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  1. Not even close. They are both fastback, coupe styled vehicles that have 4 doors. Both are grey in colour. The grilles are different. The Honda has a chrome bar that continues its course into the headlights. The KIA has a bumper-esque body coloured thing resembling a...bumper dividing the top half of the fascia from the bottom. The Honda has a conventional mouth/grille going on with no bumper/esque separation going on. The headlights are worlds apart from one another. Like I said, the Honda has that chrome bar designed into the headlights while sporting Acura's jeweled themed style while the KIA has just 2/3 lights. No chrome bar or chrome whatsoever in the front of the car... The side slabs of both vehicles are world's apart. The Honda is flat and the rake moves upward from the front to the back while the KIA looks to be more horizontally straight and has all kinds of creases while there are hip bulges on the rear wheels. The C Pillar is different. Two totally different direction stylings on the C Pillar. The mirrors are different. The Honda mirrors are attached to the body while the KIA's is not. Even the door handles are placed in very different locations of the doors because the doors are not even the same style and positioned in the same way. And if you look closer than what you wanted to do to justify your opinion, the KIA is a sleeker vehicle...it looks waaaaaaay newer than that Accord. That Accord pic you posted already looks dated... Now...other than having modern day computer engineered aerodynamic fastback silhouettes that makes ALL cars of the modern era to somewhat resemble each other, there are virtually NO similar design cues anywhere on both vehicles...
  2. It no way looks like any Honda ever made in history... It doesnt even have specific Japanese or Korean styling cues. It looks like a modern KIA product. And its quite a stunning car. In a good way. In a very good way. Unless of course one does not like fastback, coupe like sedans. I like that styling! A lot! I may not like, in fact hate, that it wont have a hatchback opening. In a fastback like that, its better for the consumer of said product to have access to a hatch...
  3. That was a long time ago when I was 21 years old. I have had only one other accident ever since. In a gas station parking lot. I finished gasing up and leaving when a dumb girl, was backing out of the station's parking spots when she did not see me and hit my car. The passenger side front door was badly dented. I could open and close the door, but... And that was in 2011 I believe in my 2005 Impala SS. So not my fault. However....I seem to get speeding tickets all the time though. I cant seem to shake those things off.
  4. You're 12? Wow! You look so...old. Happy Birthday, Drew! We got snow. They said storm. So far its just a normal winter snowfall. But it is the first of the season so I gather lots of accidents...
  5. Speed kills... Especially in the winter when traction from the road to the wheels is less than ideal... I learned to drive in the winter with my uncles 1988 fullsized Chevy van. 305. I learned to control RWD fishtailing with that van. No weight under the drive wheels even if it was a lowly 305. I learned to skid in the snow FWD vehicles with that Celebrity. Yes, because I was a jackass to the car. But I did learn how to control handling in many situations by driving like an ass. In both accidents, the roads were slick and I was going waaaaay too fast for the conditions. I wrapped the Firebird on a traffic pole when I lost the back end in an intersection. Late at night in the wee hours. I wasnt going THAT fast, 70 KM/H in a 50 zone (about 45 mph in a 30 zone)but it was fast enough to not being able to control the back end when the back end got loose and not being able to stop the car and finally the car wrapped itself on a traffic pole. Im lucky that I did not hit it drivers side or head on... I told the cops the truth, that I was going a tad less than 70 KM/H. I took a breath-alyzer test and they saw I was sober and that is that... The Celebrity accident was stupid of me. Like really really stupid. It was a blizzard. I was going about 75 MPH (120 KM/H) in a 65 MPH (100KM/H) highway when I should have been going 30-35 MPH. I lost control and wrapped the car on the highway fence. I took at least a football field length of chain link fence. The car was wrapped in it. Im lucky to not have been decapitated... The Quebec Transport Department later in the year upgraded that whole stretch of highway with cement block barriers. I think it was because of me!!! LOL. My insurance took care of it I guess. I lied. I said I was going the speed limit. 65 MPH. The cop told me that too was too fast, but no charges was pressed... But yeah...I learned to drive and control my vehicles in sticky situations BY driving at the limits... But now, I do not drive like an a$$ either...
  6. Yup! No joke either. My dad had bought a 1979 Impala, new in 1979. By 1986, the undercarriage was rot with rust so it was time for a new car. We was close my dad and I, and I had chosen the Impala when he bought it, so he made me choose this next one too. But I chose a 2.8 V6 Eurosport. Dark Grey. So that is what we (he) bought. However, when the car was to be delivered, I was in school and my dear old mom, God Rest Her Soul, (I miss her dearly) went to pick up the car with him. There was the car. All $18 000 dollars CDN of her. There was a base stripper model, AM radio only, with two front speakers, on the dash, bench seat, dark grey 2.5 Iron Duke, plain Celebrity on the show room floor. Now, she might have not been a car gal herself, and she did not know what in the hell my dad bought, but she could see that the 18 000 dollar Eurosport was the same damned car as the 14 000 dollar show room floor model. (4000 bucks WAS quite the price difference then though to be fair.) She couldnt understand why that much dollar difference so she made the sales person and my dad tear up the old contract and start a new one for the plain Jane Celebrity. Now, not that I was all excited for a Celebrity Eurosport, but I knew I wanted to have the 6 cylinder and the blacked out grill and red pinstripe across the body and Eurosport badging. So by the time I got my licence in the Spring of 1990, I had a feeling the 2.5 was a dog and then I experienced it. I knew that the V6 was not a muscle car, but I knew that it had more giddy up... So I never respected the car until I nearly killed myself in it in March of 1994. Ironically, I bought a friends 1989 2.8 V6 Firebird in the summer of 1993. I totaled that car in January of 1994. Nearly killed myself in that accident too.
  7. The Ford dude says that Celebrity seats 5... Sure. With the buckets. But Celebrity did come with a bench seat. It sat 6 with the bench seat. OK...the person that sat in the middle was probably dead if the car had to decelerate abruptly either by sudden stop via hitting an object or just by even braking hard, but still. (The head of the person felt to be was soooooo close to the windshield it aint even funny...and yes, that person WOULD hit the windshied as the "middle" seat had no 3-point belt harness, just a lap belt.) Another selling point over the Celebrity is the choice of a manual transmission that the Celebrity does not offer. Who in their right mind cares to shift his own gears in a god awful, 86 horsepower (the Celebrity had 90 LOL...going by memory) 2.3 liter 4 cylinder? 0-60 in 14 and a half seconds. That is not the quartertmile time folks....THAT is 0-60... ( I googled) Theoretical top speed of 96 MPH? And we laugh at the Delorean???!!! Comparing mediocrity is right, Drew!!! I just had to laugh and point out the idiocy of that Ford promo vid... PS: I get the sign of the times...I was alive and aware of it. My dad bought a 2.5 Iron Duke 1986 Celebrity. I drove it when I got my license and I totaled it.
  8. Not when only EV sales are concerned. Ill give you the over all vehicle sales argument in the market place. But even you got to admit, amongst all EV cars/models/brands out there, Tesla is the one that is king of the jungle.
  9. Im interested in how they did up the interior. It looks like they did a better job there than on the exterior. They dont show it in detail...and the camera angles suck to see it well while going through it fast besides all that... The exterior is horrible.
  10. ^^^ I prefer the Queen of Disco's version better. So much so, I do not even want to quote the post. I do not like his whiny singing voice. But strangely enough, I like listening to his songs. Weird...
  11. Yeah! Stupid GM! I edited that post. I think when the 1992 generation Grand Am/Achieva came out, the Corsica/Tempest was stopped? Because I do know that the Corsica platform was updated to make the 1992 Grand Am/Achieva/Skylark
  12. Yes! But I think in 1992, the Corsica and Tempest were gone.
  13. Sure. Corsica, Grand Am, Calais, Somerset. All the same segment. Before 1992, the Grand Am, Calais, and Somerset was the same bloody car. The new generation 1992 Grand Am and the 1992 Achieva, formely known as Calais, and the 1992 Buick Skylark formely known as Somerset was the same platform as the Corsica. It was a revised and upgraded platform Corsica. But that did not stop GM Canada from badge engineering one for Pontiac. And it sold quite well too. At least by 1992, the Grand Am did not look like the Achieva which did not look like the Skylark. You had to look hard to see the similarities. Not that hard, but at least that generation wasnt the same damned car as the gen before it.
  14. The American market never got this car? Not that it was a big loss if you guys did not get it. It was a pure GM badge job like GM done back then. But Im surprised if GM did not sell this car in the US market just the same.
  15. A pick-up should have a usable bed. Maybe Jeep should have made it something like an Avalanche? Or does GM still have a trademark on that mechanism?
  16. Ill give the plus one. PS: Practically the ONLY SUV I ever want to own is the original SUV. The Wrangler. But I must say, the Wrangler pick-up absolutely does NOTHING for me. Maybe you say to me that its because I do not like pick-up trucks either to which Ill tell you nah, that is not it. The Wrangler pick-up is just....too funky for me.
  17. Im not anti-French cars per se either. If I lived in Europe (Greece), Id probably consider a French car. But most probably a Suzuki or a Honda product (as a Canadian moving to Greece to live). But if I was born in Greece and lived there all my life, Id probably be like most Greeks and buy German.... Im excited for this merger, only because Im fed up of having the Germans phoque over Chryco and now the Italians. Im excited to maybe see the French might do justice to Chrysler and Dodge. We will see I guess. I had high hopes for the Fiat group, especially when Sergio gave the greenlight to start up the Viper program after it was canceled due to the bankruptcy but it was all for nothing. I dont mean the Viper going away again. I understand that monies were needed elsewhere other than a very niche and boutique, hand made sports car. But I didn't expect for all the monies to go to dead man walking brands either only to skin Chrysler alive and barely give Dodge anything. They stripped Dodge of the Ram too. Good move? Well it did not hurt Ram sales at all. And it didnt hurt Dodge either for the short term. Maybe its because we all know that even if Ram is its own brand, its still Dodge... I dont think PSA is hurting as much as Fiat was. Maybe that is a good thing for Chryco going forward. But like DeLorenzo says. Its a GIANT "we will see".
  18. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! I also like to link youtube vids and /or GIFs I never said the C7 is ho-hum. However...all other Chevy products are on the same level as Toyota...YIKES!!! Now, the way you are defending Chevy, I KNOW you know it to be true. Its OK...I feel your pain.
  19. Its not a good engine. It pollutes. Sure. Its reliable. It pollutes. Electric motors. Run longer than that...
  20. Diesels are killing themselves. That dude that dont want to let go of his VW Diesel? He prolly wears out his boxer shorts and his socks to the point of disintegration.
  21. I did say that Chevrolet is ho-hum at the moment. Corvette not with standing. There are no products at Chevy that instill excitement when people go visit the Chevy store to look at the Corvette, any Corvette, C7 or C8 and then leave with a purchase because Corvette is the halo car.... All the CUVs are meh at Chevy with the exemption of the Blazer. And in this here forum, the Blazer was ill received.... Too expensive, wrong wheel drive...(maybe some folk in this forum even complained about its interior...) I for one actually like the Blazer. (I HATE CUVs) For a CUV, its got excitement going on...for me. Where is Chevy's answer to the Raptor? Chevy also needs an SUV version of a Raptor. Where is the Avalanche if Chevy does not want to do a full blown SUV... Because an Equinox and a Trax are just about as dull as they get. They are as interesting as Toyota products... The Tahoe. Its a big ride. I guess that makes it cool. But it too has become such a drab ride. Too many soccer moms have bought it in the past and continue to buy it that for me at least, it has lost that "je ne sais quoi" about it. I was always a car guy, but back in the day, I saw plenty of K5s like this one and that ride ALWAYS made me turn my head... Now I see a Tahoe, and its almost like in this photo Two millennial do-gooders, that want to have the look of ruggedness, but are afraid to get their hands dirty. They wear their off-roading boots, but are afraid to step in a puddle... They load up their dogs, and take them to the dog park, instead of taking them up north to some sort of hiking trail in the Laurentians. To boot, too cheap to buy the GMC Denali or Escalade... And yes I see that. Gasoline prices are sky high in Quebec so Tahoes are bought buy well off people. I also see that with the Escalade. Prissy soccer moms with French Manicured nails with faux fur, because real fur is passé, but at least with the Escalade, its a Cadillac. Cadillac and elitism go hand in hand. This Tahoe down below... *YAWN!!!* At least the one above is red... The Camaro Im afraid is gonna die. No news on a new gen. Unless GM is playing coy and the new generation will be all electric? That is why I said Chevy is ho-hum. There was never a Cruze Z-24 or Cruze SS, but it dont matter now, Cruze is dead. Impala. Dead. Malibu? Unfortunately, it has a personality that bores people to death. Even the Camry git some aggressiveness going on lately. The Accord still offers a 6 cylinder. The Fusion? A 2.7 liter ecoboosted V6 with 325 HP and 380 ft.lbs of torque. It aint an ST model, The Fusion Sport is not an Audi S4 competitor, more like a regular V6 automobile, so the AWD on it is just a Joe Shmo affair, but 325 HP and 380 ft.lbs non the less. The Edge offers that powertrain too... The Blazer does not. The Taurus still has an SHO. The Impala...no.

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