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  1. cutlassdude96

    5.4 earthquake in southern Illinois

    I felt it here in Indiana
  2. cutlassdude96

    The ultimate W-body Cutlass!

    the convertible never had a manual option
  3. cutlassdude96

    Your Most Favorite Car from Olds....

    66 Toronado 68-72 Cutlass 81-88 Cutlass 90-92 Toronado Trofeo 90's Cutlass Convertable Aurora
  4. cutlassdude96

    The ultimate W-body Cutlass!

    the 284 is a stong tranny, in 94 is when the W-bodys were starting to go under going under changes and they drop it
  5. cutlassdude96

    GM Muscle Set

    I seen theses on ebay
  6. cutlassdude96

    Last Gen Cutlass Supreme

    not in 93 they werent, 4sp only, 91-92 had 5sp and 4sp
  7. cutlassdude96

    The ultimate W-body Cutlass!

    wow a rare Int sedan
  8. cutlassdude96

    Can you tell me where to get this?

    alot of parts for the convertible have been discontinue
  9. cutlassdude96

    2004 Olds display in NY Autoshow

    I got 2 extras of the 2004 brochures, its a DVD
  10. cutlassdude96

    Bought a couple new Johnny Lightnings today

    just got this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWA:IT
  11. cutlassdude96

    Car Spotting

    new Charger yesterday
  12. cutlassdude96

    Bought a couple new Johnny Lightnings today

    heres what I got, 66 Toronado, 67 442, 83 H/O not picture, 2002 T/A, SSR Indy Pace car, 04 GTO, 69 & 72 H/O [attachment=72:attachment]
  13. cutlassdude96

    I Am An Olds Fan

    it looks like a Calais
  14. cutlassdude96

    the 88 been wreck

    we got $2170 from it and going to keep it
  15. cutlassdude96

    The Ultimate Chick Car

    thats what I hit with the 88, a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon

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