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  1. Thanks, 'Dodge. I have been busy beyond the usual over the past six-months or so, 'retired' in name only. I hope that things are going well for you in your life. I'll make an effort to stop by, especially on weekends though weekends have been busy too.
  2. The shape of the 'V' Coupe , the high back, the twin center exhaust, has grown on me over the past several months. Regardless, the power of this machine presents a daunting challenge. I've driven a 'V' sedan and I admire the proportions of it as well though I did not put the hammer down on it fully. To do so seemed to be inviting something as-yet unnamed. Whoosh. That's about it. The 'V' moves out smartly and accelerates [we took it out on The Garden State Parkway for a 45 mile round-trip away from; back-to the dealership] as though one were being ushered down the highway by something with the strength of a fallen angel. The Nav and Bluetooth are gee-whiz synchronicity and the interior's well thought out from my point of view. Everything seems to work in concert with the theme of the vehicle. The vehicle, while amazing, does not seem "practical". [that's the feedback which I typically receive when the subject of buying one comes up] The Cadillac CTS-V, in any form, is what Bob Lutz was fond of calling a "gotta have it" item. So true. I guess that I am just putting myself up to it in print while soliciting feedback.
  3. The motivating, curdled, psychology behind it all and actions such as this is gives me pause. It is the physical manifestation of ugliness which is most frightening.
  4. Perception über alles. And it's this silly-ass f*cking Internet which perpetuates this. No one, no single person, has ever been so capable of having this much 'reach' before.(okay, perhaps Oprah!) Never even mind posessing the grasp. We, collectively, are all so very much in love with our cherished little opinions. It has all become a 'virtual' dick-waving contest. Even those of this author. Happy Black Friday. I hope that all enjoyed yesterday's run-up to this year's consumer (how many'll just stay home?) driven folly/spectacle. I've got a lunch-date and then we're going shopping too. Good grief.
  5. Mark Reuss: Authentic Road Warrior. Hope he's passionate enough.
  6. Hat's off to you. Fine work then for a talented amateur. I think that you captured the spirit of that beautiful day as well.
  7. I know that they are. Divulging more triangulates who I be, PCS. One good welder I know is already 'in'. I hope they've the sense to pick the best-of-the-best former GM engineers, still in their relative youth at age 67 or so. Hope you have a good evening.
  8. We've always been plagued with predators in various forms. 10% unemployment, the figure that the media will allow to be bandied about, will bring much more of this type of victim-preying-upon-victim behavior. It doesn't seem to pay to have anything nice. It seems that all we're doing is taking care of something for an anonymous someone who'll choose the time and place to relieve one of their property. The Police? (shrug) They'll do what they do best: Swap head-shaving tips, buy Creatine in-bulk and show-up after-the-fact festooned with all of that swell gear clipped to their utility belts. Unless you're set on joining a commune with other like-minded individuals; you're on your own.
  9. Big 'do at the Borgata in Atlantic City with approx. 20 couples we're acquainted with. I swear that they 'import' those rowdy folks yelling at the craps tables. And leggy Russian cocktail waitresses.
  10. I don't believe that you can go wrong with the Neros (or Neroes as the case may be). I bought a set for the Seville back in June and found them to be stellar performers especially when caught in some of those thundershowers which were prevalent for the first half of the Summer. Very quiet on the road at speed and having excellent lateral grip as well. Best wishes with your vehicle.
  11. Looks stately, capable and purposeful, the Terrain. I buzzed right past Perrine on 130 earlier this morning en route to Princeton, Chadds Ford, PA and didn't even swivel my head. Very nice camera-work on your part, 'Guy.

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