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  1. Awesome!! The more the merrier, especially if they bring along their funky little hatchbacks and pseudo-CUV's. At least they have some creativity in their designs.
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Why would I buy either of the cars being discussed? They're both massively inferior to other players not only in their own segment, but in others as well.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Nobody who is even slightly objective thinks that but you.
  4. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Not too bad. Styling is slightly derivative, mostly from the side and front view. Power specs seem solid. How it translates to real-world driving is what will matter. Nobody is really doing anything wowing in this segment right now, so it certainly has the potential to be competitive.
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm in Kirkwood. Guess we'll see!! And if not I got an XD-S 9 always at the ready, so.........
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, to say the ATS is an equal or superior to the 3 Series in every way but back seat room is just downright comical. Greatly inferior powertrains, refinement, infotainment, acceleration, etc.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Cadillac engineers completely tried to build a neo-E46 3 Series, for better or worse. It was a blatant copy. The dimensions and all. Just with Art & Science design applied. The problem is people didn't want that from a Cadillac. It had to many shortcomings for the average buyer in this segment- cramped back seat, cheap interior, awful infotainment system, and underpowered. Now other cars have improved the average driving dynamics level of cars in this segment, and it no longer holds the trump card there it once did.
  8. Really digging this thing. Obscene as they are, these, the X5M, the SRT GC's, the AMG's, the RR SVR's, etc are all insanely cool to me. Would make a killer DD.
  9. Awesome engineering feat here, and the performance I'm sure is bound to be gobsmacking, but it ain't pretty.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    Good tequila must be 100% agave, there's no debate. That doesn't guarantee a good product, however. The age of the plants and where they come from, the cooking method, the crushing method, the stills they are fermented in, and the yeasts used as catalyst are all critical parts of the process. Not only aged tequila is high quality, or even worth sipping, however. There are phenomenal products being made in the blanco and reposado realms, too. Julio 1942 is some good juice, but I prefer Cuervo RDLF. And even it isn't the last word as far as XA's go. Though it is very, very good. Grand Mayan is another one I enjoy. I recently had Centinela's standard anejo- not extra anejo- and it was incredible. Definitely plan on picking up a bottle of it. Recently had Codigo 1530's anejo as well, and it's another knockout. Milagro seems to catch a lot of flack from tequila die hards, but I've had their entire Select Barrel Reserve line, and think it's solid, especially the blanco. As far as I can tell, Potifidio's current product seems to be made with a diffuser, which is a turn-off for me. I won't buy any tequila product made with a diffuser. The ratings on their lineup at TequilaMatchMaker are not very favorable, so I certainly wouldn't take my chances on buying a bottle. Haven't tried KAH, but I've heard lots of conflicting reports on it. For a good high-proof blanco, I recommend Tapatio 110.