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  1. My take on the new brisa from the old 70's model here:
  2. I don't usually draw hatchbacks, but I tried. I hope you don't hate it.
  3. Just wanted to say that I give big condolance and comfort to the people of Haiti and wish they will overcome this hardship and get back on their feet again soon. They should know that the World cares and is with them and god is with them, and I wish they don't lose hope and be strong to work to restore the damage the country have received. Best of luck to all the people there and may god help them. God bless each and every one of them who is suffering from this natural disaster. If you would, you can also help by donating any sum of money to any internet donating sites such as www.yele.org,
  4. Oh, btw, if this has already been posted somewhere in this site, please delete it. Thanx. I could not find it anywhere so I decided to post it.
  5. Maybe an old news now but. Not the teaser, nor just a renderring, but the pic of the real, production car that was released. The Korean article that I got this pic from is at: http://news.hankyung.com/201001/201001176718g.html?ch=news They get all the credit for these pics. The article are all in Korean, but those of you whom are curious to see the translation of what the Korean press said, I have posted it on my Pontiac site, so PM me then I will give you a link.
  6. Since Pontiac is dead, my next car in few years(though I am keeping my 08 Grand Prix no matter what) will be either Dodge Challanger, Dodge Charger or a Ford's new Taurus. Never going back to GM unless they bring back Pontiac that will never happen.
  7. Since Pontiac is dead, my business for GM is over, so my next car will be either the Dodge Charger, or Dodge Challenger, or even Ford's new taurus.
  8. I messed up my vote. I was voting in a rush, and ended up voting for 'OTHER' instead of Chrysler. My only favorite brand for GM still, is none other than Pontiac, even though what they have right now are craps except for maybe a Solstice and the G6 GXP(I know hate it due to its unusual styling, but I like it, since it is one of the only 2 North American made Pontiac). After Pontiac is done, my business to GM is also done. Uless they keep Pontiac, or resurrect it later, I won't be comming back to GM. My next car will either be a Dodge Challanger or a Charger.
  9. This isn't news at all. I am not a bit surpriced at all. Many people already knew this would happen and it did. So, get over it. My mind have already left GM after I bought 08 Grand Prix, and that is a definate last GM car that i'll be owning, nurturing, maintaining and enjoy. Well, I thought Pontiac will close from today, but at least they have another year, so if you have the money and want to still support your favorite brand before it phase away in history never to return, I suggest you to run to your local Pontiac Dealer right now and get yourself one, and let them know that you are still
  10. Even though I have E-mailed Pontiac, I don't think that will change anything anyway. The decision has been made already, and I will be hard pressed to see the official word from GM comes out tomorrow saying that we have no more arrow-heads to keep us Pontiac fans happy and give us freedom of choice when it comes to car buying. Taking away our(Pontiac buyers) privilleges to buy the car from the brand we love and loyal at. I don't think GM will even care about these E-mails(or letters) they get, they will probably just hit 'DELETE' when they see the content is about killing Pontiac. I DID inc
  11. Get over it. It's official now. Pontiac is dead. I knew this would happen all through few years ago. I just didn't say much, nor try to get a notion from others. I first knew GM didn't have any interest in Pontiac when they dropped Pontiac from the NASCAR circuit and replaced with a lame import Toyota in an AMERICAN race event, then, the announcement that the camaro is returning, but the Firebird fans will still be left in the dark. When I was purchasing my 08 GP, the salesman even told me that they know that GM is not putting any money to the Pontiac division but spending all their money on
  12. Considerring how many Genesis sedans I've seen on the road(to date, only 3 in total, 2 of which driven by Korean!!!!) in my area(Northern NJ) so far, probably no-one will even look at this crap if it has the price tag of anything over 45K. Even 45K will be too high since it still has that Hyundai name(unless they remove it and create a new luxury division that will cost them 2.5 Billion dollars). It may sell in Korea for 96K for Korean people tends to be tempted with the car the bigger the better and wouldn't mind forking over that kinda money if they have it, America will be different. Sure A
  13. For those of you who has been told that this is the replacement for the Amanti, the Korean Press is saying something different. Yes, I am Korean myself, and I've been reading about this on the internet paper last night, and they say it's the 'NEW' model that will fit ABOVE the Optima(Lotzee in Korea), and BELOW the Amanti(Opirus in Korea). I am not sure whose right but. Also, the problems with Hyundai/Kia is that, they can produce fine looking concepts, but when it gets to the production model, they tend to screw up big and go haywire on the styling that loses all the Oohs, and Aahs that was

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