rather than their late 1990s/2000s coma inducing shyte they gave us) 



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  15. 1 hour ago, surreal1272 said:

    That bridge is a...200.gif ...for me


    Beautiful but my vertigo will simply not allow me to do that.


    Vertigo must suck!

    Another form of vertigo that sucks just to say I sympathize with you.  I dont know how me posting this sucky U2 song sympathizes with you, just go with it...


    I dont suggest you listen and/or view to the next couple of  songs because of your vertigo...



    And this next U2 song, one could say I was numb to your vertigo condition. In revenge, you could think I was the one sitting down instead of The Edge and you were the one torturing  me for being insensitive to you...



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  16. The Riviera '66 and '67 to me, was on equal footing as the '66-'67 Toro. Well, the Toronado edged it just a tad to be a more sensual design.  But both were awesome!  So much so, that I prefer these 2nd gen Rivieras over the 1st gens. 

    66 Buick Riviera 5 | 1966 Buick Riviera GS Imported from the… | Flickr

    File:1966 Buick Riviera GS - Rear View.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


    But yeah, Buick's refreshing styling direction from '68 onward DID surpass Oldsmobile's.  I agree with you Balthy.  

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  17. They neutered it by 1968. They squared off the look in 1969. 

    1969 Oldsmobile Toronado | S47 | Phoenix • Glendale 2019

    1969 Oldsmobile Toronado | S47 | Phoenix • Glendale 2019

    1969 Oldsmobile Toronado | S47 | Phoenix • Glendale 2019

    But went back to the bladed front end in 1970 like you posted.  @ykX

    The 1st gen Toronado was a looker. Any year. But in my opinion, the 1st year was THE masterpiece and Oldsmobile/GM just kept on messin' it up year after year  after what they had created in 1966!




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  18. 7 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    You're like 4 weeks late for this one....


    7 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:

    Better late than never. 


    He (you) was not late...(🇬🇷 Greek) Orthodox Easter was yesterday    🤙  


    I thought I had heard ALL the blonde jokes there can possibly be.

    Along comes Mr. Horse with No Name and pleasantly and hilariously surprises me. 

     May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎Bartender: "what can i get you?" Blonde: "Can i try a beer?" Bartender: "Anheuser Busch?" Blonde: "Fine thanks, how's your dick?" س 小‎'‎‎


    THAT is funny!


  19. Rush - The SPIRIT of RADIO 

    (the ONLY Rush that counts and DESERVES to be on the radio)

    (and I dont even like Rush, the band, all that much...)


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