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  1. I enlarged the pic to try to see those ventiports, didnt see them. I also noticed that on the side fenders, the turbo Grand National emblem is present and there is no GNX logo on the front grill. I came to a correct conclusion. Unless of course its a clone Grand National. (I dont think so. Its probably a legit GN) But... maybe the the first black Buick Regal in the series could be a clone... @surreal1272 Its a shame for reasons you stated. Yes. But I dont mind stuff like that. I only care if the person that restored a classic, cloned it but passes it off as a legit trim and wants to sell it top dollar passing it off as a legit top dog model. Some clones are done exceptionally well. Especially with today's aftermarket and what is available to restorers to produce clones. If I had the cash flow to do such projects, as you guys know, I want a '70 442 or '73 T/A SD455. If I couldnt get my hands on an original, Id have to build one from whatever Cutlass or Firebird/Camaro I could get my hands on. And yeah...Id clone it as a '70 442 W-30 or '73 T/A SD455. There are plenty of aftermarket sources that would allow me to do that. Fenders. Front ends. Badging. And if the restoration job would be done by a professional (not by me), to the naked eye, it would fool even the very best. Documentation would be the ONLY thing that would reveal the truth about my cloned muscle car.
  2. That Grand National doesnt look like a GNX. I think its just a regular GN despite the front vanity license plate stating GNX. I would take that 1971 (Im assuming its a '71) orange with tan vinyl top Buick GS. In 2nd place would be that orange 2nd gen F-Body. I want to say its a Camaro. I wouldnt mind that '55 Chevy either.
  3. One of MANY reasons. 1. Do as I say, not as I do! 2. Im on TV 3. I get to 'heal' many folk in the name of God. 4. All for a fee, of course! 5. Ill be ordained therefore I get a free pass to heaven 6. I get to 'influence' many into doing things that I want them to do! 7. Ill have my very own singers and dancers dancing and singing in the background. Like I said, sounds like fun! (and lucrative)
  4. -Akmed... Axel Foley - Ahhwell...is here to see her. He's an old acquaintance. -Cover this up. Its like (never have I understood what he says) to scrub for the customer. Its not sexy. Its animal! No. Its not sexy. - May I offer you something to drink? Wine, cocktile, esssspressso No thank -you! - I make it myself with a little lemon twist. Is good you should try it. - I see you look at this piece? How much does it go for? - ah hundred thirty thousand dollar. GET THE PHOQUE OUTTA HERE!!! - No I cannot! -Its a very important piece Ever sell one of these? -Yesterday! GET THE PHOQUE OUTTA HERE!!!! -Im serious. I sell it myself!
  5. ^^^ Yeah...I would have thought so
  6. ^^^ 1970 Challenger 440 1969 Charger Hemi 2015-2021 Challenger Hellcat 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi or 440 2024 Challenger EV 2024 Charger EV And THAT would complete the Mopar portion of my garage. No! Wait! 1997 Dodge Viper GTS 1955 Chrysler 300 1958 Plymouth Fury 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 and there is more...
  7. Bubblegum pop... interesting that you find that kinda tunage as catchy...
  8. Id want to buy a Hellcat V8 Challenger BEFORE the EV version would come out though... But Id ALSO buy the EV version too so Id have both in my garage. All I have to do is dream....maybe it'll come true one day... And I just HAVE to post Heart's dream song too...
  9. ^^^ To think I didnt think about posting that song with that joke... Im disappoint with myself.
  10. I love french too. French girls are AWESOME when one is coming of age (wink wink) French MILFS? Depending, but Ill tell you one thing...french girls between the ages of 15 (when one is also 15...) and 30, are just hot hot hot and a boy gets to learn a helluva lot about the female body and how it works with a french girl, if you know what I mean...
  11. Somehow, I totally understand that statement...
  12. 2 thoughts 1. I want to poo poo on Tampa Bay's parade. But I simply cannot do that. 2 in a row! Back2Back! Good on the Lightning! AWESOME PERFORMANCE...AGAIN! Except 18 million over the cap will forever remain in my thoughts and I will ALWAYS place an asterisk on this Stanley Cup victory even if nobody else might not... 2. I wonder why one becomes a TV evangelist and how could I become one... Seems to be like a fun career! Lucrative too!
  13. Ferrari or Lamborghini might want to challenge you on that statement. EDIT: I just realized you said sedan. Sorry! My bad! Yup...Tesla sedans burn faster than any other sedans. Maybe when/if the roadster 2.0 comes out to play, then Tesla could own the 2 door sports car fastest burning record as well stripping it away from the Italians.
  14. Why is @smk4565 talking about an engine that does NOT exist or if it will EVER see the light of day on a pick-up truck that is not due out until next model year with guaranteed powertrains on it already mentioned that are average power at best??? And most importantly... Why do we even bother responding to him when he discusses stuff this way???
  15. Its been a long time since an interesting car coming through my drive-thru. But today I served a gentleman in his 60s driving an air cooled Porsche 911. Brown coupe from the early 1970s I assume. Light tan interior. I assume that it was from the 1970s because the seat fabric had a weird pattern to them. Fuchs wheels. I didnt ask him about his car. I did say to him that I liked his 911. He looked like he could be a doctor so I asked him if he was. He said close, dentist. So...a dentist with a brown 1970s Porsche 911 coupe came by to have a couple of hot dogs today. He made my day.
  16. Not to mention the major delay in the German factory. 1. Environmental issues with the 'green people' (but many corporations face this type of delay...) 2. lots of German bureaucratic red tape. Granted, this one could be chalked up to stalling tactic to favour the home town favorites. 3. Tesla missed a monetary payment... THIS one is very telling... Musk likes to put all the blame on Germany's exhaustive red tape...but if Tesla misses a contractual monetary payments...delays WILL just multiply... I get that unnecessary delays for a building permit is frustrating, but CEOs shouldnt be promising shyte when NOTHING is written in stone... Building permits were NOT issued when construction was started. 1. Green people will ALWAYS delay mega projects like this in ANY county or country. Frogs, fish, trees, birds...any kind of animal wildlife and natural resources will ALWAYS gonna be protected rightfully or laughably...so Musk should have known this from the get go. 2. Germany is (and France...and Quebec for that matter) is KNOWN for their massive red tape traffic clogging mess... 3. contractual responsibility where moneys have to be released on certain intervals and are not met...well, obviously that makes for delays! https://insideevs.com/news/495013/tesla-giga-grunheide-german-documentary/ https://www.dailysabah.com/business/automotive/tesla-criticizes-germany-for-16-month-berlin-factory-permit-delay https://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-gigafactory-berlin-construction-halted-unpaid-100-million-deposit-2020-12
  17. There is always Cornwall, Ontario. Hey look! A water tower!
  18. Canadians are worth double what Americans are worth in the market place, I guess....
  19. Since my momma passed away, and I had to clear out her house, I realized all the useless shyte we end up buying over the course of our lifetime. We buy all kinds of junk that just ends up in the garbage. All that money wasted could be put to better and more FULFILLING use. My wife and I, she was always like that tho, but we have more or less adapted a more of a minimalist lifestyle since the passing of my mom. Her mom passed away last year and we have DEFINATELY been steered that way since then.
  20. Thinking about yesterday... It was 245 years ago that the US fought for Independence from the bloody Brits!
  21. thanx. I told her. Our marriage is at the point where nothing stupid I do surprises her. She just looked at me like with a look as if I was a child. A messy, awkward child. Didnt say a word to me and immediately went out to clean her car. Yup...she loves me!!! FOR SURE!!! When I say lots and lots of money. I am talking about an ungodly amount of money. Top 1%er amounts of money. Several billions. When I say mansion, not in the real definition of a mansion either. Even with an ungodly amount of money, the house would be no bigger than 2200-2500 square feet. I own a 2000 sq. foot home now. Them kids of mine will eventually leave the nest, whenever that would be, there is no rush, and my wife and I WILL downsize even from this house @ 2000 sq. feet. 1978 sq feet to be exact. And yeah... Id travel the world SEVERAL time over myself!
  22. Cybertruck doesnt exist Nope. Besides. The C8 that we currently have is a BASE model. Cybertruck doesnt exist Hummer has crawl mode. And its going on sale next year. For realz... Many cars before the one Im going to mention had 4 wheel steering, but since we are talking about trucks... QUADRASTEER... A DECADE AGO... On a truck that is actually USABLE as a...pick-up truck. Cybertruck doesnt exist. 1. Cybertruck doesnt exist... 2. Cybertruck showed itself ONCE and went on tour. And that was the LAST time we saw the Cybertruck Musk himself doesnt know if he will sell the Cybertruck short term as he himself acknowledges that its looks and exterior dimensions are its BIGGEST downfall... He himself is predicting the Cybertrucks failure in the marketplace. 3. There are TWO Hummers pick-up truck SUV Yet you diss the C8. With ONLY 495 HP and 470 ft/lbs torque from a "dinosaur" internal combustion V8 engine in BASE form, and the C8 is as fast as many exotics with a lot more power, and is but a fraction away of the speed of EVs... Once Chevy rolls out the EV versions of the Vette...aint no Tesla gonna be in its way... Tesla being a "tech" and engineering company first and foremost, I wonder why Tesla hasnt brought down the weight of its EVs? Its hard for Chevy to release a Corvette with super light, exotic but expensive materials as the Corvette's price point and mission in life dont coincide with each other. The AMG-ONE will weigh under 2000 lbs. But the AMG-ONE will also cost 2.5 million dollars. Ill tell you one thing though...the upcoming C8s of EV Ray, Z06, ZR1 and ZORA... ONE of these, probably the Zora, will either EQUAL the AMG-ONE's performance specs or be within fractions of it all for MILLIONS of dollars LESS than... There are several battery tech companies out there that WILL eventually get the weight out of the batteries. Tesla is one of them. (Panasonic) LG Chem, GM's supplier, is another. Tesla's reign is almost coming to an end. We got time before Tesla becomes irrelevant. If that ever happens. They are selling many EVs now as many more people are switching to EVs. BUT...what I mean by Tesla's reign coming to an end, is that once VW Group and GM roll out their EVs, 1-2 years from now with fresher, newer, on par EVs with Tesla, Tesla's current crop will have to be replaced with a new generation. THAT takes capital. LOTS of it. And Tesla does NOT have THAT capital. Tesla's capital is faux. Its all based on stock evaluation. TESLA does NOT have cash at hand... Not like VW or Toyota or even GM... Banks at one point in time, same with investors, will eventually CEASE to poor money into Tesla. ESPECIALLY WHEN VW and GM will produce on par (at the very least) vehicles as Tesla... And THAT is one ugly truth about Tesla...
  23. I could eat a Big Mac AND a Quarter Pounder w/cheese in my car while driving without making a mess. Done that hundreds of times. But somehow, one measly Grand Big Mac and the lettuce and sauce is flying everywhere. On my seat. On my pants. The steering wheel. Oh boy was there sauce on the steering wheel!!! (Its a good thing I was driving my wife's car. Shhhhhh....dont anybody tell her. She'll throw a conniption my way)
  24. Ive been visiting Canadian Tire a lot lately. But with good reason. Its been a place to see hot cars in the parking lot. Ferrari 812 Superfast I asked permission to photograph his car. A young guy. In his 40s. WHAT A SOUND THIS THING MAKES!!! Ferrari V12s are AWESOME!!!

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