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  1. One brand crybabies need to go sit in the corner with the rest of the crybabies.

  2. To the back of the line.

  3. Next time, tell a better lie.

  4. So threatening someone, insulting them with joker and jester remarks is okay but defending ones self from it is bad. Thanks for the update.

  5. You'll find my concern on the back of a milk carton.

  6. Midol. For those painful cramps.

  7. A liar who continues to lie is still just a liar.

  8. Put the phone down and actually go outside and do something.

  9. Liars need not apply.

  10. Turns out the secret to being a one brand fan is to have stock in them.

  11. Some people are about as devious as Don Knotts on Sodium pentathol.

  12. Is there a shortage on Midol and that's why some here are acting like they are on the rag?

  13. Alf died in Cali.

  14. Good grief people.

  15. Maybe all the butthurt just need to use softer toilet paper next time.

  16. Please go and treat that itching you have going on down there. It's rather sad to see you suffer like this.

  17. Seriously. Is there a case of bitch spreading around here?

  18. If you have a problem with me or what I said, address me directly or keep your mouth shut. It's that simple.

  19. Maturity is when you get butthurt over a little criticism about a damn game.

  20. Cheese and wine are now available for your selection on the dollar menu.

  21. There are black holes in the universe that are envious of the density level of some posters here.

  22. I need to go check my stocks. Be right back.

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