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  1. I should like (all) the McLaren models. But they bore me exterior wise.  Like true British fashion, they are too reserved for my tastes.  I love the fact that they are true engineering marvels. I love the fact that all the exterior design choices are purely engineering details. But I have a side of me that dictates that cars should be rolling pieces of art too.  

    The thing about these 2000s McLarens, to me at least, is that they evoke a similarity to Ferrari, but lack that Italian flair...  therefore becoming dull, unexciting rolling pieces of metal. 

    Not much different than what Balthy is saying right here:

    3 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    supercars' are no different than CUVs.  A 100 variants, all done to the same formula.

    What to stand out? Build / have something unique built, or go offbeat vintage.


  2. 7 hours ago, ccap41 said:

    That's one gaudy Hyperion XP-1.

    I certainly do not think the Lucid looks better but it'll probably be a better vehicle, as it should because it's like 10 years newer. 

    The Hyperion XP-1 is gaudy.  But not more than any other hypercar from other car makers.

    Hyperion XP-1: A Hydrogen Hypercar On A Mission

    It looks like a spaceship.  But more than that, it looks like a more modern, more sleeker, yet more coked up (yeah...the drug one snorts through one's nose)  version of a Veyron/Chiron.

    Hyperion XP-1: America's Hydrogen Powered Hypercar | AutoWise


    Bugatti Chiron - Wikipedia

    The Bugatti Chiron's US-Spec Bumper Is Moderately Upsetting


    Yes...the Chiron, pictured above, is slightly less gaudi, but that is like saying  Motley Crew wore slightly  less makeup than KISS.   Or that Jon Bon Jovi used less hairspray than Tina Turner in their 1980s heyday... 

    Dont get me wrong...that is but one reason why I dont personally like hypercars myself. Hypercars since the late 1990s to today just aim to be gaudi in design.  For whatever reason. 

      I limit myself to Corvettes, Vipers and the less hyper-ish Ferrari models.  The ones more in line that compete with Vettes and 911s.  (And the Superfast...that car to me is like a 427 1969 Corvette ZL-1)  I mean, Corvettes and Vipers are the very definition of ostentatious design and modern Ferraris have abandoned their classical good looks for that gaudiness...but...it is what it is. 

    (just shootin' the syte with ya....bouncing off ideas)    




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  3. 1 hour ago, Robert Hall said:

    Wouldn't Quebecois car shoppers like to have some French choices instead of the usual US and Asian appliances?     Sounds like Peugeot left Canada the same year they left the US, 1991.

    I dont know how the Quebecois French Canadians would react to PSA today.    There never ever was an affinity to France by the French people.  I mean, sure, some Quebecois people recognize their ancestral beginnings are from France,  there was always a certain hatred for France for historical reasons...  But a certain love for France as well...duh.  

     Quebecois LOVE their American cars. STILL to this day. Albeit THAT love is more on the traditional American vehicle.  What is left of it.  Jeep. American full sized pick-up trucks. Camaros, Mustangs and Corvettes.  MOPAR was always big in Quebec so the Challenger/Charger cars are hot in Quebec.

    And like in the US, some of that love for the American car has faded too.  Japanese and now...Korean vehicles are their go-to for their average joe daily driven rides.  Same as in the rest of North America, I guess. 

    French cars sold relatively well in Quebec in the 1960s and 1970s.  As compared to what VW and Japanese cars were doing in that time span here.  By the time the mid 70s came around, French cars were selling less and less and the Japaneses cars more and more, but the Big 3 had a huge stranglehold in Quebec.    Actually, GM's decision to close down their Quebec factory is what killed GM in Quebec.  (2002)  GM had a big, big market share in Quebec prior.  Cadillac was not exactly hindered by the German onslaught. Nor the Japanese...

    BMWs, Audis and Mercedes cars really dont have the same respect factor they have in the US.  The French DO see these German luxury makes as uber luxury, but they dont have the same reverence...  

    Who knows...maybe PSA will start eating away at Acura, Infiniti, Buick and those mid-level priced cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz in Quebec?  

    I think PSA French cars will be what Genesis is in Quebec.  Just another pretty face looking to be relevant.  I think they will take sales away from Buick, from Infiniti, from Genesis. From lease queen 3 Series Bimmers (and their CUV equivalents), C Class M-Bs(and their CUV equivalents)  and A4 Audis(and their CUV equivalents) , but not enough to be a staple on our roads long term. 

    At best case scenario though, I fear for Buick.  I think Buick will die in Quebec if PSA does their Quebec marketing right. 








  4. Well...

    French-ness has never really been a very successful selling point in ANY market in ANY era EXCEPT for France. And maybe for a couple of  African French colonial settled countries.  

    Some weirdo, hippy, hipster folk from  California, Washington and Oregon might buy a few samples, I guess...but then again, if these are not EVs, I don't think even residents of the Pacific Northwest will be interested in PSA.  

    They will have some sales.  The first year adopters will flock to them. But sales will dwindle. 

    They only Europeans cars Americans love buying is German.  And even then,  VW goes up and down... 

    I think French cars will be a hard sell in the US and in Canada.   I wish them luck, but I don't sees it.   No matter what they do styling wise.  

    I just hope they keep Dodge doing what Dodge does best.  

    I hope they let Chrysler survive.

    I think, the BEST way PSA has in surviving in the US, is that that let their American brands (Dodge (and RAM), Chrysler and Jeep do what Dodge (RAM incl), Chrysler and Jeep does best. And that is be AMERICAN.   And what does THAT mean?  

    Everytime Chryco was in the dumps, Chryco reinvents itself with good ol fashioned Americana...

    K Car and the minivan and all other minivans after that. 


    Cab Forward, pure American styling  Concord, LHS, 300M, Intrepid

    Prowler (styling using CAD etc... and technological advancements) 

    PT Cruiser  (MASSIVE success in the first 3-4 years)



    Everything Jeep since the Renault/AMC days

    Everything RAM since the late 1970s







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  5. The Lucid sedan, is a nice, almost sexy design. 

    The Tesla Model S was a sexy design, like Balthy said, 9 years ago.

    So was the Karma. 9 years ago.  I look at the Karma now and all I sees is a decades old car.  Still sexy. But not fresh.  

    The Model S is a good looking car to this day. But it needs a NEW design.  The Lucid it seems,  is that all new, sexy electric car design that is needed to propel EV sedans into 2020 and beyond.  

    The Porsche EV too, is a very very sleek and awesome design.  

    It seems that Lucid, with those solid state batteries, will propel EV vehicles forward and commence a battery tech war. Tesla will reveal theirs as well.  Eventually GM and Porsche and VW and the rest.

    But Tesla needs to address their now, stale designs.    




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  6. 1 hour ago, Robert Hall said:

    C and D segment sedans would be a differentiator since the domestic big 3 have abandoned those niches.  The market is flooded with generic CUVs, I don't see how they would stand out with such models.  

    Its a catch-22, isnt it?

    Market is not interested in sedans.  CUVs are the sellers.   Market is flooded with bland CUVs. Their CUVs, although more exotic because fully European, are still bland when you look beyond the "exotic" nameplate. 

    Sedans wont do well, market dictates they wont. Their sedans are no roomier than the canceled American ones.  Their sedans are even "blander" than their American counterparts...   (Their CUVs are more interesting though)

    What to sell  in North America becomes a very hard question to answer.  And if answered wrong, WILL spell disaster in a COVID world...

  7. 13 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    Sure they move up within a brand.  Escalade buyers never owned a Cadillac before?  Impala or Equinox don’t pull buyers from Cobalt, Cruze or Malibu?  If any brand is letting all those 3 year lease return customers go out the door instead of moving them up through the brand or at least keeping them in brand, they are not doing their job.



     My direct next door neighbor is  Romanian (Moldova) new to Canada.  Has moved here about 15 years ago.  He and his wife married in Moldova and moved to Montreal when their (only) son was 2 years old.   (Hold still please...there is a point to the story...)  

    We have been great neighbors to each other for 11 years now.  We both bought our houses new at the same time.  (just a little bit longer, this back story IS important, I promise)  

    OK...when we first started talking to each other, we introduced ourselves, our backround, etc...  We INSTANTLY connected because of our European and religious background.   Greek Orthodox...  And...well,  Romanians although closer ethnically to Romans (Italians and the Roman Empire and hence Romanians as their name), culturally they more identify with Greece and of course our shared religion.   (That might not have been necessary, sorry, but I like telling stories...)

    OK...the thing is, him being European, American cars get a bad bad rap.  He never once saw an American car BEFORE moving to Canada, he didnt even know that Opel was a General Motors brand...  but that never stopped him in having a negative opinion on American cars...

    When he needed to replace his old used Honda Civic he bought when he first came to Canada, and the Civic wasnt even THAT old 10 years ago, he asked me for car advice.  This is where I found out his opinions on American cars.  We talked for a good 3 days on the subject in a row. 

    Anyway...long story short, less long, he took my advice and bought a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox.  He was impressed with it. He tried all other CUVs of that time but the Equinox was the one he like the best.   He and his wife liked GM so much that 6 months later, he bought a Chevrolet Cruze.

    Well, he still has those cars. The Cruze has very low mileage while the Equinox has 175 000 trouble free miles.   He  just bought a new vehicle. He is  keept the Equinox for his son. as his son is reaching driving age...

    Anyway...he bought a 2020...

    Cadillac XT5.

    He thanked me for making him keep an open mind regarding American cars.

    he told me all other CUVs in that price range, and like the Equinox, he was most impressed with the Cadillac...

    Now...4 things.


    1. In a perfect world, yes, GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes etc..., would like for repeat business and it does happen

    2. But  In  2020, with more and more people leasing and all kinds of competition around with every year, NEW generations of vehicles come out practically with all this competition around,  its very hard for brand loyalty to exist.  We are a loooong way out from the 1950s and 1960s...   repeat business and moving on up is NOT the norm.   Its not a question of Chevrolet or Honda NOT doing their job if  in 10 years time, an owner does NOT buy a Buick or Acura and moves unto something else...

    There are tooooo many choices out there for people to pass up on... 

    3.  When one has an open mind, one actually sees that American cars, and especially GM, have been making at the very least, cars that are on par with foreign competition, if not better.      My neighbor, didnt buy an American car because I told him to.   I told him to go out and shop around.  He did. He bought what was best for him, his family and his pocket.  All three times in the last 10 years with good advice from his unbiased neighbor.     I didnt tell him American cars are good. I told him American cars WERE good at one time. Then American cars got shyte. But no different from European cars. But then I told him...and this was DURING and RIGHT AFTER GM's bankruptcy, that GM is no longer the stereotypical GM of where he got his negative opinions from.   Remember, the Cruze and the Equinox of the time were products DIRECTLY resulting BEFORE and DURING this crisis...

    The XT5 also...to a degree...

    He told me about his Cadillac purchase, that he has talked to other BMW and Mercedes owners...  Lexus owners.   He didnt ask me about how I feel about today's Cadillac. He talked to other people...  He didnt tell me what those other folks told him about their Bimmers and Mercedes and Lexus...  He just told me he crossed shopped the Caddy and like the Caddy best.  And BECAUSE he had such a pleasant ownership time with those Chevys, he decided to stay with the GM family...

    I had a pleasant ownership time with my 2005 Chevy.  I JUMPED ship 4 times removed from GM  since 2005.  I bought a 2007 Ford for my wife.  I replaced that with a 2009 Mazda. And I replaced that with a 2013 Ford.  Its too early to tell what vehicle my lovely lady wants next...  And I myself DIRECTLY replaced my Chevy with an Acura. 

    When time comes to replace either current vehicle, we wont be necessarily staying with the same family, nor jumping ship.  

    Meaning, its not how you said it, the brands NOT doing their job for keeping brand royalty.  Its more about shopping around.  Its the SMARTEST thing to do.   

    There are many facets to my anecdotal story. I hope someone could benefit from it. If not....a waste of time it may be.  So be it...


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  8. 23 minutes ago, ocnblu said:

    What are you on abote now, olds?  You used the term "warrior", so I stuck a Sparta meme in.  THAT'S IT.  The rest of your post... well, it's all Greek to me.

    Του μεν κακώς λέγειν συ την εξουσίαν έχεις, του δε μη ακούειν εγώ.

    You may have the power to slander, but I have the power not to listen to you.


    And yes, it means what it means...literally. 

    Im just fed up with the trolling.

  9. 15 minutes ago, ocnblu said:




    Is this some sort of insult?

    Are you trying to get me going?

    What is the meaning behind that? 



    8 minutes ago, ocnblu said:

    Doesn't look too warlike

    Same here.

    Is this what you call fun...at my heritage's expense?


    Id like to phoquing know!

    I mean...you said we all take this shyte too personal.

    I mean...what are your TRUE intentions here with this shyte? 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, ocnblu said:

    If everyone went clubbing fer their fud, you would be out of a job.  Plus, it's kind of a mean thing to do.  Better just to wield a club via keyboard.

    The irony of your post...

    A keyboard warrior calling out another keyboard warrior after ADMITTING he is a troll...



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  11. 32 minutes ago, ocnblu said:

    I happen to like the Chinese limo, even if it is a Rolls-Royce along the flanks and a 1950's "Anycar Brougham" in the front and back.

    You could like. NOBODY phoquing told you NOT to like...

    The phoquing thing DOES look like a cross between a 1960s Nash and a steroid pumped Toyota from the '60s.

    There is NOTHING confusing about that.

    But you just like being a d1ck.  You like to stir shyte because it amuzes you.

    Figures you never went 'clubbing'.   

    Which Im surprised you never did...    1000s of years people have 'clubbed'. Its a way of life.  Survival.  That would be right up your alley.  You know. Status quo.  

    PS:    I am on to you...   Your little game, I figured it out...

    (Covid or No covid.  Clubbing...  Double meaning..  I got it)  

    Problem is you think you are smarter than everybody else.  BIG mistake. NEVER underestimate. NEVER think you are smarter than everybody else in the room...





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  12. 12 minutes ago, ocnblu said:

    Cheers&Gears is entertainment for me, I've never taken it so phoquing personal.  Some of you are easy to stir up, it's so fun.


    I call you up on it...   You're trolling.  

    You HAVE To See This Adorable Seal Pup Photo Shoot

    Awe....poor wittle guy is only having fun stirring up shyte...






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  13. 1 minute ago, David said:

    I honestly have never seen these two cars before, cool to know where the Chinese design came from. Thank you for sharing, confusion cleared up! :) 

    That is awfully nice of you trying to defuse the situation and trying to give him some credit.  

    1. He knows what a Nash Rambler looks like.   

    2. And even though he might not know what a 1960s Toyota might look like, there is always google... 

    Naw...he knows how to push buttons.  

    He knows how to play the victim card too... 

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  14. About Tom Brady and Sly Stallone selling their old news Escalades.  

    Probably wanting to make room in their already full of vehicles garage for the new gen Escalade that will be available just around the corner and their current Escalades are just sooooo last year...





    24 minutes ago, trinacriabob said:

    Never mind.


    No you are right....

    Its damn well irritating for his hypocritical bitching about other people's opinions and posts while he wants ONLY his voice heard.  And he wants to do that loud and clear so he will whine and moan ENDLESSLY...

    So he crafts a posting style that kinda bullies us...



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