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  1. chrominium steel

    Lambda-Can they build a sedan based on this???

    The five hundred is too narrow and its height is about 8in too much. Cars should be longer lower and wider.
  2. chrominium steel

    2006 Cadillac DTS

    Do you think the DTS will be available as a rental car during the summer, or will it still be the old DeVille?
  3. chrominium steel

    What's next for Caddy??

    Anyway, Cadillac needs the ULS.
  4. chrominium steel

    What's next for Caddy??

    No the dts should be RWD. And it would be nice if it was even bigger to compete with the Chrysler Imperial.
  5. chrominium steel


    Cadillac should have the Uls. And the "b" Cadillacs the cts , srx should be dropped. The sts should be priced around $70k and the dts around $55k Cadillac should not lose its prestige like mercedes benz. No an mb hasn't more prestige than an Opel. The cts is priced where a Pontiac should be priced. I think Chevrolet should be price beetween $15k-30k Pontiac beetween $20-35k Buick beetween 25-50k Cadillac beetween 50k and 300k
  6. chrominium steel

    A New Chevrolet

    Describe a car (The Chevrolet) you think can be number one in term of sales, and that would be profitable of course (and maybe exciting as well). How big (dimensions), how roomy (trunk, volume,legroom) should it be? Which bodystyles? Which accessories , colors... And how many cars would you sell per year? How would you name it/ or what are the names you would use if there is a name for each trim level?
  7. chrominium steel

    2006 Buick Lucerne CXS V8

    Expensive for a Buick? I rathink think the Lucerne is too cheap to be a Buick. Buick should be a luxury car and no try to steal sales from Pontiac after having already killed Oldsmobile.
  8. chrominium steel

    What Car Would You Buy?

    GM: Cadillac DTS Ford: Lincoln TownCar Chrysler: - European:- Asian:- For all those categories except Asian I would also buy used cars like a 1965 or a 1970 Oldsmobile 98 1970 Cadillac DeVille, an older Jaguar xj a Bentley...
  9. chrominium steel

    Buick Lucerne real world pictures

    No, you are not the only one. It looks cheap. And in fact, at $26K it should be Pontiac or a Chevrolet but not a Buick.
  10. chrominium steel

    Investors Say GM Must Off One Brand

    Is Daewoo profitable?
  11. chrominium steel

    Looking for artists...

    there isn't enough chrome, so it looks boring.
  12. chrominium steel

    2006 Cadillac DTS

    The last of this type? Then I don't think I will ever buy a new GM car.
  13. chrominium steel

    Struggling to appeal to young buyers, Buick Pins

    If they are trying to attract new buyers, why the Lucerne is ugly then?
  14. chrominium steel

    Chrysler Barracuda

    It is too short. For me, a sport car should be low and have a long hood.

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