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  1. olds442

    Ontario / Quebec border region - mild earthquake

    I live somewhat close to the epicenter, so I felt it.
  2. An LS2 GTO would be nice, and can be had at that price.
  3. olds442

    why... WHY, I ask

    Living about an hour from quebec, I can relate. But what really gets me mad has to be people who pass you then once they're ahead, slow down again.
  4. olds442

    OD'd on stoopid pills...

    What a shame... I have seen many cars that I would be proud to own and drive, including that Vette.
  5. olds442

    June Car Spotters... What did you see?

    Sitting out front of my house I saw a Cyber Gray Camaro SS non-RS, and a Maserati Quattroporte.
  6. olds442

    Pontiac Video I made.

    Agreed Sixty8, I just put it together quickly with some videos and pictures I had on my hard drive. If I have the time I would like to edit that to include more Pontiacs like the ones you posted.
  7. olds442

    Pontiac Video I made.

    Put together some clips I had on my computer a couple weeks ago. Thought i'd share. I know it's not the best (what can you expect from windows movie maker) If you see anything missing feel free to let me know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgLghJdsSj8
  8. olds442

    GMC Terrain Chop

    Looks good Dodgefan! I was thinking the exact same thing, in fact I just did a chop basically the same as yours. I was about to post it up, but no need now lol.
  9. olds442

    Birthday Trifecta

    Thanks Happy Birthday Bimmer326 and GTOBoy!
  10. olds442

    Random - wind

    It was crazy here, I guess a transport truck got blown over on a bridge. Siding was ripped of my house and neighbours fences are blown down.
  11. olds442

    Pontiac Lambda

    Theres some Acadia in it. It started out as a G8 though, It was one of those chops that end up being something totally different then what I had in mind.
  12. olds442

    Pontiac Lambda

    Not one of my best chops ever, but whatever.

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    Ontario, Canada

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