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  1. I've had the (mis?)fortune of having driven military spec HMMWV's and civilian H1's. Those old military rigs are beat half to death, and they drive like it. It many ways, they are more akin to driving a tractor or other heavy equipment than a conventional truck/suv. Well maintained road H1's are considerably better, but one of the dominating aspects- glacier slow acceleration is still present. They are like perception alteringly slow. A Prius is a top-fuel dragster compared to one. You also have to very, very deliberate and smooth with all of your control inputs. These things have a ton of weight being shifted around, and a lack of deft control skills will have you taking out another car or roadside object with ease. I also had the opportunity to drive a 2006 H1 Alpha. That was the last they were built, and they received then then new 6.6 Duramax engine. The one I drove was all original and immaculate w/ 4,000 miles. It was actually quite a treat. Though you still had to be mindful of the size and weight, it had enough power to easily drive down the highway, it wasn't too uncomfortable, and people absolutely loved it. I can count on one hand the number of supercars/exotics I've driven that elicited as many thumbs up, cheers, etc. A few weeks later I sold it for 180K.
  2. I wonder how Caddy execs feel about their products (rightfully) being compared to KIA's. Has to sting a bit, I imagine.
  3. So unbelievably cartoonish and stupid. They are as bad at coming up with names as they are designing a car, and putting together a nice interior.
  4. This should be a surprise to noone.
  5. I love the idea of this new LT1 model. I've been saying forever they need to do this. This car with a manual would be an awesome fun daily.
  6. As for the topic, this is a stupid decision. As with most of VW's problems, they only have themselves to blame here. The Golf doesn't sell for 2 reasons- there's almost never incentives- they lease like crap; and they have constantly decontented thim and slashed trim models. Point one- A standard Golf lease with no money down or lease specials will run almost $400 a month after taxes. I've seen it too many times. Know what a Civic or Corolla with the same terms will lease for? $275-300. For what is such a cost conscious and frugal market, you can't compete if your car is $100-150 more a month to own. Point two- When they had a full a model spread, and were doing models like the Special Edition in 2016, they had fair amount of demand. But ever since the Mk7 came out, they have taken away equipment/features every year, cancelled trims, and generally made the car look worse, and a worse value. If they sold a Wolfsburg model with a bit more power (not GTI levels), some nicer equipment, and a better appearance, it'd have sold. Or an R Line model like other markets get. They should have made AWD an option. There's plenty they could have done. What's really stupid is that they are doing this at a time when numerous other brands are finding a business case for hatchbacks, and they are so established already. On top of that, they aren't bringing the the I.D. Hatchback here, so there is no replacement, they have no sub-Golf hatchbacks that could capture those buyers, and a compact crossover for the American market is still realistically 2 years away. They can try to spin this however they want with sales trends, skewed data, market monitoring; or like everything else, blame it on Millenials all they want, but in the end, this is a textbook example of a self-fulfilling prophecy. VW can thank themselves, and only themselves for the Golf's performance in our market.
  7. As a Mk7 GTI owner up until just a month ago, I really have to laugh at this and appreciate it's truthfulness.
  8. This is great, but they need to shut up and put up already. The Tanoak is probably a little risky for the market. This would be free enough from competition it would own it's niche segment. But they have to be quick about it! VW has a HUGE problem with not striking while the iron is hot. If good ideas aren't capitalized on soon enough, they don't stay good ideas.
  9. Oh, this thing will definitely be a smash hit. I think it looks great, and I'm thrilled to see they did a traditional, upright 2-box design.
  10. I don't remember the size being the topic of conversation. I recall it being the design language and body style, which I was advocating for something like this.
  11. The real problem ist hat this engine needs to be in a car that is 6-8 shorter in length, and inch narrower, and weighs 200-250lbs less a Mustang. THAT I would be more than okay with having this engine.
  12. I mean, I don't hate it, but I still have no desire to have a Mustang powered by anything other than a V8.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure people were beating Acura dealer doors down for a hand built 50K TLX. Just offer the stupid Pkg on an A-Spec and be done with it.
  14. Funny, I seem to remember pegging this vehicle long ago for exactly what it is shaping up to be. And @Drew Dowdell either dismissed it, or thought it was a bad idea. Something along those lines. Looks like I have been vindicated!
  15. Not as ignorant and arrogant that you think you know more on this subject in regards to automobiles and a given market segment than I do. You know, since I am actually in the car business and all, and you write articles. Yeah, I wasn't even going to touch the absurdity that is the rest of his argument. Comparing cars in general to watches or home values.
  16. I was just in a new 101K Navigator recently, and I can tell you right now, even at that trim level, they are not an equal to Mercedes interior finishes, materials, fitment, tactility, and quality. That said, I do like the the new Lincoln SUV's quite a lot, especially the Aviator.
  17. Badge snobs will be badge snobs, but badge snobs don't buy hatchbacks. This sedan might do ok, just because it's 'conventional'.
  18. I'll stop short of saying ZERO. I personally sold a C7 Z06 to someone who had 2 previous Ferraris. He was done with them. Done with poor service, done with poor reliability, and done with their outrageous costs. In fact, in a lot of ways, i think Ferrari owners are the the stereotypical Corvette owners of the supercar realm. They buy them to conclude to themselves and show others they've made it, they hardly ever drive them, and they are oftentimes little more than petulant fanboys.
  19. Looks great. These things are just fantastic vehicles. If i had to pick a big SUV to travel cross country in with a family and cargo in tow, it'd be a GLS all the way. I love the clean, subtle design here. Mercedes is doing some damn impressive things these days.
  20. Actually, in this segment- hot hatches/sport compacts- I think you'd be surprised how many won't.
  21. Yes, I think the lines and proportions are going to end up looking strange.
  22. I mean, it's a cool little car, but in typical Mercedes fashion, it will be expensive for what it is. It's coming to the scene with current Golf R power levels, and price tag that is sure to be 5-6K more. Just as the Mk8 Golf in a year's time will see the GTI almost reach this power level, and the R climb to ~350hp. With nigh equal levels of refinement and build quality.
  23. This is shaping up to be an unattractive looking car from what I can tell.
  24. I don't doubt that. But we don't drive auto-x courses on a daily basis.

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