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  1. Chinese may not come to US afterall, well.... Not yet.

    Keep 'em out. The last thing this country needs are more producuts that increase our trade deficit to China. Though, in honesty, I don't know a single person who would even want a Chinese car...at least right now. The same was said about the Japanese and Koreans.

    I've been around, but I'm posting more frequently lately.
  3. New Mercury Capri?

    Throw Mercury a bone or put it out of its misery, Ford. You've been starving it long enough.
  4. Ford’s Turnaround Edging Ahead of GM’s

    It doesn't matter whether GM is doing better or Ford is doing better. Its not a competition, and I really don't care which one of them pulls out of the rut first so long as they both do.
  5. New Slogan: "Pontiac is CAR"?

    "Pontiac is car!" "The Fit is go!" "My tank is fight!" "I am America (and so can you)!" God help me, I love ridiculous word-play.
  6. White People & The Prius

    el oh eh @ Whitey. Makes me wish I weren't Irish. Almost.
  7. GM cars you miss seing the most

    Chevettes. My mom had one when I was just a little kid, but I have fond memories of it.
  8. GM to kill the H2 after 2014

    Whatever, I don't care what happens to the Hummer brand as a whole anyway. They can cut the whole pointless gas-sucking line for all I care. Set up Pontiac with the offroaders to legitamately compete with Jeep. Its supposed to be the performance brand, might as well make it the offroading brand too. Hell, doing that might keep it around a little longer. The way things are going, that entire brand is probably going to see a massive sales drop off long before 2014.

    And if the Earth does become an uninhabitable wasteland devoid of human life, it'll be thanks to people like you with that mindset.
  10. Who here. . . . . . . .

    I started playing trombone when I was in 6th grade and drums when I was in 8th grade. Kept up with both through high school, but I kind of quit trombone since I graduated and my drumset is currently in limbo...I decided to strip all the color off and stain the shells, sold all my older, more beginner-oriented equipment and now need at least $2,000 more to finish rebuilding it. Mainly for more cymbals ...those things are expensive.
  11. 2009 Chevrolet Traverse Preview

    Not bad, but it reinforces my belief that GM should've killed the Outlook, put Traverse production over at Delta Township and used Spring Hill for something entirely different.
  12. Journey Center stacks

    Oh, hooray...another cheap grey interior from the Chrysler Corporation.
  13. 100 years of General Motors !!

    I wonder if GM's 100th celebration is going to make any mention of the original car companies that joined the fold in the beginning but never made it...Elmore, Marquette*...ect. *Not the Buick companion make...the name was revived for the program.
  14. Change of plans for Dodge Demon

    FWD? Chery platform? Its like they're not even trying. This news makes me want to skip class this morning, drive down to Auburn Hills and let them know that everything they're doing right now is bad.
  15. Acura Aghast at Consumer Reports’ Last-Place Ranking

    Acura is a wholly unimpressive marque.

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