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  1. Frisky Dingo

    BMW News: 2019 BMW M2 Competition Becomes More Hardcore

    Cool. What the car should have been in the first place.
  2. I think that was really a lot of ranting and raving and I'm not sure what to take away from it. If you think Camaros and Mustangs are even a blip on AMG's radar, you're nuts. This hypothetical car we speak of wouldn't be targeting those cars. It would just so happen to have some overlap with the top of their ranges. This would be a car aimed at the lesser F Types, Cayman/Boxster, upcoming Supra and Z4, and whatever else shows up in that playground in the near future.
  3. Oh, let me tell you right now, if AMG made a bit smaller version of their GT with the new turbo-I6, that fell into the 50-75K range, I wouldn't even be stepping foot in a Porsche, Jaguar, or ANY Domestic dealership. The only other car(s) that would possibly give me any pause would be a new Supra, and perhaps a 2 door Quadrifoglio. And I know a lot of other buyers who would feel similarly.
  4. Well, if the AMG GT is anything to judge by, something in this segment could be a very serious rival to the Porsche twins, the Corvette, and lower level F Types. The days of AMG's being dull German muscle cars that are highway missiles only is long gone. They now build very credible threats to the established sports car/sedan set. I say go for it. The GT is so awesome some of its goodness should be available to others at a lower price point.
  5. The problem with the Cruze.......is the Malibu. The only thing the Cruze really does well is soft, comfy, and spacious. The Malibu is a nicer car, that is considerably better to drive, with a ton more power, and not really a great deal more money. In its segment, I wouldn't even give the Cruze a passing glance.
  6. Such a shame to see GM saddle the Malibu with a CVT. It is other wise a very competent car that I find quite compelling within it's segment. GM is going backwards with some of their products.
  7. I don't hate it. It's okay. I like the idea of a 2.0T 1LE.
  8. Frisky Dingo

    VW News: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta To Start At $19,395*

    2014-up are IRS. As for the car, I'll reserve judgement until I see (and drive) one in person. It doesn't exactly look like a VW to me. And I worry about the driving dynamics, as VW has been a little hit or miss with those as of late. I will report my impressions at the first opportunity.
  9. Frisky Dingo

    Chevrolet News:Rumorpile: Good-Bye Sonic

    Well, it's certainly not a surprise, but GM never let this car reach it's potential. It had a nice chassis, quirky styling, a nice size, but was always just a few steps away from being fully baked. The RS model should have had another 40hp.
  10. What is so, SO frustrating about it is that they have all the pieces needed to make good stuff. They have turbo engines, and manual transmissions, and whatnot, they just limit them to 2-3 cars. It's beyond stupid. They are resting on their laurels now just like 90's Domestic brands and mid-late 00's Toyota.
  11. I think Subaru has replaced Toyota and Nissan as the most absolutely boring, unimaginative appliance makers on the market. F*** them.
  12. Looks like an unholy spawn of a Crosstrek, Rogue, and Compass.
  13. Front 3/4 view is a knockout. Really digging the interior- clean, simple, upscale looking. And addressing CUE's shortcomings. Not a huge fan of the back, but it's not bad. In all, a quite solid effort here.

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