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  1. 27 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    This is why some people question the 'butterfly net' of "it's science", and where critical thinking becomes instrumental.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 1.56.30 PM.png


    These are just EXCUSES from people closing their eyes and shutting theirs ears.  

    Take example #1:

    Same as air inside as the outside.

    So...diesels emit a certain emission and when a diesel bus drives along a certain path, the air is the same inside the bus as it is outside IMMEDIATELY where it passes...

    Does THAT mean there is NO pollution?  Like at all?  The POLLUTUED air outside is the same inside the bus so THAT makes it OK to continue to pollute?




    "In comparison, a city of 1 million people will inhale about 12 grams per million grams of exhaust emitted," said Marshall. "In a single day, a child riding a school bus will breathe in anywhere from 7 to 70 times more exhaust from that bus than a typical L.A. resident will inhale from all school bus emissions in the area."


    Yet despite the findings, the researchers said that riding school buses is still safer than being driven to school in passenger vehicles and that parents shouldn't yank their kids from bus ridership.

    "School buses are built like a tank, and the chances of children getting killed or seriously injured from a traffic accident in a private passenger vehicle are significantly greater than if they are on a bus," said Marshall.




    Of course there is pollution!

    LAST link recommendations:





    Recommendations from this Report 

    • Reduce school bus-related exposures by assigning the newest and cleanest buses to the longest routes.
    • Avoid caravanning of buses through staggered departure times.
    • Replace conventional (uncontrolled) diesel school buses with natural gas-powered or particulate trap-equipped buses.
    • Maintain diesel school buses to reduce visible exhaust.




    Well...MY critical thinking tells ME:

    MONEY is the SOLE reason as to why NOTHING is BEING made for change...

    We are ALWAYS putting MONEY in front of HEALTH. 

    MONEY is the SOLE driver...

    Dirty dirty money.  And we IGNORE  how dirty dirty dirty diesel is...

    Even when DAMNING reports are THERE...we CAREFULLY word things that its "safer" to 'NOT use passenger cars for transport because accidents' and 'MAINTAIN diesel buses to reduce...'

    NOTHING to do with how harmful diesels are and how we should avoid using diesels but DEFLECTING the issues by mentioning traffic accidents that have NOTHING to do with diesel emissions  and maintenance as as somehow maintenance is the KEY to reducing harmful emissions.   ALL maintenance does is NOT increase the emissions due to broken down mechanicals but the harmful emissions are STILL present with perfectly fine mechanicals...

    But yeah...critical thinking... 


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  2. 14 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    A blinged-up Corvette and 4 crapboxes.
    Aim higher.

    A feasible rendering of the Z06 version of the C8 which the rendering mimics the C8R  to a tee as reference.  (it IS the C8R. The C7 and C6 Z06s do really mimic their respective 'R' versions)

    The rest are high priced toys. Functional toys. In the same spirit as that poster. 

    Ferrari 512 BB track car =  Corvette C8 Z06 track car

    Porsche 928 GT car = HUMMER EV 

    Mercedes sedan = Lucid Air

    Corvette C4 convertible = restomod American muscle 

    Douchebag Bimmmer = Douchebag Dodge pick-up truck 

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  3. 1 hour ago, balthazar said:

    I observed it differently. Saw quite a bit of Hummer coverage; yes- not as much as the cybertruck... but I think the Hummer significantly eclipses the cybertruck in actuality. We’ll see once the production & price of both happens- I think the Hummer is excellently positioned to pull off another ‘Escalade event’.

    Elon knows how to throw a party.  And when he does, the world invites itself to the festivities.  GM had that after the war and well into the '60s.  GM still has it, but for certain vehicles only.  

    But I do agree that the Cybertruck is a clown show.  I do think it will look like that as Tesla has many deposits for that exact Cybertruck. He cant go back on it now. Tesla will lose too much credibility if they change up the looks of it now.  If  When the initial sales dwindle to nothing, Elon WILL change it. He said so. 

    The HUMMER promises to be an EXCELLENT EV. What GM has been giving out as info over their EV tech, it promises to be on par or greater than what Tesla has got going on. The only thing is that Tesla's tech is improving too so when the HUMMER and the Lyriq come out, Tesla wont be where they are at now. But I think GM knows this as GM has been in this type of "warfare" for over 100 years.  GM EV R&D has been 100% full throttle for 3 years now. People tend to forget that. INCLUDING Sandy Munro.   But that just proves ME right when I say shyte like if it aint a Tesla EV...

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  4. Yes!  In today's Bizarro world of multiple (lazy) ways of making income, higher income definitely over higher education. 

    I was referencing a late 1980s poster theme. I like this theme so much that I tend to (over)use it still today!  

    With that being said tho...isnt hair brained schemes trying to make fast money THE quintessential American Dream?  FINALLY, after all these decades, the internet comes through for the lazy, no good rascal to make some dough. His time has come! 

     Justification-for-higher-education | Higher education, Education poster,  Education

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  5. Well...engineers and dreamers are the ones that drive his business.  Engineers for his tear downs that pay him to reverse engineer the details of a certain vehicle in his primary business and dreamers for his Autoline Detroit, Youtube channel and various blogs and vlogs fans he has got.

    He will be doing a tear down on a Cybertruck just because he will be owning one. He is also being paid to do it. But his fans on his "internet/social media" exposure demanded the Rivian. 

    Fans are dreamers and very much sooooo NOT the barometer of what WILL sell in the market place.  But...it also could be a taste of what may BE popular in the market place. And it seems to me that there is NO HUMMER buzz amongst the peeps. 2 Months in and it seems that HUMMER is not being talked about anybody.

    Mention Tesla...and EVERYONE goes batshyte!   The Cybertruck had the internets blazing as SOON as Elon mentioned it.   GM mentioned the HUMMER and you could literally hear crickets over the internet.  It wasnt like that for the Corvette C8 though... 


    Speaking of Sandy Munro.

    Im watching this now...


  6. 11 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    I see ‘it’s not a Tesla’ falling away rapidly as more BE’s come online. Tesla WILL lose market share. Hummer just seems to blow away the silly cybertruck and the Rivian, right off the bat. Looking forward to real world reviews.

    Oh...I agree 100 and 10 percent!

    But as it is now...I am perhaps reading too much into the situation...BUT...

    When Sandy Munro was discussing on Autoline Afterhours that his next tear up vehicle for analysis would be the Rivian, he explained that he went to his viewers and followers on-line to ask what vehicle THEY want to see to be reviewed. 

    HIS viewers made an almost unanimous decision to choose Rivian and hence his next subject.

    HUMMER, CYbertruck among others were choices...but as HE said, NOBODY chose the HUMMER. OK...the Cybertruck also had few votes...kinda proving your point about Tesla.  BUT...also kinda proving MY point about HUMMER. 

    Maybe my #1 point is not all that accurate as to say that Telsa is infallible. And my #2 point is also less than accurate about Tesla too...however, HUMMER may NOT be such a hot commodity JUST because its a GM product and its name IS HUMMER...

    GM marketing has to work crazy overtime hours to make this a hit BEFORE it hits the showrooms. Its BEHIND the 8 ball as we speak. 

    PS: I am NOT doubting the capabilities of the HUMMER. Just the star power of it and the lack thereof. 


  7. 7 minutes ago, ccap41 said:


    I assume you're talking infrastructure here because they both can charge at a rate of 150kw.


    What fault is it of the engineering of FoMoCo and its Mach E if the infrastructure is not well kept?

    It becomes a PROBLEM for EVs if the infrastructure sucks, but its NOT an inherent  EV problem.  

    I found out though, that EV haterz will use ANYTHING to detract the use of EVs ANY which way they can to SLUR EVs...  

    PS: Tesla was smart to build its OWN infrastructure though as to NOT have ANY 3rd party phoque ups wrecking the image of EVs... such as this...

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  8. 6 hours ago, 67impss said:



    I was thinking the SAME thing last night to post. I was just too tired (lazy) to do it. So I just posted the Corvette C8 video and went to bed.  


    and the next word would be:


    (the only song I truly know and like from him...only because the sample of the song was a hit for me in da clubs back in the day) 



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  9. 9 hours ago, USA-1 said:


    I'm hearing the same thing, that they're still backlogged with 2020 base C8 orders. 18 mo. wait if you ordered one today. Thanks Ronavirus you b@stard...



    That tidbit of news is bitter sweet.  Backlogged with regular Stingray orders just shows how popular the C8 is and will continue to be.  

    But...the Z06 halo car is eagerly awaited by most enthusiasts (even enthusiasts that are not Corvette people) JUST to see what the car can do.  

    What is mental with the C8 is that with ONLY (less than) 500 horsepower, the performance times are those of vehicles that have 50-60-70% MORE power. Electric or gasoline...

    The track performances of the regular Z51 Stingray is so close to sports cars that are dedicated track cars.  

    Patience is a virtue as they say. 

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  10. 5 hours ago, USA-1 said:


    Pretty informative, I think the last minute starting @15:45 is one of the best parts. "Watts to Freedom" mode 🇺🇸👍🏼 There really is a crazy amount of Tech. in this beast.



    Now...let's hope that the EV public will accept it. 

    There are several things that are against it and it isnt even out yet.

    1. Its NOT a Tesla  

    2. Because its a GM product and NOT a Tesla

    3. Its name is HUMMER. 20 years ago, It quickly went from a stud to a dud BECAUSE green people shunned it for being a gas guzzling SUV.  We do not know if GM/GMC and/or HUMMER shook that stigma off, even if it IS 20 years ago in the past...

    4. We already know that there are some ICE people that will hate on EVs no matter what...so this EV HUMMER cant even rely on the macho-ness of the big, brutish V8 SUV crowd...  Like you have implied with Cadillac going all in with EVs but Chevy will continue on selling V8s and ICEs...   The big brutish SUV crowd will just ignore this and go on and buy Yukons, Tahoes and TRX's from Dodge... 


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  11. 55 minutes ago, David said:

    Seems musk completed the underground tunnel system in Las Vegas to get folks from the Convention Center to the Strip. Will use Tesla 3's driving in autonomous mode to get folks back n forth over the 1 mile tunnel.


    Found a full story on it.

    Elon Musk Shows off the Mega-Tunnel He Built in Las Vegas and Promises Themed Opening Party (entrepreneur.com)



    The Vegas Loop consists of two twin one-mile (1.6-kilometer) tunnels, which form a loop. It connects the Convention Center with the Las Vegas Strip , creating an alternative, high-speed subway system. Passengers will be transported in autonomous Tesla cars and it will operate alongside public buses, taxis and the monorail.



    THAT seems HIGHLY inefficient...


    Well...Paris'  (France)subway system, which Montreal and Athens, Greece use, IS an electric powered subway.

    Our newer Azure trains 

    Service resumes on Metro's Green line after hour-long shutdown - Montreal |  Globalnews.ca


    Athens Metro

    Athens Metro - Wikipedia



    1. the subway system does NOT need to be recharged as there is a continual stream of electricity flowing through the middle rail...  And at least in Montreal...its hydro-electric power.  Dont know about France and Greece. (Dont really care either right about now...) 

    2. even as back as the 1980s, the system was autonomous. Actually, I think even NYC's old school subway is autonomous...also back in the '80s...

    and  the next one is where Elon's idea might be shyte...

    3. THESE are TRAINS...   HUNDREDS OF TOURISTS AND REGULAR CITIZENS  USE THE SUBWAY AT ONE TIME...rather than a shytty taxi service...   And dont kid yourself...these trains are fast.  

    4.  Some other countries use MAG LEVS that are even faster than Elon's cars...

    5. Montreal will also get an electric train ABOVE ground in 2023...to operate alongside taxis, ubers, public buses, metros and the shytty old school train system we got...





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  12. 10 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

    Tesla is going to have 1,100+ horsepower this year.   Don't have to wait until 2025-2026.  

    What they could do with the C8 s try to cut weight, it would drive up cost, but they could make higher ends more track focused and push the handling and braking capabilities rather than straight line speed.  

    The thing is though, if we wanna praise horsepower...Bugatti has had 1000 horsepower for over a decade.  Bugatti right now has 1500 HP.  On good 'ole ICE. 

    On good 'ole ICE, WW2 airplanes have had 1500-2000 HP. 

     But we are on the same page here.  I loved what you said about Tesla's performance numbers are on heavy, family hauling sedans and not super touchy, super expensive, space deficient exotic cars.  THAT is incredible.  And what Tesla could do with their motors, batteries, softwares and everything else Tesla is known for... 

    @balthazar once said that, and I really believe in what he said, is that the next big frontier in the EV world WILL be weight. The next EV maker that could get weight down with batteries and the like, WILL win the next EV battle and thus win market share. 

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  13. On 1/16/2021 at 12:03 AM, oldshurst442 said:

    Mention Corvette and everybody goes bat shyte crazy.   And you guessed it...BECAUSE ITS A CHEVY...  Proof?  YOU just did exactly that...

    Hey @smk4565

    Remember when I answered you with this?

    Well...it goes both ways, buddy!

    Mention Tesla...and some go bat shyte crazy! 

    Gives TDS a new meaning, doesnt it?

    Tesla Derangement Syndrome

    Kinda ironic too if you think about it... 

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  14. 1 minute ago, smk4565 said:

    The Camaro V8 couldn't pass Euro emissions, I think the Corvette was reworked to pass it, but yes, it will only get tougher or ICE powertrains could just be banned in 2035.  It is nice to let the V8 run out it's life cycle, but that isn't the future, so it isn't where companies will put their engineering dollars. 

    But I think they can make an electric Corvette that is faster than the V8 Corvette, so I don't see losing the V8 as anything that hurts.  It is just evolution, most family sedans had a 3-3.8 liter V6 15 years ago, now most have a 2 liter 4-cylinder and are faster.  It's just progress.

    Ive read somewhere that emission regs will be so tight that NO internal combustion engine will be able to pass it.  No need to ban ICE when they wont be able to pass the regs.  

    But this way though, an ICEV could  be driven to race tracks and the like. Its just that ICEVs wont be able to be driven in the urban environment.  Big cities all over the world are seeing that to happen.  

    An EV Corvette WILL be faster than a regular V8 Vette.  Corvette engineers will see it through. 

    The top of the line Zora is said to be a very powerful hybrid Vette. 1000 horsepower.  800 some odd V8 horsies and 200 some odd EV horsies powering the front wheels making the Vette  AWD.   Scheduled for 2025-2026.   But...THAT could all change.  The Grand Sport was supposed to be coming. The LT2 V8 with wide and aero of the Z06.  Instead...Chevy will do the E-Ray.   A hybrid  with the same amount of the projected Grand Sport horsepower and torque...  So...nothing says to me that in 2025 or 2026 maybe Chevy makes an all electric Zora with 1000 HP and AWD and just ditch the V8 all together...  Or they keep the Zora as a hybrid and Chevy does an all EV Vette supplanting the Zora.  Or...an all EV Vette becomes the C9.  Which I ALSO read somewhere. 

    7 minutes ago, smk4565 said:

     But when you use the Mustang name, you position the Mach-E as your top performance EV, now maybe they have a faster version coming, like a Mustang Mach-E Cobra R or Shelby GT, only time will tell.

    Well...there IS a faster version coming as the Mustang Mach E GTis due in the coming weeks...if not out already. No tests have been done yet on either a long rang Mach E or the GT. 

    But yeah...Cobra, Shelby and Super Snake versions are probably  in the works right about NOW making even FASTER Mach Es... 

    Dont forget that a long range Mach E is out due soon in the next couple of weeks....

    The Savage Geese video featured the mid level Mach E.  The Model Y was a higher level Model Y.  The Mustang Mach E that  was in the Savage Geese video was pretty spot on where a Model Y was.  Take the lower ranged Model Y and the mid-level Mach E has a longer range.  The long range Mach E might be able to equate the range of the Model Y...tests need to be done...and the GT might be as fast as the top Model Y.  

    Any way you slice it...the Mach E EQUALS the Model Y.

    The only thing that lets the Mach E down is the charging system...but THAT is more on the push/pull politics of the USofA regarding EVs rather than the Mach E being an inferior product to the Tesla.  And regarding EV charging infrastructure...depending on what reality you choose to believe, that infamous push/pull Im talking about is what is letting EVs down in the US.  Anywhere else in the world, options seem to be the only obstacle. But as options are opening up, EV sales are going up. 

    In Europe, ICEV sales were down last year. But BEVs were way way up. Despite a pandemic. And coincidentally, many European manufactures also offered many alternatives to Tesla this past year.  


  15. 2 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:

    This is a really rare and unique car, would love to see it restored. 


    Seeing the pic (would you call that a thumbnail?) on the vid and then watching the video...all I kept on hearing in my mind was this lyric :  "I think its so groovy now!"





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  16. Episodes 6 and 7 on Sandy Munro's road trip are not worthy of a posting.  Episode 7 is both funny and cringe.

    BUT...Episode 5 on his tear down of the Model 3 is a must to be viewed.


    What I got from this small window:

    Tesla is learning to engineering cars and to manufacture them, but they are improving at a snail's pace.  The Model Y is an example of how Tesla could be all across the board, yet on the 2021 Model 3, they havent fully embraced the improvements.  The production of the 2021 Model 3 is an improvement over the 2018 version, but not enough.  The Model Y which shares many components with the Model 3 is an improvement over the Model 3 including the 2021 version. But it baffles me (with Sandy's opinions in mind) as to why they wont go to the extra lengths to improve the Model 3 the way they might have with the Model Y.


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  17. 56 minutes ago, ykX said:

    My wife gets to do it at least once a week as a health worker.  Gets old pretty fast.

    Yeah...I see that!

    When I was younger, I had constant nose bleeds. (When the climate be too dry). My mom took me to the doctor and he shove this tall match like thing up my nose to lessen the nose bleeds. I had done that 3 or 4 times.  So the feeling of having a test swab shoved up my nose was not a new thing for me. The pleasant surprise was there was no burning sensation as it was with a nose bleed.

    But yeah...doing THAT daily would definitely not be a thing Id like to do! 

    PS: Thanx to your wife for staying tough and helping us all out!  Health workers have ALWAYS been important to our society. NOW more than ever! 

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