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  1. I have always like a Lotus Esprit from the 1980s. From the James Bond submarine car to Pretty Woman's Turbo Esprit. But this aint about that. Wah? Its about the Delorean DMC-12. I learned that Doc Brown's flux capacitor time machine had an Esprit inspired chassis just a year ago and that got me thinking just now, that maybe, the DMC-12 would have greatly benefited from the Esprit's turbo 2.0 liter 4 cylinder of the early '80s. I think a 200 HP and 200 ft/lbs of torque 4 cylinder engine would have been a "funner" engine choice.
  2. I will also mention the G-Body GM midsized muscle cars of the 1980s. In the article, the author mentions that readers would prefer if those had a modern LS under the hoods. That is fine and dandy, but in the 1980s, even the LT1 was not around. Crossfire L83s and L98 V8s were what Chevrolet was offering in their Vettes and Camaros. In 1990, the DOHC LT5 was introduced but the G-Body was long gone by then. So... Even as a teenager in the mid-80s, I was wondering why Chevrolet never offered the same Vette borrowed and detuned 5.7 liter L98 that was in the 1987 Camaro IROC and 1987 Trans AM GTA in the 1987 and final year 1988 Monte Carlo SS like how the F-Bodies had. It seems like a detuned L98 same HP as IROC Z would have been a great Monte Carlo SS. The G-Body also had decent handling that would have been greatly enhanced by the IROC-Z and TA GTA suspension setups... It was a no brainer for me. If Buick went out with a bang with their GN and GNX, Chevrolet could have made a small controlled explosion with a detuned L98 V8 Monte Carlo SS. Which would have been welcomed I think. I wish GM had given more R&D money to Pontiac to develop the 4.9 liter Turbo V8 further and better and the 3rd generation Firebird/Trans Am and Grand Prix would have had their own V8 to be proud of. And like Buick, their own killer turbo engine to reside in the 1980s G Body. As the article states for a Quad 4 Fiero, if GM did not penny pinch the Quad 4 and manufacture it quickly and cheaply, and made Oldsmobile develop it properly, then a Quad 4 Cutlass Supreme with 300 HP and 300 plus ft/lbs torques "442" would have been a great send off for the RWD Olds G Body. And a great platform to really showcase what a proper Quad 4 was capable of. As we all know, the Aerotech had a few speed records at that time. And was capable of a lot of horsepower. 1000 of them to be exact. And a common theme here for Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac: TURBO. Ahead of the Japanese by at least a decade, if not more...
  3. Still in the 1990s. This was a magical time for cars after the dreary 1980s.... The Infiniti J30. It was on a 300ZX platform variant and shared a detuned 3.0 liter V6 with the 300ZX. It also had a J30T model in the later years. A touring option. Imagine a J30 with the twin turbo version with 300 HP and 300 ft/lbs torque of the Nissan 300ZX TT. Or with the R32 Skyline GT-R engine and AWD. I didnt know of Skylines in the early 1990s, I learned about them in 1996 or so, but I did LOVE (behind closed doors on the hush hush) the T-Topped 300ZX TT and I did LOVE the J30 at the time. I did wonder why Nissan never offered a hot version with the 300ZX TTs powertrain.
  4. Staying in the 1990s. GM should have given the Impala SS a real final send off by taking a page right out of Tim Allen's mind and creation by offering a limited amount of LT5 engined Impala SS. Also, Cadillac's Catera should have been re-worked substantially from the Opel Omega... Cadillac should have looked at Holden and those versions (Middle East and Australia) rather than the Opel version from Europe. An LS1 should have been the sole engine offered in 1997. I mean, the Australian and Middle Eastern versions got V8s. The Pontiac GTO later on got an LS1 and and the other Corvette engines eventually.... The suspension set-ups ups could have been retuned to be somewhere in between Australian/Middle Eastern Lumina SS muscle car-ish and European Opel Omega-ish. The interior should have been re-worked to be more Cadillac than Opel... But then again, that would mean Cadillac and GM would have thought things through with the Catera rather than just phoning it in as they actually did. Too many meetings in how to do a proper sports sedan I guess... Its not as if they didnt have the engineers from Holden, Opel, Corvette, SAAB at their disposal and the actual cars that were actually sold with those EXACT things... The Mercury Marauder that we got in the 2000s should have had the Coyote 5.0 V8. OK...maybe the Coyote came after the Marauder's death. So...the Crown Victoria should have had a Coyote engined variant then if not the Marauder.
  5. What I would have loved in the mid 1990s, if Chryco had dipped into Mitsubishi's engine department, along with their AWD system and would have incorporated that into their LHS cars. Dodge did have a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 twin in the Stealth R/T. Now imagine a Dodge Intrepid and a Chrysler 300M with AWD and a twin turbo set-up with that 3.0 liter V6 with 300 hp and 300 ft/lbs torque in the mid 1990s? Excellent would be a good 1990s catchphrase for those would be cars. Along with being leaders in the marketplace with turbos and AWD in family sedans that would later become the norm... Also, imagine a Prowler with a 5.9 liter Magnum V8 under the hood instead of the V6 they decided to use? OK...I understand why Plymouth went with that particular V6. If they didnt want the 5.9 Magnum image on their Prowler, they sure mde the mistake of having a weak V6 image into it. With an homage Hot Rod car to the 1933 Ford, and a name like Prowler, the car BEGGED for a V8 under the hood, or at the very least an engine more than the 215 horses it initially had and more than the 250 it ended up having. Maybe they should have FORCED Mercedes to give them the 4.3 liter V8 Mercedes had at that point in time. On Oldsmobile from the late 1990s. The Intrigue SHOULD have had an Aurora V8 option ( hey...GM put a 5.3 liter with 300 horses in the W-Body a decade later) and the Alero should have had a Shortstar V6 option.
  6. list price 19 900. 115 000 miles. Bored 350 to 355. I wouldnt touch a thing about it. Love those Cragars. And T-tops! If anything, if the underneath has hidden problems, Id sell one or two of the other dream cars in my list to proper restore this beauty! https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1980/chevrolet/camaro/101122563 1990 Corvette ZR1 for 19 995? Shyte, Ill buy it and have it my affordable dream garage. And if its a legit ZR1, this one might be appreciating in value... https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1351882/1990-chevrolet-corvette-for-sale-in-elkhart-indiana-46514 I went on several used car sites for the entire US and I found that a Pontiac G8 GT had a wide range of prices from 9 000 to 23 000. I could find a nice one for close to but under 20 000 easily. A GXP or Chevy SS are all over 25 000. They seem to be closer to and above 30 000. So a Pontiac G8 GT will happily do! 11 900 for a 1972 Cultass 2 door hard top. I think that is a cool buy. It does have a 455 in it. Rebuilt it says! https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/oldsmobile/cutlass/2073015.html I was looking at Fiat 124s for sale. I found out that for 2017, I could get a nice used Abarth for close to and under 20 000. And Id be keeping the Pontiac G8 GT if I were only to have just one. If I had to sell one car so I could restore that 1980 Camaro, Id sell the Fiat.
  7. There is a BIG difference between Cadillac hearses and ambulances and Mercedes E Class taxis... Why E Class sedans are NOT luxury is BECAUSE the E Class car is made into a taxi FROM the factory... In Cadillac's case, Cadillac just supplied the rolling chassis to independant coachbuilders and they completed the fitment of their bodywork and interiors and the final assembly. What all this means is that the E Class, FROM THE FACTORY is built, produced with SPARTAN, UTILITARIAN interiors...and sold to liveries. The Cadillac hearses and ambulances were created by outside independent companies. Interiors and bodywork and assembly... Cadillac just supplied the rolling chassis and the dashboard. Now... Im giving a tongue and cheek response and opinion to all this E Class talk of it not being a luxury car. JUST to prove a point with another point of view that was given a month or two ago. Plus to troll a certain resident poster that has blinders on. This post here is just to set the facts. Cadillac did not build ambulances and hearses. They just supplied the chassis. And why Lincolns and Cadillacs were and are still hearses along with Mercedes Benzes? Because your final ride should be made with class. And what better final ride of your time on earth to be made than with a finest of all automobiles? A Lincoln or Cadillac in North America and in Europe, I would imagine that to be a Mercedes.
  8. Twilight Zone (and there is a double meaning with it)
  9. @dfelt The Cybertruck on top. Elon Musk's Family Truckster... The very movie starts with that dialogue... The song at the beginning, the dealership and the ending song from the movie. OK. I decided to use the European Vacation end song. The smoking weed pic is to simulate how hippy-ish-ly stupid he is and the naming of his child: X Æ A-12 Its satire, but if one has to explain the joke...apparently it aint that funny...
  10. Elon Musk X Æ A-12 Elon Musk Ed X Æ A-12:
  11. 1890 Henri Morgan colonial home Rue Ste Catherine Ouest Montreal 1913 Morgan Department Store 1923 Today ...since 1972, The Hudson's Bay Company Department Store
  12. And... https://www.automobilemag.com/news/porsche-corvette-racing-withdraw-24-hours-le-mans/
  13. We've stated this ad nauseum. And it really proves nothing. And more name changes are to come. The EVs at Cadillac will have proper names. The Escalade shal;; remain Escalade. The 2 steps forward 3 steps back at Cadillac is real. Fair enough. But, most of what you post is fiction loosely based on facts. Mostly outdated opinions you still hold... Mostly irrelevant and trivial nonsense you hold against GM but dont hold the same standards for Mercedes. You give a pass to Mercedes.
  14. That above...about Cadillac...is not correct. The Catera is the car that started the RWD sports sedan entry for Cadillac. That was waaaay back in 1997. Johan was at Audi then. The Catera was roughly the size of a 1st gen CTS and 2nd gen CTS. The Catera would be the failed predecessor of the CTS. From the get go, the Catera was going to be the BMW 3 Series (4 door) rival. It was considerably bigger than the E36 Bimmer. Then Cadillac did the Arts and Science thing and decided to go to a more precise way to do a BMW 3 Series rival sedan. Changed the name to CTS. Cadillac at this time also wanted to do away with FWD sedans and changed their FWD Seville Touring Sedan and Seville Luxury Sedan (STS and SLS for short...and minor differences mainly 25 HP and 5 ft/lbs less for the SLS versus the STS amongst other trivial things) to a RWD STS. It was a couple of years now that Seville was retired to STS and SLS but with the RWD version, only STS was the nameplate. The STS was a BMW 5 Series competitor. Both the CTS and STS were slightly bigger than their rivals but slightly smaller than the next step up. What does that mean? The CTS was bigger than the 3 Series but smaller than a STS and BMW 5 Series. The STS was slightly bigger than the 5 Series but smaller than a BMW 7 Series. This lasted for another generation. But sometime during the 2nd gen CTS, the STS was canceled. The 3rd generation CTS arrived. But this CTS REPLACED the STS and an new entrant came to be. The ATS. Meaning, the CTS now is DIRECTLY competing with the BMW 5 Series in size as well. The ATS gets smaller than the 1st and 2nd gen CTS and is now the SAME size as the 3 Series Bimmer. ( The 4 Series Bimmer now also grew to be bigger....) OK...NOW....with ANOTHER name change... CADILLAC HAS GONE BACK to the original formula in that the CT4 is a tweener like the 1st and 2nd gen CTS was to the 3 Series Bimmer and a competitor to the 4 Series Bimmer which is slightly bigger than the 4 Series and the CT5 is slightly bigger than the 5 Series Bimmer but pricewise...Both Cadillacs are directly inline with their respective BMW rivals. Johan...wanted a car SMALLER than the ATS. That was scrapped I believe as there are no talks about it ever since he left Cadillac. And yes...RWD. Shyte! Cadillac has been in this RWD market sports sedan niche since 1997. That be 23 years. yes. Of coarse a smaller car than the ATS would be RWD. Cadillac has gone full out RWD performance for its CARS since the first CTS-V hit the streets in 2004... Their was even a failed XLR...Corvette borrowed chassis in that mix and a very real V12 mid engined concept car created that actually drove like a REAL production car. THAT is how serious Cadillac was for doing RWD performance cars.... And THAT is waaaaaay before Johan came in at Cadillac. All Johan did was continue the perfornce RWD trend. Nothing to do Johan stating he will do RWD in segments where the Japanese and Germans are going FWD. But EVERYTHING to do in continuing what Cadillac had started a decade plus before he came in... And THAT is why I said... WRONG Lets get our facts straight. PS: The ATS L in China was almost like an afterthought when Cadillac decided to start selling cars in China. That was AFTER the ATS development but was easy to do as the ATS rode on the Alpha platform. The bigger CTS rides on that platform too... The BIGGER mistake was NOT offering the ATS-L in North America. They had NOTHING to lose in doing so... BUT...Like you said OCN. Cadillac has an onslaught of EVs coming. But Ill bet a bigger selection of CUV and SUV EVs will be offered first and the sedan EVs will be limited. Maybe a CT6 sized or S Class sized Cadillac EV sedan will come to fruition and maybe a Tesla Model S competitor in a CT5 V EV will be produced, but not before an onslaught of EV CUVs...
  15. This thread has been hijacked anyway talking about Mercedes more than Genesis...on TWO occasions. So to derail it further and perhaps in a more interesting topic... Not really a slow news day. Delta airlines is retiring all of its Boeing 777s. That is a big blow to Boeing as Delta is also going to replace their fleet of 777s with relying on their Airbus A350-900s with their longer routes and for their smaller routes with the Airbus A330. Delta says that both Airbuses are more fuel efficient and cost effective than the 777.
  16. wrong wrong. Not in the US... That number is worldwide...and thanx in part to taxi and police car liveries... wrong
  17. Wrong From where I stand and Ive seen... ALL Mercedes vehicles below the MODERN S Class are...budget. The G Wagen especially...its a military vehicle. Military vehicles are as budget as budget gets...
  18. wrong wrong wrong. In Germany either. The E Class is sold at Charger prices in Germany... I guess when it comes to your arguments...you like to play both sides of the fence. But you know... a very IMPORTANT CRITERIA of LUXURY is the contrary of what you say... VOLUME is the very OPPOSITE of luxury. So in THAT context, because THAT is what YOU are discussing...LUXURY...that statement above is... WRONG!!! WRONG... Theis COVID thing will put a damper in E Class sales in the US... Dont be surprised that the E Class might be canceled in the US in a year... 1. its a sedan in a SUV world 2. new vehicle sales will be down drastically 3. Mercedes has to pay its huuuuge diesel scandal fines in Germany in the following months... Cost cutting was well on its way before the Covid thing, and now in the very near future, like in the next couple of months, it will be a very painful reality for Mercedes... 4. Mercedes before the Covid thing was cash strapped...Im afraid to ask what is happening now...
  19. The CT5 target market is non-taxi, non-police force agencies. Unlike the E Class... I guess the target market would be folk that could afford its luxury price tag on a car that is JUST luxury. The E Class is sold in its home market to police forces and taxi cab companies....much like the Dodge Charger is here in North America. And the E Class, much like the Dodge Charger, has got expensive versions to sell to those that want a little bit more speed and style than the taxi cab and police car versions... Also...the E Class has plebeian models too, that sell to Average Joes in the mainstream market. Much like the Charger... The CT5, does NOT have mainstream versions. Like at all... So there is that...
  20. wrong A Mercedes E Class... But not really. A CT5 is truly a luxury vehicle. Unlike the E Class... The thing is...the CT5 is NOT a mundane, mass produced, plebeian, every day Average Joe, utilitarian taxi cab sedan in its home country like the E Class is in its home country... So...what do we compare the E Class to? A Dodge Charger? Yeah...Im comfy with that comparison! You know...the Charger reaches high dollar price tags...JUST like the E Class. You know...the Charger is also a mundane, mass produced, plebeian, every day Average Joe, utilitarian taxi cab/police car sedan in its home country... JUST like the E Class in Germany... Both are RWD. AWD. Both have adequate horsepower V6s. Both have high powered V8s. Yeah....an E Class is a Charger competitor. Awesome!

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