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  1. The car looks super sweet! Too bad one of the first 2 pics are photoshopped! How could they seriously use both of those pictures side by side?
  2. http://www.insideline.com/buick/lacrosse/buick-lacrosse-gl-concept-inspired-by-heirlooms-2011-los-angeles-auto-show.html
  3. I have no idea how to embed this, but this documentary seems very cool. I wish they did more documentaries on Buick vehicles... like the GSX. Talk about another misfit (in all the right ways) that only Buick could produce.
  4. Give me a Buick above 40 mpg please! Soon!
  5. GM and Buick naming in general is about as conservative as the definition goes. They want to carry on the appeal of the old names while generating "excitement" with a new name. So we lose names like "LeSabre" but gain names like "LaCrosse" (although they capitalize all the letters often, you'll notice they take specific effort to make the "a" smaller than the rest of the letters in a lot of instances), is this because LaCrosse has a similar grammatical meaning to LeSabre? We all know Le Sabre is two words meaning "The Sword", but Lacrosse has been and still only is one word, but they had to try and carry on the LeSabre name as much as possible through a different model so it would still appeal to the traditional buyers, but not hold the same negative stigma. Same syllables, same flow, different word... and different car, but even with the Lucerne (which astounds me they dont call it LuCerne), but the idea is the same, starts with an "L", 2 syllables, European flow. And so now there is a successful SUV known as the Enclave, and it's turning a lot of heads towards Buick, so what do they decide to name the mini-me version? The Encore. I mean they are virtually identical words, and this was done on purpose no doubt. Buick names are becoming foreign and flowery but I suppose it comes with the territory of attempting to compete with Lexus. Names that traditional Buick lovers like (including myself) are not gonna happen because they are more American and rugged and this compromises (to corporate execs) the pristine calm beauty of Buicks today. So names that many of us here would like to see - Roadmaster, Grand National, Wildcat, Skylark, Century, etc - are not something we should hold our breath on. They need to be mystically foreign. Not that I agree with it, but it's corporate execs playing a very careful game and Buick is at a very tenuous moment right now, and I have to say in order for the image to be right, this is the game they need to play. When Buick solidifies its outstanding (and the lineup is becoming truly outstanding) position, then I'd push for more traditional names to come back.
  6. Yet with how powerful this vehicle was it is not widely remembered as one of the greatest muscle cars of all time. Video games/movies/car lovers/etc constantly overlook the GS while overly praising the 4-4-2, GTO, Torino, Roadrunner, Chevelle and R/T. Part of why I love Buick so much is how correct they approach a situation, and that it's done with modesty. If Buick makes a muscle car - they make it right. I mean whoever decided that the Grand National would only come in black was brilliant. But the GS, especially with the Stage 1 attached, is my favorite muscle car. Yet it doesn't nearly get the recognition it deserves. Good article!
  7. Totally jealous! Congratulations - awesome Lucerne man! PS - copy the address in your broken signature and then go into your control panel and delete it and put it in again as a new image. They changed the brackets they used. But I see the PA Ultra isn't your baby anymore.
  8. This thing is just driving me crazy. Just come out already. It's like seeing something with your peripheral vision. I check this site everyday for the hope someone got a clean shot of it out, it's torture waiting and getting these teasers.
  9. We need some more shots/information on this thing. This thread has gone on way too long for the images provided.
  10. Within my family we've had 8 LeSabres, the last model years always get about 33 - 35 for highway. The mileage checks out to be sure theres no error with the Information Center. They're either severely underrated or we've had the luckiest group of LeSabres ever.
  11. That's terrible fuel economy compared to the LeSabre.
  12. 1.) 1 2.) 1 *Much better likelihood if there were a hydrogen or electric version that gets serious mileage - the age of oil is over.
  13. Guys - this is Buick. Everyone can nitpick but look what this vehicle is replacing - the LaCrosse. The LaCrosse welcome was at best lukewarm and Buick and GM go the extra mile with this car (and I dont think anyone can say they didn't) and yet there are a lot of whiny voices for something that truly is unique and beautiful - maybe it's not your style, but as far as I'm concerned this has everything a Buick should. I can sit around all day telling everyone how I would make my Buick without regard to funds, safety regulations, general consumer opinion and so on - but chances are I wouldn't be able to come up with something that is better executed than this - and most likely neither could you. This vehicle hits the mark just as the Enclave did. They look from the same family. I mean C-Spec, that Hyundai you compared is a joke compared to the Invicta - there are absolutely no serious lines you can draw between the two vehicles. Or do you mean that both vehicles have lights that sorta sweep back to the side? I don't understand what proportions are similar with that. The LaCrosse really was extremely similar to the Taurus - this Hyundai comparison is just a joke. Overall I think we can readily admit that this car is going to be received way better than the LaCrosse so long as there is not a wide variation between concept and production - which GM is pretty good at delivering appropriately.
  14. This guy is just a bunch of hot air. GM is where it is right now because competition skyrocketed in the 80s and GM and the other American companies were bloated because they didn't have any serious competition before that. In the 80s and 90s and even in to the 2000s you could get a low-level job for GM and be able to pay for a house and a family. Competition doesn't allow that these days and GM had to trim the fat. This is why everything in GM - from Buick to Chevy suffered during the 90s and early half of this decade. But let's ignore the brilliance that GM not only has turned itself around within a decade making competitive vehicles - but they are making relevant vehicles and setting the trend - with vehicles like the Enclave. To this guy - this must annoy him. He wants to see another division fade to further encourage the death of GM and the fact that the Enclave has become a trend-setter instead of a trend-follower is the exact opposite of the direction he wishes to see so hence he writes an article whining and complaining about it. In his ignorance he completely ignores that Buick is a global brand pretending that the only place that matters anymore is America - sorry pal - it's the 21st century and 1/5th of the worlds population is just in LOVE with Buick (China). He ignores the failings of the Aztek and the success of the Rendezvous. He ignores that when Buick builds it (and builds it right) they will come, Pontiac and Chevy don't get that kind of respect. Cadillac would receive no respect if they were selling their lineup at the Buick level. Caddys can sell upwards of 50k and he thinks it should be straddling the 30k mark.

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