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  1. On a side note, how in the hell did autocorrect change “I” to “the” (While “I” get the...)? Man, I have to stop typing before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.
  2. While the get the “paying homage” in the design, I would sincerely hope that Hyundai was not channeling that legendary POS Excel in that. My old guitarist had one in the 90’s and under that hood was the most Mickey Mouse clusterf*** of bad wiring I have ever seen in my life. Hyundai has come a long way since then but playing homage to that car is like Chevy paying homage to the craptastic Chevette. Otherwise, this a nice looking car (sorry, but I don’t see the CUV part in this currently).
  3. Honestly, I think Drew covered it best as just narrowing down to the choices you’ve given is too simplistic although I get what you were going for here. It is a very complicated situation in that regard.
  4. Today would have been my dads 76th birthday so in honor of his love of music (and especially this band), I spun this on the old record player.
  5. Same problem I have with the Trailblazer. Nice looking enough but around $30K, reasonably equipped with only 3 cylinders under the hood. Just a hard pass for that kind of coin. Way better slightly used choices to be had for that kind of money.
  6. I have two female cats. One is a total diva and one is a total thug. Mallory (Diva) and Lana (Thug)
  7. I don’t know why you’re confused. It’s pretty clear what happened and only you are in denial about it. Perhaps it was too cerebral for you
  8. Yet still faster than a CVT equipped Rogue, or any CVT equipped vehicle for that matter.
  9. Cry me a river. You still contributed to it and made the above remark about EV fans before David said his piece. You really need to pay better attention instead of trying to backpedal your way out of it and ignore your part in this. And you conveniently left out the question you asked, that led to his response. And what, pray tell, would you suggest
  10. BIIIIG difference between the lawsuits regarding discrimination in employment and ones that you propose could happen regarding driving privileges. Employment affects one person at a time. Driving affects that one person plus everyone else who has to share the road with them. And there does not have to be age related testing per say. Just test every so many years (5-7 perhaps) across the board. Sorry but given that the older you get, the slower your reflexes get, I don’t see how this is really even a debatable topic.
  11. If Nissan wanted to actually take a step forward with the Rogue (or Rogue Sport) they would find a way to put the 9-speed, from the upcoming Pathfinder (which finally ditches the CVT), in it. Oh and about 19 more horses on the larger Rogue. 200HP plus a nicely tuned 9-speed would do wonders for it.
  12. Except there laws regarding employment practices. The same does not exist for driving privileges.
  13. While you downvoted my post above about this being of your own making, you obviously ignored the facts. Your first response to everyone on this thread (which must have been deleted because I had to pull this from a reply to you) you tried to immediately make it personal by attacking the responses of others who did not care for the Rogue Sport and you even brought EVs into the discussion. Those pesky facts though.
  14. “Look ma’! A dead horse! Get my bat!”
  15. Again, a privilege, not a right. Testing should happen after a certain age. If there is such a thing as too young to drive, there damn sure is such a thing as too old. Reflexes dull over time and that is a fact, for starters.
  16. There is no age discrimination when driving is a privilege, not a right.
  17. The disaster known as this thread was of his own making IMO (referring to his last sentence only).
  18. What’s hilarious is you ignoring the “EUV” and “FWD” part of most of those comparisons (on this thread) but by all means, keep crying about it. Also ignored is YOUR INITIAL comment about EV transmissions that started this in the first place. Furthermore, only Olds is making this claim here so now you are attempting to conflate that with what happened months ago. I, personally, do not agree with Olds assessment that the standard Bolt can be compared to CUVs and my initial comparison here was about the transmission and transmission alone so stop conflating the two. The EUV Bolt is another matter
  19. Funny. I was just watching The Big Lebowski the other night. Love Bridges in that!
  20. Some old Volvo wagons had that sleeper status for sure. The last really good one though was the ‘97 850 R.
  21. Nothing to “give up” when everyone here knows it for a fact. Just save the fake “inflammatory” non-sense.
  22. But no downvote either thus proving the point here. Again, just step all the way off with the inflammatory non-sense after saying some of the stuff you have said here.
  23. Seems like at least one person here proved you right but hey no explanation needed right? Yet if it was a video of a Clinton or Obama tower, you’d be upvoting it until your fingers bled thus proving the point about knee jerk reactions. Everyone else thought it was funny as hell btw so maybe the problem here is not the video, not the commentary, and not the person who shared it. There is also a certain irony here. The same person who replied with "speak Engrish" to someone whom he knows has a wife of Asian descent, complaining about "inflammatory" remarks. Step all the way off wit

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