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  1. ohsnap

    23 Spy Photos Of Corvette SS Production Mule Up-Close

    It was supposedly a Lufthansa employee who leaked these photos. Another reason to love Lufthansa!
  2. ohsnap

    Tax Breaks Given on Gas-Guzzling SUVs

    Bringing this back up again.......I got an alert from Range Rover about this very thing. The RR is over the 6,000 lb minimum and qualifies for the break. Moltar......did you ever do it? My boyfriend's looking into starting a small business and we're SUV shopping for March. Just something I was curious about.
  3. ohsnap

    Outrageous C6 Corvette

    This does look like something I've seen in Miami. Actually I saw loads of crazy stuff in Miami.....
  4. ohsnap

    Outrageous C6 Corvette

    Here's an, um, interesting van!
  5. ohsnap

    2006 SEMA Preview: Dodge HEMI Nitro & Panel Van

    Interesting......I'm still waiting to see a Nitro in person although I do like the glimpses online that I've seen so far. I was checking out some pix here of other conversions, I so want to go to a SEMA show! Around here it's mostly import tuners that I see on the road.....it'd be cool to watch a real conversion.
  6. ohsnap

    No More Bull: Taurus Production Ends Next Week

    It's been confirmed........he definitely gets the final Taurus Restaurant Founder Gets His Wish: Last Ford Taurusl
  7. ohsnap

    New Jersey court recognizes

    I heard about this while watching Good Morning America today......big yay!!! I wonder when VA will come around
  8. ohsnap

    Cool Lucerne Navigation Video

    $1368? You can even get an aftermarket one for half of that....we just got our hands on a new Tom Tom GO 910 for my boyfriend's car and it's hella sweet! It does everything my in dash Acura nav does - turn by turn, touch screen, text to speech.
  9. ohsnap

    Edmunds Evaluation: 2007 BMW X3 3.0si

    It's definitely not cute in that gray.....I like it tan though. It's still on our list for our next car but with the RDX $10k less I'm leaning towards the RDX.
  10. ohsnap

    Buyer Beware!

    me too! love my ibook, my boyfriend has a dell inspiron and it does run hot but he hasn't had too many other problems with it. YET!
  11. i like the house, i'll take that!
  12. ohsnap

    Spied: 2009 Mercury Monticello

    The Jefferson Monticello is pronounced "chello", I went to the University of Virginia, and that is one word that is forever ingrained!
  13. ohsnap

    Real-World Images of Ford Edge

    Wow, I actually am suprised and impressed. It looks a lot better than I thought it would. Hmm, maybe that's why people keep suggesting it whenever the topic of my next family car comes up!
  14. ohsnap

    Smart in the us (pics)

    wow, I've always only seen them during my vacations abroad..it'd be weird to see one here!
  15. ohsnap

    Alpine BMW 6 Series Convertible

    Oh so true!

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