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  1. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    Again, you're failing to acknowledge 2 things- 1) Not all states collect sales tax at the dealer. In MO, you DO NOT have to pay sales tax to drive away in a car. Point blank. 2) Even ignoring that, even if you DO have to pay sales tax to the dealer, it ISN'T a FIXED AMOUNT. I can't add an amount that I don't know what it is. Coming up with some fictional, completely arbitrary number just to appease consumers' skepticism and ignorance is scammy. Just through a tune on it, and it will make GTI power. $500.
  2. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    Dealerships are required by law to provide disclaimers for TTL. In the dealer world, OTD just means all the fees that are necessary to complete the dealership transaction are accounted for. It's not scammy at all. It's just you choosing to be combative over a miniscule detail. Out the door- what you have to pay to walk out the door with the car. It's pretty self explanatory. Once you have done so, you can skip your sales tax, not pay your insurance, and refuse to pay your mortgage for all I care. That all has 0 to do with what you owe the dealer to take possession of the car. And I even included ".....before taxes." in my original post.
  3. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    It's a state by state deal. Missouri does not collect sales tax. And even they did, it's still a stupid argument to make. Even if I know your sales tax rate, and I collect, I still don't know what your total sales tax will be. If you have a trade in and only sales tax on the difference, Idk what that amount is until we agree on figures. Literally NO facet of retail advertises the prices of their goods with taxes included. That's such an incredibly bogus argument.
  4. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    Well, you don't pay taxes at the dealership, and the dealer has no way of knowing what your tax rate is when advertising pricing so....... People complain about a lack of upfront pricing, but then complain about when it's upfront and accurate as possible, too. Nothing new there.
  5. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    All Alltracks get the same size screen for the infotainment. It's also 1.6" extra ground clearance. I personally think the SE is the sweet spot of the lineup, as it is with rest of the Golf lineup. There are some different bits on the interior in the way of trim, and it also gets the adjustable 'Drive Modes' from the GTI and R, as well. Right now VW has 3k+ in incentives on remaining 2017 Alltracks. You can pick up a $32,000~ SE model w/ DSG for ~27K out the door before taxes.
  6. Drove Both American and German take on RSes

    I have driven the Focus ST on several occasions, and very hard on some very good roads. It's a decent little car. But there's a problem. While the RS is rougher and more ragged but adds excitement and performance over a Golf R, the ST has inferior performance to the GTI, only a dash more sharpness/fun, while being far behind in refinement, tech, comfort, and features. It's an entire generation behind. And once modding/tuning comes into the equation, the gulf just widens.
  7. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Can't even lie, that is one mighty damn fine looking automobile. From the outside, it certainly looks 'expensive', which is a good thing.
  8. Drove Both American and German take on RSes

    @A Horse With No Name and @dfelt and @FAPTurbo I don't know that I think the RS is overpriced at sticker. It's a lot of car, and it's a lot of fun. It just takes a very certain kind of individual to be enticed by what it has to offer in its body type and segment. To me, it's almost closer to an outright sportscar in terms of the compromises you make and it's shortcomings than it is something like a Golf R. The R is like a polished assassin in a suit and tie, and the RS is like Rambo toting around an M2 Browning.
  9. So our regular client and mega baller who graces us with all kinds of great specialty used cars just worked out a deal for us to get 7 of his cars, and among them were a Focus RS and new TT RS. I didn't get a really long drive in either, but here is a brief review and my impressions of each- Focus RS- This car was actually a positive surprise. The interior is markedly inferior to a Golf R. But it's really not terrible. It's not quite as intuitive or quality feeling, but it's miles better than an Evo, and still better than an STI, imo. The ride is definitely stiff and way rougher than a Golf R even in 'Race'. But it's not unbearable. It really is only a problem on roads with lots of heaves or expansion joints. As well as the stiff ride, it's also very noisy. Part of that is due to the Sport Cup 2 rubber. The payoff here, of course, is driving excitement. I cannot lie, it is a cut above the R in terms of driving dynamics and drama. The engine sounds raw and guttural, the power delivery is thrilling, and the car just goads you into driving like a buffoon. The steering is much more direct, sharper, faster, and more wholesome in feel than that found in the R. It was definitely more focused on outright 'fun' than all-around usability, like in the R. And I like that about it. It's a very different feeling car, with a very different mindset. That said, I couldn't justify this car as a DD, personally. Although I loved it's visceral nature and playful character, it's quite an aggressive to companion to live with everyday. Sport Cup 2's are pricey, and don't last long and you're looking at some pretty high running costs for a compact hatchback. In short, it's a better sportscar than a Golf R, but I hesitate to say it's a better hatchback. I'd buy one over an STI, however, no question. TT RS- This was was somewhat of a negative surprise. Let's start with the good stuff. The looks are fantastic. It looks squat, aggressive, purposeful, and just generally ready to terrorize the road. And it happily will do so. This car is a beast on the streets. It's mega traction, diminutive size, approachable demeanor, and ballistic acceleration all come together to obliterate traffic and stretches of pavement alike. I struggle to think of another car that is as devastatingly effective and quick on public roads. It's one-generation-ago 911 Turbo like explosiveness, and few cars short of a Tesla or the latest crop of boosted 911's are going to be much of a match for it. Your C7 Stingrays, Mustang GT's, 335i's, and Lexus F's are laughed at and disposed of with ease by this car. For someone that didn't have people hauling needs, but wanted a do-it-all fun car for the road, you'd be hard-pressed to top this thing. It's supercar like performance in a usable, comfortable, nicely equipped, easy to exploit package. But if you looked at from a different perspective- one as a value equation, or as a weekend toy when your lux sedan is in the garage, it becomes somewhat hard to justify. Let's talk value. This car was 75K. That's a pretty big chunk of money. It's pretty close to 2x the cost of a Golf R. It is not 2x the car. Not in performance, driving fun, or equipment/luxury. In fact, it feels like a Golf R turned up to '13'. Which, in a way, is pretty much what it is. There is painfully clear connection and familiarity that anyone who has driven a Golf or Audi A3 would instantly recognize. For better or for worse. And for the price, as a toy, it's a little lacking in excitement and tactility. This car is not as engaging as a 75-80K Cayman S or GT350R. Fun as it is, it's not as pure, immersive, involving, or thrilling as some other options this kind of money presents. Even the sound needed a little more edge and aggressiveness, and this car had the Sport Exhaust option. I think I would be totally happy going down 17K in price, and getting what has to be 95% of what this car has to offer from it's stablemate the RS3. Or spending 75K and getting a new GTI and a Camaro SS 1LE. But still an awesome car that I'm glad I finally got to drive!
  10. Porsche News: Rumorpile: Porsche Reconsiders 911 Hybrid

    A Hybrid 911 makes all the sense in the world. It's a no-brainer, and a wonder they haven't done it already.
  11. 27K & 34K "Dream Garage"

    They're about 4-5K off right now. So maybe a bit under 26k for a DSG Sport.
  12. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    Yeah, no. I would maybe, maybe take a CLA by the slimmest of margins, but the GLA is beyond despicable. I'd rather have a Yaris. Not even kidding.
  13. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    Except the articles out there so far point to there being next to no changes as far as braking and suspension is concerned. Tires are also the same size. It's got no major adjustments that's suddenly going to make this well behaved. The aero isn't going to help it on the street.
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    It's literally no different than trading a car in that you have a loan on. With a lease, you have a payoff. That amount is your remaining payments and the car's residual. If the car isn't worth that, which mine isn't, the difference is your negative equity. The dealer accepting the trade-in pay off the car just like normal.

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