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  1. I enjoy them immensely. When I could, when I have the time and I actually find a pic that tells kinda the same narrative but with a Montreal POV, Ill reciprocate your snapshot "of days gone by". For yours and the forum's enjoyment. And for me, by reciprocating you, is a gesture of saying thanks and that I appreciate your snaps of days gone by.
  2. ^^^ I did not know that. About the Renault 8 being built in Saint Bruno. I mean, I knew Renault had a plant here, its just that I thought it was the Renault 5 "Le Car" being built here. There were a few of these "Le Cars" around back in the day that I assumed when I learned in my teens that Renault had a plant here that 'twas it that was manufactured here. I never saw and got the chance to see the Renault 8 on Montreal roads. I never knew this car even existed as even in Greece, I dont remember ever seeing this car. And yeah, it makes sense that Montreal bought these because it was built locally. Logical.
  3. Im trying to match Balthy's old time pics. But mine will always be within a Montreal realm. There was a short time when Montreal had little shytty Renaults as cop cars. I believe this to be a Renault 8. From the '60s I assume. Dont really know why on earth Montreal decided to have a fleet of these. I think it was a Youth Squad for rookies to learn how to do a "beat" And a row of these shytty Renaults.
  4. Makes sense...I finally figured out who you REALLY are! You are Yankee Doodle! You distance yourself from things expelling gas...so Im betting you ride a pony. Although ponies also expel another type of, ahem, gas. Hear me out. I got another clue. You got a feather in your cap. All I gots to know if you call THAT, macaroni.
  5. I dance to your honour. Thank-you for raising an amazing daughter who is an amazing wife and mother. Aιώνια μνήμη αυτήν. Ζωή με μάς.
  6. If I could use two emogi voting thingys, I would have. So I thanked you with the voting thingy and responded with a laughy emoticon.
  7. Even I havent got a "good lord" from Balthy... LOL
  8. I googled Mechatronik. Interesting. I love stuff like that. Companies that take classics and restomod them to high standard levels. Although I wouldnt be a customer of theirs (if I had ungodly amounts of money at my disposal) as Mercedes is not what Im into, but I love what they and other similar companies do.
  9. Im sorry. This is an alternate fuels and propulsion thread. Sorry I derailed it with MOPAR propelled German cars. The thing is, I wouldn't spend a dime restoring 70's and '80s Mercedes cars. Not worth my time or money.
  10. Good 'ole Canuck rock. CANUCK ROCK RULES! Now...if Im restomodding a 1970s or 1980s Mercedes, Id be a freakin' lunatic to do so. Especially with a price tag of 179 000-200 000 American freakin' dollars. But if I was on the fringe to do so, Id think long and hard about electrification, but really, Id HEMI those bitches JUST to stick it to Mercedes! Id take the AMG HAMMER And DEMONIZE it! Take that grille, Dodge-ify it by making it it a Dodge Crosshair look-alike. Rip those silly headlight washers out, take the left side headlight, modify it so I got one functional headlight and one functional air duct feeding the Hellcat crate motor under the hood that I will modify to have huge air scoops to feed that huge Kompressor... Take that small and silly 3 pointed star at the front on top of the grill and throw it out in the trash. Put Hellcat logos on the left and right side front fenders and Im ready to go to Mercedes gatherings to show off my new MOPAR ride! If I had money to burn, Id get my hands on this nice electric blue, hybrid SLS Rip out all the drivetrain in it, trash that 3 pointed star. Modify the grill for it to be a Dodge Crosshair grill and stick any generation Viper V10 I could get my hands on in it. You guessed it. To STICK it to Mercedes!
  11. Me. Too. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels... Sounds like a great movie to introduce my kids to tonight. I got the DVD. I forgot I had it until now. Us talking about voyages. To Europe. Talking about Italian and Greek trips. The movie is set in the French Riviera. Im Greek...A Greek billionaire is just about to be swindled in the end... Yeah... PERFECT movie to sum up the day. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Speaking of Jamaica Montego Bay I prefer this cover from the 80s than the original. Although the original is awesome too. And this little Canadian song. Sums it up quite good during these Covid times. I may need a nice cold beer after hearing this song. No Corona please. Ill just start crying...
  13. All this talk about traveling and I decided to listen to Greek music, based on places. The name of the song is Imerovigli. A village on the northern part of Santorini close to Oia where the famous sunset goers flock to. And Jamaica. A 1950s original song that plays hommage to Jamaica. Well...not really. The title of the song is named after the beautiful island in the Caribbean and the lyrics only references it once. But its a happy, blue collar, fisherman's summer song that says that every morning the singer leaves for work to fish, the trawlers sail to sea like birds scattering in the sky. The trips out to sea are long. Long enough to reach Jamaica. And then references to his love and how he has made his little fishing trawler in the image of her so she could be with him on his trips.
  14. Ive been to Olympia in 2001. Maybe its because Im Greek, but I felt something in the air. Maybe it was Zeus welcoming me to his temple. Maybe he was trying to seduce me away from his daughter Athena as I have been to her Temple in Athens many times before and I just fall in love with her every time I set foot in Athens. Maybe it was the Goddess of Victory, Nike, reaching out to me reminding me that Athena is my first love. Seriously though, I did feel electricity in the air when walking through the ruins, the columns of Zeus' temple just laying there on the ground. The names of the Olympians that cheated.... The arch and walkway leading to the running track. Looking at the hills and feeling the ghosts of spectators past and of the athletes themselves. I took a run on it twice myself. I felt the same electricity in the old Montreal forum where the Canadiens won so many Stanley Cups. No joke. I think there is something to that... Ive never been to Meteora. Id visit it one day, but it aint high on my list. Montreal. In July. Jazz fest. Comedy fest. All kinds of ethnic festivals. Good time to come. Next year. This Covid thing sucks!
  15. In 1893, this was a post office. The oldest building in the Place St Henri District in Montreal. In the 1960s, it was a caisse pop. A national bank (Quebec) where the bank account owners own shares in the bank and get end of year dividends. And an insurance company. Life insurance. Theft. Fire. Auto. And a nice Pontiac in the front. Today. Its a restaurant. And across the street. Place St-Henri Subway station
  16. Italy is on my to-do list. As is France, England (all of the UK Ireland and Scotland is a must too) Germany. France. Paris is a city I gotta see, but its Southern France that tickles my fancy the most. Marseille and the French Riviera. Why stop there though? I NEED to see Spain, and Portugal and Hungary and Austria and the Northern European countries like Sweden and Norway and Finland. I cant wait when I get to that time of my life when Ill be doing my world travelling with my wife. And kids if they want to join us. They will be adults by then and if their adult life will allow them. Ive got a couple of trips planned before they become independent from us though. This year was one. But Covid got in the way. Next year, my daughter is going to Lucerne and Zurich then to and Italy (Venice, Florence, Pompei, and Rome) on a high school trip and we were thinking to continue the trip as a family by joining her in Rome when the school trip is over and we as a family continue on some sort of Italian vacation. Details still need to be thought out. Hopefully by then, Covid will allow us to travel. The school trip is already paid for. If canceled. We will do this trip as a family anyway when travel will allow us to post Covid.
  17. My daddy had a '79 Impala coupe. OK, not a station wagon. But a "downsized" 1977-1990 B-Body family platform nonetheless. I bought a 1985 Delta 88 sedan in the mid 1990s... OK, not a Pontiac Catalina Safari but a "downsized" 1977-1990 B Body family platform nonetheless. My favorite B-Body from that generation would be the 1987-1990 Caprice Classic Brougham I love the front end. I love the taillights. The roof. The bumpers front and rear are sealed where it meets the body. I love the sealed headlights. Very classy car. And then it would be the 1979 Impala and Caprice coupe. The small wrap-around rear window just melts my heart.
  18. Ill agree to that sentiment that Porsche is doing just fine...and that people dont tend to overanalyze...to a point. I read an article not too long ago that Porsche's marketing department is concerned with their current image. Many new and recent Porsche owners arent really connecting to or relating to the 911 or the supercars Porsche makes. In other words, Porsche is worried that they are fast becoming just another automobile company making just another CUV or sedan... And the performance part and/or enthusiasm part of what made Porsche performance cars legendary is not exactly on top of new Porsche or would be Porsche car buyer's minds. And hence the Jason Bourne/Fast and Furious/The Italian Job Superbowl commercial this past February. It was to try to rekindle that special Porsche performance magic... In other words... When did Porsche have to remind us car guys that Porsche has made some of the world's most thrilling cars? Answer: Since they build not one, not two, but three, tall, heavy, SUVs that are the exact opposite of what the original air cooled 911 was... Not to mention the heavy AF sedan they got and the even heavier EV they are just beginning to peddle... Back to Tesla... A carefully crafted image that becomes accepted in the car community and has carved up itself a decent market and niche is easily shaken up with the peddling of the wrong product. Oh sure, the wrong product could and would be WILDLY successful, but it could and would be a detriment to the image of the company sometime in the future and that could and would cause irreparable damage to the name sake....and good luck in getting that image back...and then eventually, sales... Look at Cadillac. Look at Pontiac Heck...look at Porsche.
  19. Amalfi Coast...never been. Ive been to Santorini. Very comparable as both civilzations are built INTO the mountain side... How does the Italian government BEGIN to demolish the mountain to build bigger roads to accommodate American cars? And then...does the government destroy what is already built there for 1998 Dodge Ram dulies? Maybe my sarcasm filter is on the fritz, but...yeah... I dont think so Tim! And then I see it has already been covered...
  20. I disagree BIG TIME!!! For many reasons. And its not so much about "saving every little thing" but as much as "how the phoque are we gonna rebuild the infrastructure with soooooo many houses and business cramped into such a little space?" And THAT is only for a few yards squared. Multiply that by a block or two, on one street, and then duplicate that on another street and you'll get what Im talking about. If not, Ill explain further. In other words, a few thousand miles of houses and businesses need to be destroyed to make room for bigger roads...and where do these houses and businesses go? Its not as if Italy or Greece has wide open spaces like Canada or the US has. In other words, every square inch in Italy and in Greece is accounted for. And with literally THOUSANDS of years of development on every square inch in those countries, there isnt much room for huge American style cars. Remember, Italy and Greece were built with human hands and legs and were helped with horses and donkeys. Unlike in North America where the majority of its cities were created with the help of the railroad and the gasoline powered automobile... Montreal and Quebec City... You could see the difference with these two North American cities. They were founded and built like old world Europe. And things are tight for the automobile in the old parts. But as both cities grew with time and became modern with the modern times, the cities were built with the automobile in mind. Yet...because these cities are still kind of old world, both Quebec city and Montreal have not very wide streets as compared to say...Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Athens...Rome... When it comes to North America's oldest cities, Montreal, Quebec City, Boston, New York, Philadelphia...are still babies in human terms.
  21. Tesla is in a pickle marketing wise... They have branded themselves as performance oriented EVs. But with the Model Y, the target market Tesla wants and NEEDS to survive with couldnt care less about perfornce. So what does Elon gotta do? Sell the Model Y as a performance EV where 99% of the peeps buying THIS particular EV dont care, and risk losing them to other brands like Chevy when Chevy brings out their non-performance CUV EV or... Market this Model Y like how the core market of this particular EV will be like, which should technically be as a family hauler and grocery getter, and risk tarnishing the Tesla performance branded and oriented EV company they have successfully done so far ?

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