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  1. The fact that they have a recall going and that it's considered to be a problem makes me think that there's something about the design of the intake on those Altimas that's a problem. You don't hear about that kind of stuff happening to other cas, which makes it kinda weird and causes me to suspect some fault in the design of the Altima's airbox or something. I wonder if we're getting the whole story here and I'd be curious to know all the details behind this, since they don't go very much into detail.
  2. Smashing pumpkins is my favourite passtime! Wait... What? Oh.. The band.. Riiiiight... Yeah, I like them!
  3. I love the way the fron looks, while thre rear makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork. I love the hybrid badge I'm seeing on the side, but unfortunately, that not the paradiGM hybrid system, yet.. What gives? Looks nice with the exception of the Infinitiesque rear that really does NOT belong on that car. My only problem is that it will most definitely be outright berated in reviews and such for being yet another mild hybrid and it won't get anywhere near the fuel mileage that others get.
  4. I like how that new vid isn't a commercial and doesn't have about 50,000 cuts and such in it. This should be able to serve as better evidence that the G80 > *, and that the last vid was also real and not just a computer generated thing like Fords driving on buildings.
  5. Yeah, that's usually their reaction... They try to discredit what you say using anything they can think up, even if that means using some kind of backwards logic that has no bearing on reality on this planet. If they can't, or sometimes in tandem with the discreditting attempt, they'll call you a "hater," because you dare think the unthinkable: Toyota isn't unfallible! If it were me, I'd ask how any of that qualifies as Toyota bashing in their minds.
  6. Yeah, I'm really not surprised by their reactions at all. I was lounging around in a certain car forum :wink: and had seen a thread about this. Of course, everyone tried to discredit the video and we GM fans usually shot back with actual facts about the locker and how their conspiracy theory wasn't very realistic. The response we got most of the time afterwards was that it was just marketing and it was a biased comparison and anyone who believed otherwise was a biased moron. I'll leave out all the usual redneck references and other such insults that I find enthusiasts of other brands tend t
  7. After watching the video and seeing that the Velite will NOT be happening because they wish to focus on projects such as the Volt, the E-Flex platform as a whole, hybrids and a myriad of other such fields/technologies, I'm understanding but worried at the same time. I'm beginning to wonder if there is much of a future for Buick within GM or if they're going to keep dumping all their proverbil eggs into the Cadillac and Chevrolet baskets. He says that Cadillac will definitely be getting more and Chevrolet has several things on the horizon like the Volt, Camaro, Traverse, and there talk of the N
  8. I sure hope they keep Volvo. It actually makes them some money, unlike the financial leech that is Jaguar. Though Jags are nice cars, minus reliability if you ask certain people, I wouldn't be sad to see it go from Ford, simply because it's a money losing operation and sadly, somewhat of a lost cause.
  9. Nah... They just tend to make up some nice conspiracy theories and point-out how the guy driving the Silverado was clearly cheating and the one in the Tundra did all he could to get stuck. @ them
  10. I heard, from a nice sane person who saw the video, that obviously Ford had weakened the welds and loosened all the bolts in the Tundra.
  11. Sport Trac and Avalanche came long before the Fridgeline
  12. - 50 mistakes about Buick's heritage - bashing of their Ventiports on numerours occasions, no negative speak of anyone elses traits. - shameless Kia plug - Nissan jackass quote insulting Buick Nahh... perfectly balanced and fair journalism!
  13. Ahh... gotta love how the facts say something different than the claims made that Lexus has whisper quiet engines and Buicks sound like jackhammers (not quoted word for word and slightly modified for effect...). So... that doesn't really leave any area in which they fall short or "fail", now does it?

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