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  1. I always meant to answer back at this post. I wanted to tell you to read it in spurts. Like in sports. In baseball terms. Read it slowly. One inning at a time. Stop. Spit. Scratch your balls. Resume reading. During the 7th inning, take a break, sing a little diddy, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, or in the is case...LITTLE GTO, fits in with the motif of my post and finallly finish it off. 4 hours you said? In 2019, baseball games last just over 3 hours...BANG! You are under the 4 hour barrier!!!
  2. Never mind... *SIGH* my post was stolen by Bob...beat me to it by mere seconds...
  3. Im actually older than you. 46. I dont drink or eat in my car either. My kids on the other hand...different story.
  4. I bet! I have watched some of those auctions on TV in the past. Why do I remember seeing them on XMAS day or New Year's day? Selective memory?
  5. So I guess its you, the Corvette owners, that are a finicky bunch then... Golf bags. Cup holders. Fat seats for your old man fat asses.
  6. So...a GIF like this appropriate then? @USA-1 In pics, that front end looks bulky. Lost in translation happens with pictures. True true. That GPS front lifting memory feature is awesome. Corvette engineers thought of many things to cater to those finicky exotic car owners. They did their homework... EDIT @Robert Hall Barrett J happens just before XMAS or right about New Years Day, right? The Montreal Show is mid January... You cant go then...I cant just retreat that GIF...I NEED to see the C8 before you...
  7. If @Robert Hall is gonna have a hard time seeing a C8 in person, I come from Montreal, I bet that Ill be seeing one waaaaay after Bob will... But then again, Montreal's Auto Show happens in January. Maybe GM will have one on display. I will attend if they do. So no. Havent seen one in person. Superfast 812? Phoque I LOVE that car. Not more than a Hellcat Challenger. But I LOVE that car. The last thing I wanna do is bitch about engineering choices and why things are placed in the car. So I understand the exhaust pipes being where they are. Part of my post above about the rear and the trunk also included the exhausts and why they are there. I just didnt mention that. Same reasons why the front is bulky. Frunk. Corvette needs to be a daily driver and that means engineers need to make space for stuff. And THAT is why the front is bulky. Im sure if the Corvette was to be a purely speed and track machine, and NOT be a daily driven friendly car, then the car could have been more streamlined both in the front and in the back...
  8. I wrote that 7 hours ago. That the movie aint out yet. This whole thing... I just said I hope its not a crappy American flag waving shytfest. And it made at least 3 folk angry with me for saying and PROVING that this whole Ford GT40 LeMans thing has some deep and flawed folklore to it... Their defense: Its a movie and movies are meant to be enjoyed. A back handed insult to me... Where I look for accuracy in a movie about ACTUAL EVENTS, they chastise me for wanting that in THIS movie... I guess becsause its not a documentary, and just a "movie", crappy American flag waving shytfests should be the norm when an American is involved in ANY historical event when depicted in a movie... I guess I insulted their PATRIOTISM for fake MAGA flag waving folklore...
  9. Purists. Haters. The C8 looks the part. Love it or hate it, it speaks the mid-engine super car language. On all levels. It aint as elegant in the frontal area as say...the Ferrari 458, the car that it was benched mark after in the looks department and in the engineering driving and handling characteristics. Or the new McLaren GT which resembles it a little. The Ferrari 488 and the F8 Tributo do seem to be more refined looks wise than the C8. But then again, the Vette is NOT supposed have refined lines. But aggressive ones. And the C8 certainly does have that. The rear. The rear does seem unnecessarily busy., I myself wished it was more "refined" and smoothed over. But then again, the rear does need to have some sort of trunk to fit the targa top and the dumb golf bags that the Vette faithful so cherish... Who am I to declare war on the rear? I am not a buyer of Corvette. Not now. Not in the near future. But past, current and future Vette buyers required and require that... But, Ive also listened to Tadge Juechter and his staff speak about how and why they chose those design elements in the car, and HE said that that is what the young designers are doing so that design is the future. Along with the necessary engineering requirements... And if you look at the current and future supercar renderings from the exotic makers, you will see similar aggressive design themes that the Corvette C8 has adopted. And FUTURE design elements is the KEY here... So Im good with that. The ONLY thing I wished it had was its quad exhausts were centered like how it all started with the C5. Irony being that I HATED that design element in 1997. But now I WANT it... The "Camaro rear tailights" look good on it. I like them on the C7. I just dont like the black plastic that look like tears on the C7, but on the C8 they are MORE than awesome!!! Performance wise? The Z51 KILLS it. The base base at below 60 grand...like what do you want more? At around 80-90 grand, this machine is the complete package. Minus the brand snobbery. But then again, Corvette has its own awesome brand image. And yes, this is just the beginning. Z06. Hybrid 1000 HP plus variant... I love Ferrari. I love Ford GT (40) I LOVE the Viper. Then there is CORVETTE for me on a whole other level. But I am more of a fullsized and midized muscle car guy.
  10. Ive been on youtube and several automotive sites searching for ANY C8 content. Ive also read hundreds if not thousands of comments on those sites and videos regarding the C8 I found out that the majority of people all over the world (And yeah...Ive listened to GERMAN youtube videos, and Ive read GERMAN comments...google translate for the comments but I have NO clue what the videos said...) That the C8 is MOSTLY well perceived. Fans from all kinds of types of vehicles applaud GM for having the balls to switch to mid-engine for the Corvette. A vocal minority, but big numbers just the same just wished that GM kept the Corvette front engined the way it was. Most comments liked the C8's exterior looks. Most comments were about it looked BETTER than the other mid-engined exotics out there. Trolls on US content commented how it looked like an Acura NSX or it was a Walmart Ferrari. I do not think the German comments were trolly, but it was fairly even split between the German folk liking the exterior looks, better than the C7 and C6 or those that liked the C8 but find the looks to be more European and that was a set back because at least the C7 and C6 had American styling design (same with the placement of the engine, these folk applauded the mid-engine effort but stated that the Corvette lost its specialness by being Front engined RWD) and those that hated it because it reminded them too much of a Ferrari design. But many many many comments were how before they would NEVER consider a Corvette, but the C8 won them over. Price and performance with that mid-engine layout being the reasons given. Some said...(who knows if they really own a 911 or Ferrari) that they would now ditch their German and Italian rides for the Corvette C8. On the interior....hands down...comments were about how much better it looks and seems to be than previous generations. However, in the German comments, there were some trolls that called the Corvette American junk and that it will never hold a candle to a 911, BMW, Audi or Mercedces. Just an anecdotal post...take that what you want from this post. Enjoy it or rip me into pieces for it...
  11. writes: What are you talking about? Mid-engined exotic car owners are not finicky. Where is your proof that mid-engined exotic owners are finicky? I dont buy that at all. You are generalizing and that is a not good when stating your opinions on a car forum. writes: Yeah...I know. Forbes is stating that the car demographic for mid-engined exotics should favor the launch of the C8 due to the fact that.............. Motor Trend did a study of................. Cars and Safety Weekly says that the young Millennials that are to buy the C8................ This @oldshurst442 guy just doesn't get it. writes: Im gonna have fun test driving it no matter what he says. writes: ( on my post) Yes. But I sat in it and well...Im 8 feet 9 inches tall and because its a GM product, I could fit easily in it because its a GM product and the C8 is also mid-engined but a comparable Ferrari...well the Ferrari sucks because Im 8 feet 9 inches tall and I cant fit my oversized legs and torso in the car. To which I write back to all of you: Listen: Alls Im saying is that Chevrolet nearly killed the Corvette program because....... and I hope Chevrolet will find a way to keep its core buyers intact while keeping new buyers happy and I hope they find new secrets of success in making new loyal Corvette buyers for the next 60 years. And...well, its true that the mid-engined crowd's demands are a little different than what Chevrolet knows about the "muscle car" crowd. writes back: What do you mean the muscle car crowd is different.... writes back: Muscle Car Review and Hot Rod Chevy say that............
  12. The heads of the UAW I heard, will eventually be prosecuted for some kind of fraud. One guy resigned in hopes of eliminating his chances of being arrested? Did I hear that correct? Anyway, the C8 looks to be like a fantastic machine. I just hope Chevy could keep customers interested in it for another 60 years. It was a tough sell at times when it was front engined, yet it kept its core buyers intact. But as we all know, the Corvette program was nearly killed of several times in its history, the latest from C4 to the C5 due to waning customers and not making money on it and almost from the C6 to the C7 due to the bankruptcy. Now that its core buyers are conflicted, will it have a fresh new core buyers to keep it going for another 60 years? The mid-engined crowd is a finicky bunch...
  13. Nope. A delay wont make it more appealing to you. But perhaps it will...in that the longer its delayed, the longer you will have to see it roaming around on public roads...
  14. And it seems that YOU dont seem to understand what it is that I am looking for... Ill enjoy the movie...but Ill deem it to be GARBAGE if it lacks the details that make it a REAL HISTORIC BIO-PIC. Its in the little details, for me, when a HISTORIC movie depicting HISTORY in a more or less TRUTHFUL way... Yes, its a movie...based on a real event. It it lacks truth to it...we might as well call it a fantasy and not a historical event. In this case...TWILIGHT the movies would be enjoyed more by me than a false representation of what transpired. But yeah...Siskel and Ebert said that the movie is great. And some blogger on youtube said the Last Jedi is bullshyte because of SJW messages so I got to go by those standards... But I find it funny that we resorted to back hand insults on me when I showed you folk how there really are two opposing facts on this issue. And Im the one that is pushing for a more realistic movie depicting an American hero in a bad light...
  15. Again... from your link...the director's cut Jonny: Very cool. In the Americanized folklore of this story, Henry Ford II is sort of like the good guy and Enzo Ferrari's the baddie. What I really, really liked about the way you portrayed it was like Ford wasn't so good and Enzo wasn't all bad. I said I HOPE its closer to the truth than the "the Americanized folklore of this story" which is bullshyte. Again...the movie aint out yet...you seem to love to use other people's opinions on what things are like. I do NOT give two shytes what reviewers thought about the movie if it was great or not. All I want from the movie is that they portray Enzo and Ford II closer to reality than what is passed on as gospel in the US. Hence me always saying: No American Flag Waving bullshyte!!! I get that the heroes in this movie ARE gonna be American...I have no problem with that... Its from an American POV where for 3 or 4 years, the Ferrari GT40 won at LeMans shutting out Ferrari and in one of those years, the GT40 took 1-2-3... And YES...Enzo leaving in a rage of fit and backing down from the deal BECAUSE he was not able to control his company's racing endeavors rather than the bullshyte version of Enzo not wanting to be bought by a maker of ugly cars is VERY SIGNIFICANT... It VILIFIES UNJUSTLY one man and props up another man to which it may be MORE realistic if it VILIFIED the other man instead... BIG DIFFERENCE And yes... that little detail might have repercussions on the box office ticket sales, but it also phoques up the truth. Revisionist history, even in a Hollywood movie, is NOT a good thing!!! You can't see that?
  16. I have a weird sentiment on the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Some days I like the car, other days I do not. Side profile reminds me too much of a BMW, and I HATE on BMWs for the most part. But the over all styling of the Giulia is more often sexy to me than not. And I do like the exhaust notes of that turbo 2.9. An inline turbo 6 on a future Giulia will bring it that much closer to mimic a BMW, which I strangely applaud and can get very excited about. *hmmmmm* Great idea indeed to have a TTI6 Giulia. Could I get excited about a possible TTI6 Challenger SRT ACR or Challenger SRT "Wraith" in the near future? I think I can, yes!!!
  17. @ykX From your Motor Trend Link Id say...there is 2 different opinions on this so called real event. And these two actually contradict one another... So...you were saying? PS: You think I didnt make any research to all of this before hand? Ive read this story in highschool... Ive read that exact Motor Trend narrative for decades. And I believed it. And I was proud of the American automotive industry even more... Until I came across other media that said otherwise about how it went down... Dont worry. I still love the American car industry over the others though. I still love the USA!!!
  18. Now...since the truth is a 3 way street. Go find an Italian media source or two... Then...when reading the two sides...ask a third party that has NO connection to Ferrari, Ford, Italy and the US and somewhere in between, there lies the truth... FROM WIKI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_GT40 History[edit] Henry Ford II had wanted a Ford at Le Mans since the early 1960s. In early 1963, Ford reportedly received word through a European intermediary that Enzo Ferrari was interested in selling to Ford Motor Company. Ford reportedly spent several million dollars in an audit of Ferrari factory assets and in legal negotiations, only to have Ferrari unilaterally cut off talks at a late stage due to disputes about the ability to direct open wheel racing. Ferrari, who wanted to remain the sole operator of his company's motor sports division, was angered when he was told that he would not be allowed to race at the Indianapolis 500 if the deal went through since Ford fielded Indy cars using its own engine, and didn't want competition from Ferrari. Enzo cut the deal off out of spite and Henry Ford II, enraged, directed his racing division to find a company that could build a Ferrari-beater on the world endurance-racing circuit.[
  19. The movie is not even out yet. Nobody knows what angle the movie took. I just said that I HOPE THEIR IS NO LIES AND EGREGIOUS AMERICAN FLAG WAVING in the movie... There is a big difference in hoping and actually being... And yes it happened in real life. But that doesnt mean facts are correct in a movie... Braveheart... William Wallace really did exist. And there was a Scottish uprising...but... Well...many facts were wrong in that movie. And sometimes in a movie, likje discussed before, a movie is supposed to be a romanticized version of real life. But...Id say that Braveheart was an egregious Scottish flag fwaving moment...with many lies and errors...to maker the English look bad and horrible. I hope Ferrari versus Ford is not in that same vein...to make Enzo look bad...and the hooray hooray...we are Americans...we are the best...a la Rocky 4... I must break you to USA USA USA chants in Mother Russia flag waving bullshyte. As a Canuck...I LOVE Rocky 4. I could deal with that American flag waving in that movie. Fun times during the Cold War and all!!! As a Canuck...I wont be able to deal with any egregious flag waving in this movie just because America wants to feel good about herself with a REAL EVENT that MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED that way in the movie... I get it...your National pride is at stake. But sometimes being over patriotic is not a good thing. USA USA USA USA USA
  20. Yeah... like money does not corrupt people and sway people to go one way over another.... Like humans are virtuous beings... Doctors, lawyers, politcians, business owners, media... All straight on the arrow. Like The President doesnt have a beef with He being a problem with fakenews as much as fakenews really existing. He aint wrong about fakenews. But he also contributes to fakenews as well... Like we live in a sin free world...if you actually believe sins exist if you are a man of faith. Speaking of faith...Ill add religious folk as being 100% virtuous as well...
  21. ^^^ A conglomerate prioritized speed and profit over safety? Say it ain't so, Joe. I do NOT believe it! (sarcasm)
  22. LOL. Oh...trust me, I tried! I tried teaching them how to spell this way. "Gimme me an R ! (r) O! (o) C! (c) K! (k)...." But they never wanted to take to it. Seriously speaking, I tried making them listen to the classics from the 50s and 80s but my daughter just does not have an interest in music all that much. She will listen to what her peers listen to, which are "artists" and "singers" from today. She does have some interest in music, but it ends there. My son, he likes 50s rock. Bill Hailey. The Big Bopper. Several Doo Wop songs. But 80s rock...he wont touch it as his peers deem that era not cool. There are a couple of his friends who's daddy's succeeded in winning their kid's hearts to 80s music. But I failed...
  23. Oh...yes they are. Some are. Some are not. But...tell you one thing. Even with today's cleaner cars, leave your car running in a closed environment and see how you fair and then come and tell me that emission laws are overboard. Catalytic converters and technology have come a long way since the 1970s. When push comes to shove...automakers WILL find a solution. When left alone....chaos ensues. Hell, chaos ensues when there are rules. A famous saying in NASCAR ...Tom Petty...oops..Richard Petty, (RIP TOM)...said if you aint cheatin', you aint tryin' THIS is regarding rules and regulations when in place and anarchy STILL ensues. When no laws and regulations exist, all hell breaks loose. And this is the kind of mind set that Detroit...and Wolfsburg go by. Not a good thing for you and me, buddy.
  24. I agree with the first paragraph. I suppose its true with the 2nd paragraph. Let me correct myself. I know it to be true. I just do not want to agree with it in principle.

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