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  1. Gee, what a wonderful assessment/indictment of NASCAR racing. You don't have to like it, but you could at least be a little tolerant and not make nasty (and I do mean nasty and uncalled for) comments about it. Clyde
  2. I too will demand as much off the price as I can get, I do so with every major purchase. I don't ask any manufacturer to sell to me at a loss, but I'll certainly take whatever they are willing to give. You'd be a fool not to. Clyde
  3. As far as I'm concerned virtually every lawmaker now in office needs to be replaced, it's time to take our government back and get rid of some of these crazy laws and regulations, not to mention putting the government on a realistic budget tightening. When I don't have money to spend I stop spending, they need to also. I hope V8s continue to be readily available for quite a few years, at least until I'm dead and gone (and that's getting closer and closer!). I hope with a lighter platform a sixth gen. Camaro could lose some serious weight and make a Z/28 a much more attractive option than the 2
  4. One could only hope that they bring the Ute Maloo over here, a very nice little LS3 Ute. Of course, given the time frames we're talking about, the LS3 might not even be around any longer as the next gen. V8s with DI, etc. should be here by then. For anyone that has not seen it, you really should watch the Ute Maloo being driven on Top Gear, what a hoot!! (as well the Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst Edition in the same episode was fun too). Clyde
  5. I agree, I've been wanting to order a new Camaro in something close to the Rallye Green my '69 Z/28 came with way back then. A Camaro SS in Synergy Green would have been acceptable, though I'd likely wait to see if there will be a new Z/28 version, a V6 (even at 304hp) is just not acceptable to me. Clyde
  6. I liked the Ute Maloo that was shown on a recent Top Gear episode. It was up on YouTube for a while but taken off for copyright reasons. Clyde
  7. I seem to recall the Concept wasn't shown until Jan. 2006, how is that six years ago? Or does it only SEEM like six years to you? Clyde
  8. HyperV6, I totally agree!! I've been ranting and raving on many forums the last few months, I'm not picking on either major political party as I think they are both full of idiots that have absolutely no idea how to effectively run this country. Our personal choices and freedoms are disappearing faster than any possible climate change, they can't come up with a budget based on the taxes that come in, they increase existing taxes and add new ones every day, they would not recognize the US Constitution if it smacked them upside the head. They can't enforce existing laws, so they pass more new on
  9. How so? Is not the current RS package an appearence only package just as it has always been since 1967?? Clyde
  10. Then you'd better wake up and smell the coffee!! Where have you been for the last 30-40 years while the fools at Disney on the Potomac have ruined most everything they have touched, passed laws and regulations that make little or no sense, and have sucessfully snuffed out much of our personal freedom and choices. Trust me, just as Rick Waggoner was replaced, there will be more and more laws and regulations brought to bear on GM (and others), if you think you will continue to have the choices and options that you should have you will be sadly mistaken. I feel that the new GM Chairman Obama will
  11. If I recall correctly, the hood is aluminum on the new Camaro. Clyde
  12. Lots of nice cars in this thread including many of my favorites such as the Nomad wagon. Clyde
  13. I agree with your statements. We also have to remember that the Congress and banks together pushed through programs which made thousands of loans to people that would not normally qualify for loans, in many cases not even verifying that they had a job much less that they had sufficient income to repay the loans. If GM can get enough concessions from the unions and also cut enough costs through getting rid of extraneous expenses, then there is hope for a leaner/meaner GM to emerge that will operate at a profit while producing vehicles that consumers want and are willing to purchase. We can only
  14. Unfortunately the way the fools at Disney on the Potomac are running things and passing laws that continue to infringe more and more on our personal freedoms, I can only see the overall picture for all US citizens getting worse, not better. And I don't think there will be any significant change in that direction unless and until the US population at large gets fed up enough to finally say enough is enough. And it is a terrible thing that the country would ever have to reach that point, but I certainly have not seen anything in my almost 6 decades of life in this country but less freedom year a
  15. And if you truly believe that hogwash, I've got a bridge for sale near Brooklyn, NY at a very reasonable price, email me ASAP for pricing! Clyde

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