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  1. My truck is paid off this month as of the 15th. After much thought, I've decided I will NEVER get a loan for a car ever again. I've already started a separate savings account for a new vehicle fund. Once I have what I want saved up, I will buy my car all on the spot, and not get ripped off and have to pay the principle plus interest to a bank. It's just so stupid. By the time the vehicle is paid off, you've paid more than it was ever worth brand new. The only thing you should ever finance IMHO is house. It's about the only thing these days you can finance and still MAKE money off of when you decide to sell it.
  2. I concur. I'm on the same crusade against China made products. Here's a link to some made in usa goodness I found the other day: http://www.shopforamerica.com/home.php?storeid=sfa
  3. 105 Degrees today at 5 PM. Crazy
  4. About time. Too bad this couldn't have been done about 12 to 20 years ago. Countries like Japan have been getting away with this for a loooooong time.
  5. I'm trying to recover from chemical burns to my lungs, and the temps of 97 with a heat index of 110 are making it a PITA. September needs to hurry up and get here!!
  6. Thats what I'm doing in preparation for the new Camaro. The borrower is always slave to the lender. I want to have the most cash on hand as possible when I go to make my purchase.
  7. I hold back depending on the situation. Meaning either I am in the company of someone say at work, who if they heard the actual truth come out of somone's mouth, it'd make them look like an idiot and I'd be fired lol. Most of the time I just say what's on my mind. I don't hold back because I believe being honest is the best thing to do.
  8. Brandon Lutz

    Car Talk

    I have a 76 F-150 Ranger 4x4 that has close to 700k on it. Never even touched the motor besides changing the oil and filters. She ran and cranked up EVERY morning till I parked it behind the family shed when we retired her gracefully with a 95 GMC 4x4 6 years ago. It was farm truck and used HARD. I bet it towed around 3000 pounds of tools and fluids for farm use daily since the day it was bought new. Matter of fact the average Lutz family vehicle generally is not retired until they at least have 300 k on them. And they are generally running fine when we sell them. All it takes is basic maintenance unles you truly have a lemon.
  9. I'd like to see Fred Thompson run myself. He's the only that represents me the best. Obama is a farce and a weak canidate, Hillary is a physco, and Rudy has too many skeletons in his closet.
  10. I like all of the ideas. Any idea who makes those LED tail lights? A pair of those would look good in my Xtreme
  11. Bring it here and put that sucker in the Colrado/Canyon. Hell put it in a whole lot more as well.
  12. Yep that Camry looks real good using a Chevy Super Speedway body while using a Dodge block with Chevy heads lol. Lets see 4 of the 8 failed to make the race. Of all the teams, only one was able to make it on speed. Waltrip had to race his way in, DJ had to use a provisional to get in. The other two teams had to race their way in as well. I expect maybe one of them to make it next race at Cali. I am sick however of how NASCAR and the racing media keep hyping them as American or more American than Ford or Chevy. Piss off to those paid off goons I say.
  13. FWD Automatic Transmission and I-5 motor instead of a V6 or I-6 Basically if it has those things I will not buy despite how nice the car may be. I don't like automatics or fwd and I refuse to own/buy one for myself unless I get so crippled that I cannot shift that I will buy an automatic. At that point I shouldn't be driving anymore anyways The reason I have not bought a crew cab Colorado or Canyon is because I cannot get anything larger than an I-5 in it and I cannot get a 5 speed stick in the crew cab sport model.
  14. Usually when we go camping this is how I make my burgers: Bring a cup of Gentleman Jack A mixing Bowl Shredded Cheese Crumbled Bacon Ground Meat of your choice. Fire up the small grill I built (Which is hugger orange with black stripes btw ) Take the ground meat with the crumbled bacon and shredded cheese and put in the bowl. Using my hands I mix all of the contents together. I then had the cup of Gentleman Jack to Mixture and I keep mixing everything up to work the whiskey in and to absorb most of it. After everything is mixed, I start making the patties in preparation for the grill. I fire up the grill using Mesquite charcoal (I always cook with Mesquite, I will accept no other form of charcoal) After the fire dies down and the coals are white hot, I lay foil out over the grill and I poke some holes here and there on the foil so some of the excess whiskey can drain out of the meat and so some of the mesquite flavor gets into the food. I then place the patties on top of the foil and close the lid. I let the meat cook until there is just a hint of pink in the very middle of the burger. I also frequently turn the meat as I find that is the best way to do it. I serve the meat on regular hamburger buns with a some bbq sauce.
  15. I'm a Beretta and Kimber man myself. If you can find a Inox 92 FS or 96 FS Beretta those are beautiful guns that are reliable as well. I recently also acquired a Beretta PX4 and it is a dream to shoot. On the Kimber side, well ya can't go wrong since they've done away with the external extractors. Springfield also makes good 1911's too. Also, don't rule out Sig Sauer, they make fine pistols as well.

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